As soon as we film it, I will get back with you. on a swivel mount to the bedroom and brought along our PS4 and Blu-ray collection. We also downsized from a king size mattress in our apartment to a new queen size from Zotto. You should have space for your multiple water tanks and propane tanks. Thanks for the info! I have been reading about bus conversions and they seem to be built stronger and may be more affordable. It’d be a good idea to compare the fuel efficiency of different vehicles. Learn how your comment data is processed. Cut the lines as far up to the driver seat as you can, empty the coolant into a bucket and using the right fittings capable of dealing with hot pressurized liquid, connect the two together. So… I have been all excited about my plan to purchase a short skoolie, but I just got off the phone with a dealer, who did everything he could to talk me out of it. Do you the parking laws for school buses? However,  in most states, license classes are determined by the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). You might visit resources like or to research engine issues or concerns online. Any ideas of where I should look to park it? I have family in different parts of the country and would love to visit without putting anyone out. Any pro/con info from someone with experience would be super helpful. I drove a 40′ diesel pusher to Florida and it averaged about 4.5 MPG with an Allison MH3000 6spd auto trans. Learn more about this bus conversion at, For more information on this bus, or to make a rental reservation visit Big Green Bus. Hi Terrance, I am not familiar with the Georgia area. Knowing that we would be living full time with two teenagers that homeschool made us opt for a more closed off plan than we would have had it just been us, so that everyone had their own respective privacy and space. I want this! He has built our barn, out-buildings, and our first bus. Seriously. Hello, thank you for reading the blog. Once you let go and jump the ride is a blast. We planned to travel with the weather and never be in a place that is too hot or too cold. Converting an old school bus into a tiny home on wheels was something that we never thought we would do, or could do for that matter. Speaking of goals, it’s important to figure what yours are before you get started. [email protected]. Is it okay to cut off the walls and roof of the school bus behind the driver’s seat and then build my own stick frame structure. I am looking to buy one and travel the country as a mobile boutique. A short bus could be a great option for this! Backup Camera and 7 Inch Monitor Screen. If you have kids, have you made enough room and storage for them? I keep reading about people converting bus and vans into an RV. That said, they are pretty…, Best Patio Heaters The weather is cooling off, and soon we will be donning our big winter coats. Two great resources we recommend for researching mechanical specs are:  Diesel Hub and Is your spouse/significant other/ family member/ friend/ whatever going to drive the bus? Converting a school bus is very much a learning process, and we wrote this article to share what we’ve learned because we value that experience. Camco XL Heavy Duty Leveling Blocks. There are a range of engines and transmission combinations to be found under the hoods of different buses – not to mention air brakes vs. hydraulic brakes. We've found some of the world's best school bus conversions that may even inspire you to invest in your own bus! Buying a bus felt like a crazy, impulsive decision at the time, but it’s one that we’re so glad we made! 3 thoughts on “ 7 Free Floor Plans for School Bus to Tiny Home Conversions ” Joshua Howard August 11, 2019 at 11:14 am. Converting a school bus is exciting and challenging, we want you to know that we are here to help. Beyond the driving aspects of familiarizing yourself with your skoolie, make sure you know exactly how tall your bus is, and how much height your solar adds. Legal? For us, buying extra flooring to then build on top of it and cover it up seemed like a waste of time and money. Skoolie Conversion 101. The fabric is Sunbrella and the color is Rust. Where is the best place to find a bus for the best price? I’m actually interested in doing a conversion as a vacation RV but have no knowledge of how to build a RV recently moved to Georgia is there anyone close who I could hire to help me build?? Learn how to effectively use your mirrors. We must have drawn out twenty different layouts before we decided on one that would actually work. He tells me I won’t get more than 10 miles per gallon. Laws will vary slightly from state to state, but here are the relative generics you’ll find regarding school bus ownership. That plan quickly took a turn when we pushed everything up five feet to incorporate the garage and nothing fit right anymore. Park? We answered yes to all! After many, many hours on internet sites regarding building a house on wheels…today I found YOU…My heart started pounding (in a good way)…Best information ever…Just wanted to drop this note to say “I Appreciate You”…You’re my answer to Prayer…20 years ago, as a single mother of 2, I bought a Motorhome & Miley Horse Trailer…2 children, 2 dogs, 2 horses and I traveled for years all over the countryside…I’m ready to go again with me and my dog…I’m about to retire for the 2nd time and with your generous information it will be much easier…I intend to live for the rest of my life in a bus conversion…The Lord willing…. Sometimes they can offer you a better rate due to you being a customer. Where can I buy a shorty bus for under $10,000? Great article! I have no where to put a bus and it does take a bit of money to invest, as does any home. I loved that show and tell Jeff that our next bus should have a Partridge Family paint job! Super news! What the heck is a GVWR? The fresh water tank is located inside the bus underneath our bed to protect the tank from the elements. Finally, beyond that is our two-person dinette on the driver side and our seven-foot couch on the other. Hi, I have recently become the proud mother of a 42 ft old diesel conversion bus. Oh yes..and it was bought from the school by a truck driver who maintained it well. Beginner in Florida. Stage 1: Demolition We started with ripping out all 26 benches. Also, we have a Step by Step Conversion Course opening for enrollment on Tuesday. Underneath our sink is a set of double doors, one of which opens to reveal our trash can, cleaning supplies and extra water. Best of luck on your journey to bus life. I am sure you would agree that the answer to these questions would equal more than $700. Check these things out before you bring home your bus. Laws will vary slightly from state to state, but here are the relative generics you’ll find regarding school bus ownership. School buses are usually only 10’6″ tall and the maximum height of a tiny house is 13’4″, so if I build my own structure to the maxim height, then it would allow for more head room. Well, I have heard and read horror story after horror story about people having to pay way more than they expected to insure their bus once it was completed. And, will you be able to ensure your bus at a price you can afford? When we travel full-time the comprehensive/collision insurance is about $700 per year. The costs again are dependant on the state and cost of the bus. We are Jason, Abby, Jack, Ethan, and Henry and we travel full-time in our converted 2002 Thomas school bus. Floor Plan Layout The couch serves as storage as well, containing off season clothes, camera equipment, medicine and toiletries. I know that in some neighborhoods parking a bus and/or working on one may be a problem.