(It's your hard-earned money, after all.). The HaptIQ/CS+ is induction compatible. Check prices on different sites too to make sure you get the best deal.

The lids also feature a little vent on the rim which allow steam to escape without the lid popping up and down. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, but there are enough complaints about the nonstick not lasting more than a year or so for us to recommend exercising caution if you're considering ScanPan: if your budget isn't an issue, then you will love these pans, because they are a joy to use, even if they don't last more than a couple of years. Since the purpose of cookware is to heat food, the heating properties are probably the most important consideration when buying. Lids: Most ScanPan lids are made of glass and stainless steel. I recently bought a Scanpan CTX 3 Qt pot and a Scanpan CTX 10.25" frying pan, both from the same online retailer. So even though this is very nice pan, the clad stainless construction seems like overkill to us--despite the lifetime warranty, the nonstick coating isn't likely to last anywhere near as long as a clad stainless pan with a stainless cooking surface.
That gets the HaptIQ/CS+ a 3.5 star rating. Finally, don't make the mistake of thinking that this skillet is made for professional kitchens because of the name; there's no such thing as professional-grade nonstick cookware. Stratanium and Stratanium+ are ScanPan's patented nonstick coatings. The Classic series has a special handle attachment that makes the cooking surface free of rivets--a nice feature in any piece of cookware: However, if you have a gas stovetop, we suggest you buy a skillet with a stainless steel handle. Do the math before buying to figure out which is the best deal: lid included, or buying the lid separately. Personally, I still use the kinder utensils. - Care: Dishwasher safe Having said that, it's a nice skillet and if you want a quality pan with a lifetime warranty and don't need induction compatibility, the Professional or Pro S5 are good options. It's too bad, because ScanPan and other makers of PTFE cookware have a large market of people who want their product. CTX also features stay cool stainless steel handles that are firmly riveted to the pan. ScanPan reviews, If you're concerned about this, you should read through the Amazon reviews--particularly the one star reviews-- and decide for yourself where ScanPan falls on the warranty issue. We like the stainless handles, but prefer the Pro S5 above with the original Stratanium and rivetless cooking surface for a significantly smaller investment. Note that the 11-inch Pro S+ costs less than the smaller Pro S+ pans, so at about $80, is a great deal.

According to ScanPan's website: According to ScanPan, Stratanium is a ceramic titanium coating.