min-height:200px;} /* ----------------------------------------- */. color:#ffffff !important; After talking to a lot of people (probably too many) and going to see them both, I'm now leaning toward the SCAG. -ms-transform: rotate(180deg); min-height:110px;} /* View slug: product-page-features-slider - start */ .copy-area a:hover{ I have owned a Turf Tiger for the last 5 years or so and it's a 61 inch with a Kohler 31 HP liquid cooled. /* ----------------------------------------- */ I am leaning toward the Turf Tiger mainly due to resale value. It appears to me that the point he was making is that it's not a competition of who can mow their lawn faster, and if you feel somehow inferior to your neighbors because they finish faster, just mow on a different day so you're not competing with them. color:#1d1d1d; I bought a TCII, 61" deck, Kohler 29HP EFI last spring and mowed 4 acres of sort of bumpy to lunar landscape bumpy lawn at least once a week all summer.

Dealer drove it and the ride has improved. G. Gunhead58 Member. Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Scag Turf Tiger Propane Powered 52 und Scag Tiger Cat 48? /*background:url(/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/right-arrow-icon.png) no-repeat right center;*/ Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. .hover-link a{ Start listening now!. /* Content Template: product-page-features-slider-slide - start */ -o-transform: rotate(270deg); Actual appearance and/or placement of the accessory may vary by specific model.

I am in the market to buy either a Turf Tiger or Tiger Cat, 61", Kohler motor, with suspension seat. /*top:30%;*/

align-items:center; font-family: "Teko", Sans-serif; Would have loved to see the new kohler 824 EFI on the tiger cat and an EFI vanguard on both the tiger cat and turf tiger. With the customer experience in mind, the Scag® Cheetah™ has relaunched as the Scag Cheetah™ II with some nice upgrades you're sure to love. transform: rotate(270deg); Scag® Turf Tiger™ II zero-turn riding lawn mower has replaceable front caster extensions, flat free caster tires with tapered roller bearings and more.

/* ----------------------------------------- */ min-height:50px; The second one was bought in April of 2015 and has excess of 1100 on it and the third was bought in May of 2015 and has over 800 on it. I have a Tiger Cat and it is a very well built machine which is why I bought it. I prefer Kohler Engines. The envy of the industry, Velocity Plus™ decks deliver an amazing quality-of-cut and a wide, even discharge. I have had the best luck with vanguard. color:#F0780E;

height:35px; of holding strength, and an adjustable air gap for long life. -moz-transform: rotate(90deg); I am also biased to vanguard since we have had such good luck with them. align-items:center; You must log in or register to reply here. background-repeat:no-repeat; Datenschutz. /* ----------------------------------------- */ The Tiger Cat II has a lot of upgrades compared to the Tiger Cat, thus the price difference. Go.

/* Content Template: loop-item-in-company-drop-down-menu - end */ So dealer show was a week ago or so. transform: rotate(180deg); I read in another thread that there seems to be a problem with a relay behind the dash close to the starter switch. -ms-transform: rotate(90deg); vertical-align:middle; } For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. 12-volt outlet for added convenience allows operators to plug in small accessories or keep their phones at full charge. Das fällt besonders bei größeren Rasen ins Gewicht. .carousel-control-next { One of my Tiger Cats was bought the summer of 2014 and has over 1800 hours on it and runs every day. Sie können die Höhe von allen vier Rädern gleichzeitig einstellen, im Gegensatz zu manchen Rasenmähern bei denen Sie jedes Rad einzeln einstellen müssen. justify-content:center; right: 35%; /* ----------------------------------------- */ margin:5px 0; /* ----------------------------------------- */ Ein Rasenmäher mit variabler Geschwindigkeit is von Vorteil da man die Geschwindikeit den Umständen anpassen kann, zum Beispiel wenn man abbremst um einen Baum zu umfahren.