He may be quiet but he's a very smart player on the baseball diamond. What he did not realise was how naive it was of him to think that his dreams of forming the ultimate battery with Miyuki (and accessorily become Seidou's ace) would be. His grandfather was still talking but none of his words reached Eijun's ears.

The crowd outside the Seidou baseball field let out a collective sigh of relief as cheers of the final strikeout of the inning erupted through out the place. "You have our numbers in case anything happens, right?". Sawamura stand up from the chair while everyone speechless.

Somethings happened to her during her second year of high school making her transfer to Seidou for her last year. As Yui asking this, everyone turned to stare at Sawamura. Still, hearing it out loud... "So," he starts, trying to sound casual. "You have improved much since the season have started. "Your son is a healthy, young boy. Part of it was his wariness, but the other part was curiosity. So when five key players from one of the top teams disappear, well, news travels fast. Kanemaru rise from his chair and decided to gently nudge Sawamura's shoulder. They became an integral part of who he is and the days where he wished he could simply be quiet became less and less. Baseball was Eijun's first love. Satoru closes his eyes briefly and his skin warms with the idea. That's why he lied, he thought stubbornly and guiltily. This time around he wants to make sure he is more reliable so that his team can depend on him, as he is not sure if he should strive for the ace number or just the hope to bring the third years and the rest of the team to koshien. The young man had sent Sawamura a gift and a note in his school locker which said 'I am your fan! Everyone went quiet and you could hear nothing but Sawamura's moaned from pain. The only indication of Furuya's annoyance is the very slight rise in his eyebrows while Harucchi can't suppress a small laugh.

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5 mini-standalone stories which may or may not converge at some point (more genres include friendship, family; angst became predominant mostly by coincidence as it's part of how they each discover their power). It was when everyone was quiet or working that the ticking was the loudest. Eijun doesn't know when it started, only that when it did and he told his family that a period of visiting doctor's offices and hearing tests began. "The Boss always watched his students as they went up and down... to make sure that we were paying attention to his subject..." Sawamura said to himself "If a student like me... happened to fall asleep in the middle of his class—". Everyone left after having paid their respects. He ran forward to him and hugged him behind while the brunette is just about to turn to him. A week later, the Sawamura family attended Obaa-san's funeral. Shortly after the very disturbing dream, Sawamura woke up and covered in sweat. We won!" But Sawamura didn't twitch. At first, he panicked when he realised that he couldn't hear it around certain people, like Haruichi or Miyuki. Then, he eyed a small gray house which suddenly appeared with four digits number in the red door. What if there was an explanation for the weird tics some of the Seidou team members have?

Then it hits him that this could be a prime opportunity to take the wind out of Furuya's sails. Loudness became Eijun's protection. A week later, the Sawamura family attended Obaa-san's funeral. It didn't stay long enough to make an impression. ""I know!! He told Asada and Kuramochi the meaning of his dream but he did not get a proper answer from them but he could not get the face of the young boy out of his mind. Eijun dropped his schoolbag in shock at the sight. ‘Dead ball!’ an image of a ball smacking the head of an Inashiro player in the batter box in a game. ", Eijun sees red. This man is fascinated by Seidou's second year ace pitcher, Sawamura Eijun. "And don't talk to strangers, Tokyo is very scary nowadays."

After getting an assignment that mixes him up with the baseball team, he ends up spending a lot of time with them and getting to know them, feelings surface. Everyone was silent, save for the priest. Pairings: Miyuki Kazuya/Sawamura Eijun (main) Sawamura Eijun/Others Miyuki Kazuya/Narumiya Mei Lenght: 6,126 words Rating: Teen And Up Audiences. Asada concerned. Breaks were the best part of Eijun's day. So tell me, when did you start apologising?". Everyone, including the teacher, flinched at the sudden disruption.

Seidou's ace, Sawamura Eijun struck out batter after batter in every innings and most often the young boy roared to … He glances over at his rival pitcher, mouth set into a determined line, then at Haruichi, "I'll become the ace, right? To live a normal life as teenagers.

Since 'Our Future Ace' fanfic finished already, I decided to write another fanfic about (torturing again) Sawamura. Adelaide is hoping that Seidou will be just what she needed. "Now, I shan't be able to sit in the class for a week!" "Yeah, yeah, I know! It still doesn't stop him from waking up with a hammering heart sometimes, from a nightmare where all he sees is darkness and all he hears is dull ticking. There was still a part of him that wanted to know, but he suppressed it most of the time. Okumura said in a serious tone. Since that day, he felt like someone watching his every movement. Summary: The ticking's been there for as long as he can remember. Since the moment he laid eyes on the young pitcher, he became so obsessed with Sawamura's features and potential. Kuramochi said with his evil eyes.

He doesn't need a confirmation from their resident clairvoyant; his conviction is enough for him to never, ever give up on his dream.

The next time the ticking stopped, it wasn't like the last.

It was a solemn, quiet affair on a cloudy, drab day, not cold but not warm either. When Sawamura suffers from appendicitis in his first year, he’ll have a rather large group of mother hens who'll make sure that he'll heal appropriately. "Well, actually, I threw it away." Kazuya remembers looking like Eijun once: tired in a way that has nothing to do with baseball, dressed in a pristine black and white suit that was a little loose on the arms, and surrounded by flowers and photos of the deceased featured in the wake. Still set in the canon verse, but with the addition of supernatural powers. Kazuya adds his laugh to the mix as he steps out of the batter box and starts to amble down the first base line, a fist held mockingly high and his face tilted back towards the sun. "Are you serious, Eijun-kun? "Are you sure, Ei-chan?" "Shut-up!" His friends show no sign of ill health and the ticking still shows up around them frequently enough to reassure him that they aren't going anywhere.

"Sawamura, wake up." He has no clue, not until one fateful evening at dinner following one of their numerous practice sessions.