The 20-inch barrels offer a long enough sight plane to shoot vermin at a distance, but they’re still compact enough to carry in heavy cover. (This is a reader-submitted review as part of our gun review contest. Henry Repeating Arms AR-7 Rifle One has a burred lip. Again, no problems. Certainly, the 10/22 Takedown is better in many ways but it loses out to the other two rifles in size and weight. “I’ll take a Marlin 795 any day of the week.”, That’s what I thought as well. When not at his press or the range he can be found chasing mule deer around the Rocky Mountains. The WA stores will probably drop them when the new “assault weapon” initiative goes into effect. Ergonomics: * * * *  If price alone hasn’t turned your head to the 64, the latest addition to the line might do the trick, particularly if you have an itch for a takedown rifle. Is the front right set back for a silencer. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The 64F is a good weapon from the start. • 16 1/2-inch matte black carbon steel barrel It puts rounds downrange and on target fast using a consistent straight-blowback action fed by a detachable 10-round box magazine. Pretty often when I’d buy shells I’d grab another mag if they had it. It’s a long 2-stage trigger with about a 4.5lb pull. No problems. So I got to asking myself that blanket question, what gun is better? It was a gritty mess but thankfully all one must do to field strip the gun is to put a finger against the bolt from the inside the chamber, yank out the charging handle, and dump the bolt, recoil spring, and the polymer guide out. There are options under $150 – Mossberg International Plinkster and Rossi RD 22, same gun, manufactured by CBC, Brazil. The magazines are definitely clunky and I noticed that the sharp edges on the feed ramp needed to filed. The gun is packed in a navy-colored soft case. This is also among the most popular takedown rifles for campers because it’s so compact and lightweight that the entire rifle — plus ammunition — will fit easily into a standard day pack and there’s no need to worry that precipitation or spills during creek crossings will impede the rifle’s function. Before biting the bullet and paying extra, I called savage and talked to the parts dept. Speaking of ramp, the ramp is really on the magazine. I put a simple dot sight on it… TruGlo… I had to work a clamping myself.. drilled starter holes just to anchor it solidly .. wish Savage would put a real Picatinny Rail on it… would increase the flexibility.. I did some research on this and found that it is a fairly usual occurrence with Savage 64Fs and after buying a new magazine for around $12 my rifle was back in perfect working order. Reliability can vary with Savage 64’s. Features. But that doesn't mean a take-down isn't capable of great accuracy–or at least accuracy in terms of what is needed to accomplish a particular goal. I literally shot better groups than the guy one bench over from me with a Remington 700 in .308win. Stoner apparently made a gun in .22 Magnum for the Air Force, and the issue over and under .22 Mag and .410 under folder would be a hit on the civilian market… Read more », The 10/22 takedown is heavier, yes. Here’s a look at seven of the best takedown rifles available today, perfect for everything from high-mountain hunts to serious survival situations. At least it’s a real .22 LR rifle with no practical compromise over a standard 10/22 Carbine. Should has bought a 62F from Walmart for $99, but bought it from Academy for $119. The takedown process is very simple: Lock the bolt in the rearward position and ensure the gun is unloaded, push the recessed lever on the underside of the gun and twist the subassemblies 90 degrees to separate. To assemble the rifle, simply slip the two component parts into place and a lever on the underside of the gun locks the receiver to the barrel via a locking lug that engages with the bottom of the receiver. I took my time and put another three shots carefully onto the target. When the tubular magazine is full, the follower is pushed back into place and locked, one of John Browning’s sleekest designs. I recently bought a Ruger 10/22 takedown and like it very much. Some folks really need to get over themselves. MSRPs are $305 for the black version and $368 for the camo models. Check back in a year, I bet they’re about $175. Pretty unreliable now. I would say I’ve got close to 2000 rounds through it. Filed one to make it work better no big deal. i just bought one today. The only knocks on the AR-7 are two: the manual safety and the number of malfunctions. The 10/22 Takedown Lite comes without iron sights, but a base is included that accepts both Weaver and tip-off style rings, so mounting an optic is fast and easy. About 20 years ago stopped in a local gun store and he had one. Like I said previously, I went into this little test expecting the Marlin Papoose to win. Now my daughter is saving up for hers! Stamped and clamped steel, prone to rust. They also don't print as tightly or in the same place. Same goes if you scope it, as it is drilled and tapped completely on the receiver. There is literally nothing offered for the 64F; not even an extended magazine. Coming in with an MSRP of $249, it easily ranks as one of the most affordable takedowns presently available. The 70PSS even comes with a padded case with built-in flotation, and it’s one of the most affordable survival guns on the market. I noticed it was able to rock forward and rearward ever so slightly. The margin wasn't large, especially with CCI Blaser ammunition, but it was noticeable. Find the Hunting Gear guy on YouTube, Spectre Ballistics Ruger 10/22 Aluminum Chassis, Vortex Diamondback HD 10X42 Binoculars Review, 16 ½-inch matte black carbon steel barrel, Drilled and tapped receiver for scope mounts (Weaver 16). The worst feature are the magazines. It uses a simple barrel nut that you can tighten or loosen by hand and it comes in a carrying case. As I previously mentioned, after buying a new magazine for the rifle I have never had a single malfunction. Crappy magazines in an auto-loader is just a recipe for endless frustration. O.K lets put some Winchester Super-X 40 grain PHP 1280 fps in here! While this is somewhat unique it is nothing that has ever caused me any problems.