You should have expensive health insurance if you come to a living and working in Saudi Arabia. Expat guide for living and working in Saudi Arabia. There are no clubs or restaurants where you can drink alcohol. For the right profile of candidate, these two markets in particular, present both exciting and financially rewarding opportunities.”. However, do not be fooled by these numbers. It means that... Get Latest Updates in your . Average Asian expat salaries in Saudi Arabia rose 8.3 per cent, reaching $11,066 from $10,214 from last year. Saudi Arabia Expat Forum: Saudi Arabia: salary question (faculty position). Media, advertising creative manager – $11,420, Also read: Revealed: Gulf Expat Salaries Up Nearly 8%. Home / Expat guide for living and working in Saudi Arabia. A survey is done this year about the average salaries of 600 professions in Saudi Arabia. Expat guide for living and working in Saudi Arabia Living and working in Saudi Arabia could be very hard for expats. All the amounts are monthly averages taken from Asian, Western and Arab expat salaries. Average Salary of some important professions in Saudi Arabia. It presumes changes in behavior and outlook on life. This was significantly higher than Asian and Arab peers in the same position, at $38,819 and $44,747 respectively. These numbers could courage you for international moving. You should consider using Jeddah movers for your moving to Saudi Arabia. “Thus, to cater for the increased demand, packages need to reflect the available and applicable pool of candidates accessible for these markets. Thankfully, they have wide expat community, so you can find advice and help there. sector. The working week in Saudi Arabia tends to vary between 40 and 48 hours, depending on the particular company’s policy. Your employer must send you an invitation letter or be your sponsor. GOSI Calculation for Saudis Employer's Contribution It presumes changes in … Home / Expat guide for living and working in Saudi Arabia. Average Salary of 600 Job Professions in Saudi Arabia, I have already published a separate article mentioning all the possible ways of hunting job in Saudi Arabia, it is a must read for you if you are, Access Operation Team Leader – SR  – 8,000, Advertising / Graphic Design / Event Management – SR 10,184, Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace / Defense – SR 26,476, Assistant Manager / Estimator – SR 25,000, Building and Grounds Supervisor – SR 8,500, Call Center Scheduling Manager – SR 12,500, Car Parts and Accessories Fitters – SR 3,400, Courier / Delivery / Transport / Drivers – SR 5,144, Customer Service and Call Center – SR 11,110, Customer Service Representative – SR 8,433, Electrical and Electronics Trades – SR 8,033, Facilities / Maintenance / Repair – SR 14,539, Facilities Maintenance Manager – SR 25,680, Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering – SR 8,137, Gardening / Farming / Fishing – SR 12,953, Law Enforcement / Security / Fire – SR 20,500, Materials Management Supervisor – SR 10,427, Media / Broadcasting / Arts / Entertainment – SR 18,408, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology – SR 12,737, Quality Control and Compliance – SR 12,426, Quality Improvement Coordinator – SR 9,600, Regulatory Affairs Specialist – SR 14,000, Science and Technical Services – SR 10,972, Transportation / Shipping Supervisor – SR 10,225, Average Salary of Engineering in Saudi Arabia – SR 14,285, Average Salary of Accounting and Finance in Saudi Arabia – SR 14,177, Average Salary of Administration / Reception / Secretarial in Saudi Arabia – SR 6,480, Average Salary of Banking in Saudi Arabia – SR 26,170, Average Salary of Construction / Building / Installation in Saudi Arabia – SR 12,335, Average Salary of Executive and Management in Saudi Arabia – SR 35,380, Average Salary of Human Resources in Saudi Arabia – SR 15,701, Average Salary of Marketing in Saudi Arabia – SR 16,026, Average Salary of Information Technology in Saudi Arabia – SR 15,075, Average Salary of Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining in Saudi Arabia – SR 19,936, Average Salary of Teaching / Education in Saudi Arabia – SR 12,007. Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then. Although every part of Saudi Arabia has the same understanding of the Qur’an, there are differences in legislation over the country. It is known that Jeddah is a bit more liberal than Riyadh. It could happen at the street, or in store. The easiest way to search for the average salary of your profession in Saudi Arabia is to press Ctr+F from your computer and type the initial few words of your profession there. It is very important to know that you cannot visit Saudi Arabia as a tourist. What should you demand from your employer? The kingdom also continued to be the highest paying country for most positions in our 2015 survey, especially for westerners. Customs clearance in Saudi Arabia will be very strict about medicine or alcohol, too. At that moment they literally leave everything they do and pray. Some of the standard features of expat packages are car allowance. Also, they do not have proper emergency care. Unfortunately, it is costly for medical care. Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia will impose a Fine of 5000 Saudi Riyals. For example, the average salary in Saudi Arabia for Indians, Pakistanis and other South Asian countries is lower than expatriates from western countries. WPS (Wage Protection System) gives protection to employees for any delay in Salaries. I have already published a separate article mentioning all the possible ways of hunting job in Saudi Arabia, it is a must read for you if you are searching for a job. Most of the time you will need to go by taxi to the hospital. Not only that you are moving to a new country, but you are also moving to the Middle East. © 2020 MOTIVATE MEDIA GROUP. They have the lowest cost of living in the Middle East. If you go through the table below, in some cases a broad category of professions is stated there with a link. The reason is to check your health and if your body can keep holding on climate in Saudi Arabia. After you learn all prohibitions and bans, you can freely come to live in Saudi Arabia. The best to do at that moment is to be patient and quiet. This survey will help you in setting your demand or accepting a job offer from the prospective employer. For the full survey, pick up the March edition of Gulf Business, available now. Minimum Salary for Expats in Saudi Arabia: SR 2,500 Although the minimum wage set for Saudis as well as expatriates is not enough to even survive with a family but still, it is better than nothing. 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