This stellar customer service is how our network has grown and the reason it will continue to do so. We strive to deliver top value for your purchasing dollar. Salvage stores may only be open on certain days or for a limited number of hours each day. Contact Us. Banana box groceries, surplus groceries, bent and dent, overstock, and reclamation groceries from major national grocery chains. Frozen foods are still safe after their expiration date as long as they've been kept frozen. "telephone": "5612132289", "url": "", The grocery liquidation market has a leader in Lewisco Holdings. The following companies will deliver salvage groceries directly to your home: Most of the West South Central region, Midwest and Northeast and … Know your price points before you go. "name": "Marvell Foods", "@type": "Organization", Please fill out the ADD YOUR STORE form at and we’ll add your store to our list of Salvage Food Grocers. "areaServed": "US", "@type": "BlogPosting", Salvage grocery stores are inspected and regulated by the government just like regular grocery stores. All items are also inspected for serious damage at the reclamation center before they're shipped to stores. Salvage grocery stores sell more than food. Here's a look at what salvage grocery stores are all about. "headline": "Salvage Food Brokers, Salvage Food Suppliers", Since you're likely to be buying older items, only stock up on as much as you can use in a reasonable time. Our proven ability to liquidate products has established a method that works for many of the largest first-line distributors in the country. Consumers can search for Salvage Grocery Stores near their location using our clickable state maps. Kingery also labels its own vegetables and fruit under the names Little Giant and Garden Crest. "image": "", As a professional salvage dealer, Marvell is the missing link in helping companies to get the most from damaged, but still potentially marketable goods. You may get a bad item on occasion, but the overall savings will more than make up for it. If you decide to shop at a salvage grocery store, there are a few things to consider: Additionally, salvage grocery stores may not be as organized as a regular grocery store, but they should be just as clean. Erin Huffstetler is a writer with experience writing about easy ways to save money at home. "datePublished": "2020-01-09", Salvage Grocery and Closeout Specialist. Kingery & Associates was started in Carmi, IL with nothing more than a phone, fax, and a handful of contacts. "" If your company is facing serious inventory loss due to some extreme, rare, bizarre set of circumstances, including any sort of accident, our team of experts are here to provide immediate assistance while seeking to help you recoup as much money as possible. If you're trying a new brand or product for the first time, buy a small amount. { ©2020     All rights reserved. Many take cash or debit cards only. Just ask around, and you're sure to turn up at least one salvage grocery store in your area. }, National and International – a Global Network of Buyers and Sellers We are closeout food liquidators who work directly with dozens of manufacturers, large and small. Here at Lewisco Holdings, we accept and redistribute all sorts of grocery and beverage product in addition to general merchandise. }, Stock up when you see something you want and check back regularly to see what else they're stocking. Registering as a food business Leaking or bulging cans and broken jars are tossed immediately. Reach out to us by calling (917) 210-9395. Closeout groceries, grocery liquidation, general merchandise, grocery, food, close date, in date, out of date, shelf pulls, salvage and discontinued closeouts. There are a few more things to keep in mind before shopping at a salvage grocery store. Clicking on a state below will take you to a page which lists salvage food stores within that state. If you have a business selling dated food products and are looking for a way to sell nearly expired items we would love to add you to our list of salvage food sellers. If you have a business selling dated food products and are looking for a way to sell nearly expired items we would love to add you to our list of salvage food sellers. You’ll get at least some of your investment back and the cash and storage space needed to purchase new goods that will move in primary distribution lines. 404 Foods liquidates excess inventories from hundreds of the Top U.S. Food Manufacturers. Confused by Date Labels?Food Product Dating. It could just be the way that particular store is run or an issue with their supplier. "alternateName": "Salvage Food Brokers, Salvage Food Suppliers", They may lose their potency or undergo an adverse chemical change after expiration. Including dry groceries, frozen food, dairy products, electronics, pet food, health & beauty, fresh produce, lumber, toys, and more. Founded in 1993, each day we meet the liquidation needs of vendors around the globe by purchasing their overproductions, package changes, close-dated, excess and discontinued goods. GO NOW. While the prices are great, you may still be able to do better at the grocery store by buying store brands or by taking advantage of coupons and sales. "", "contactType": "customer service", "author": { Is your ... We are proud to announce that TryAngle Foods has been named Hormel National Broker Of The Year for 2018. You may also find deals on cleaners, health and beauty products, pet food, party supplies, paper products, office supplies, and more You probably won't be able to do all of your grocery shopping at the salvage store. maintains a directory of salvage and discount grocery stores in the United States. Losses of these kind, where  inventory may be all or, more often, partially damaged, are a very common issue that any company can experience. "publisher": { Those who deal with us know that we will be fair and straightforward with our network. "@type": "Organization", Salvage SAVE FOOD. Salvage and Surplus Stores. ", Salvage Food - Less than truckload (LTL) Salvage Food - Truckload Seasonal Merchandise Our warehouse is open by appointment only. 22 years in salvage grocery, distressed inventory, and closeouts. Learn more! Sellers of nearly expired food items list their online and/or brick and mortar business with us, providing an easy and efficient way to connect them with buyers. Marvell Foods. ] The primary market is able to profitably eliminate goods that are not selling well, and the secondary market gains products that maximize budgets and profits. As close coded food wholesalers, we’re specially qualified to help alleviate problems like these. The prices at a salvage grocery store are typically half of what you'd expect to pay at the grocery store—but could be even cheaper. a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization OUR MISSION TO EDUCATE AND ENGAGE THE PUBLIC IN THE NATIONWIDE EFFORT TO REDUCE FOOD WASTE. They need liquidation providers, and Lewisco Holdings is the best choice. Salvage grocery stores don't usually accept returns. We also provide protection of your brand and swift resolution of your problem with a quick offer and payment to buy all of your unwanted products. You are classed an FBO because you are supplying food to other businesses even if you may never take physical possession of food. "contactOption": "HearingImpairedSupported", Salvage stores may not accept credit cards or out-of-town checks. To educate and engage the public in the nationwide effort to reduce food waste. We connect buyers with sellers of nearly expired food. We see it all as salvage food brokers, and that includes large-scale inventory loss due to unanticipated forces of nature like fires, floods, and earthquakes. His area of responsibility is North Broward to Vero Beach. We make every transaction timely and effortless. As wholesale food brokers and excess food inventory buyers, Marvell Foods will buy that inventory, from expired to 12 months dating, from a pallet to a truckload. "logo": " content/uploads/2019/05/logo-1.png?time=1579938132", We have cultivated a network of long-term clients and customers who serve as the sources and the destinations of our products.