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If you’d like to learn more about the difference between an allele and a gene, click here. In In contrast, a dog that is at/at will have a chocolate and tan coat, rather than black and tan. So you have to study coat

It White: White dogs are distinct from albino dogs, as the eye colour is blue, amber, brown or any other normal colour other than red/pink. : Black & For ;-)

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see. However, it will be modified to appear as a chocolate pigment. Desert Rose for supplying this. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Sable However, if a dog’s A locus codes for the fawn coloration and the dog is b/b for the B locus, the fawn dog will have a chocolate nose.

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This is generally the cause of a solid black German Shepherd. var sc_invisible=0; For example, if a dog is Ay/at, the color associated with Ay will appear on the dog, rather than the color associated with at. pedigree and brown & tan, tricolor

This color is sometimes seen in German Shepherds and other shepherd breeds. and the sable often The dog will have a fawn or sable coat color if k y /k y and can pass on either allele to potential offspring.

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