Yes the Trigger is a little heavy for a beginner shooter, but I cannot imagine someone that shoots often having any problem. Man this report was nonsense. Please do not listen to all internet crap. Give me a beak, the trigger of the LCR22 is NO where near the way this guy describes the gun. Either that or a Smith & Wesson Airweight Model 351PD, seven-shot .22 Mag revolver. I mean crazy reliable for a 22. They need to get out in front of this situation now, before we change our minds. You must be a resident of the state selected for pickup. I did have some of the cheaper ammo stick in the cylinders but nothing that a little tap on the shell extractor wouldn’t resolve. BTW, I paid $430 for it and it was a LOT cheaper than a S&W J-Frame .22 . It has a fairly smooth 10-pound double action trigger pull, and about a 4-1/2 pound single action pull. Image: This is an image of a Ruger LCR chambered in 38 Special +P. The problem is that Ruger obviously doesn’t employ “statistical process control,” which almost every manufacturer of mechanical and electro-mechanical devices has used for years.
works beautifull .

ive never had cylinder freeze in my lcr but happens regularly in my sw 317 after 100 or so range rounds, sadly. The Ruger® LCR .22 LR Double-Action Revolver features a monolithic frame with a black finish, a stainless-steel cylinder and rubber grips. The extractor shaft was a tad tight into the cylinder.

We recommend the use of protective eyewear whenever using or near the use of this item. When Ruger released their LCR unto the world, gun pundits hailed the “Lightweight Compact Revolver” for possessing the world’s best wheelgun trigger. It’s as easy to conceal as any J frame and has a great trigger. I have shot over 3000 rounds without any problems, nor would I expect any with a Ruger. Whatever the friction reducung cam was suppose to do, it didn’t with the LCR 22. Stores: Calibers: Brands: Categories: Search title only. Ditto Federal Premium Target Loads and Winchester Super X (Hyperspeed Hollowpoints). Für den preisbewussten Jäger oder Sportschützen gibt es in der Kategorie „Sale“ immer wieder Sonderaktionen und spezielle Angebote von Pistolen, Büchsen, Büchsen-Munition, Zielfernrohren und vielem mehr. I am a Ruger man (plan to buy more Rugers) and yet I really enjoyed reading a published review that criticized and found faults or weaknesses with one of Ruger’s guns. And cylinder binds up. My 357 has enough kick that, as a woman, I anticipate that kick sometimes. In double action mode, a single longer, heavier trigger pulls both cocks and fires the pistol. I now have around 1500-2000 rounds through this gun with all kinds of ammo, Federal, CCI, Armscor, Aguila, Remington. It will freeze cylinder/shell don’t eject,rod stuck, yep,happened to mine. Am a beginner and like I absolutely love They are $410 in Chattanooga. I am getting to be of the opinion that people shouldn’t get their hopes up with a double action .22. My LCR22 has been problematic. The only weight difference being the material in the cylinder due to chamber size. There are also other problems with the trigger/hammer mechanism introduced by going to eight rounds that required a heavier spring, due to a shorter hammer cycle.
They are too short and could hurt you, or worse. But this is an LCR; the gun that revolutionized revolver triggers. Seitdem sind Versionen in verschiedenen Kalibern auf den Markt gekommen (.22 Long Rifle, .22 WMR und .357 Magnum), außerdem die Variante Ruger LCRx mit außen liegendem Hahn.

When I pushed on the plunger, I could hear a slight grating sound of metal on metal. Literally. A customized eight pound pull and certain types of ammo didn’t ignite? FREE SHIPPING ON $25+ WITH SIGN-IN. The It is very bad engineering practice but the engineers at many companies often get overruled by these people. I too am looking forward to your review of the SP101 in .22 caliber. As the proud, happy owner of an LCR chambered for .357, I approached the LCR-22 with high hopes . The plan was to get the wife something that was mechanically simple to operate. Well i have the repair plan at GM so off it goes along with a request for a trigger job. Improved, but problems still there. The Ruger ® LCR ® is a lightweight, small-frame revolver with a uniquely smooth trigger and highly manageable recoil.

Wow, could not disagree more with this article. The Judge makes my hands sore for days. The LCR does away with the external hammer, resulting in a gun with fewer protrusions that could be caught up on clothing when being drawn. Ruger has instead decided to “throw the dice” and live with all the returns and complaints. It is simply one person’s views and does not represent any thing but. The retail price of the LCR 22 without the laser grips is $525, with the street price under $450. Please note that all firearm purchases require valid US government issued ID and related firearm paperwork. [2] Als eines der wenigen Double-Action-Only-Systeme (DAO) verfügt er durch den patentgeschützte „Friction Reducing Cam“ (reibungsreduzierter Klinkenübergriff) über ein durchgehendes Abzugsgewicht von lediglich 4420 Gramm. It is a very smooth pull all the way through. . I am a beginning shooter and hit the target fairly well with this baby at 30 feet and even got a couple of bullseyes. Today I will receive a trigger mount laser which goes in front of the The LCR-22’s ammo issues are deeply worrying. bietet Jägern und Sportschützen alles im Bereich Waffen, Munition, Wiederladen, Optik, Jagd und Zubehör.