Stumped for how to honor your mamma this Mother’s Day? Join our love @betsyle, <> SCORPIO SEASON BOOK LIST <> I feel that you might need it – in fact I’m encouraging you to prolong your holiday into January if at all possible, or at least stay with the theme of relaxation. A companion book co-authored by astrologer Bess Matassa, explains how to use the cards to interpret birth charts as well as an oracle deck for divination. Temperance means moderation and looking back at last month’s little (or maybe not so) ego diving exploration, you will likely be implimenting […], “As a Gemini I have two distinct sides, and I can always see any situation from both angles.”, “My duty, my karma, is just to give. COUNTDOWN TO BLACK ROCK CITY: 51 BURNING MAN ESSENTIALS, NEED-TO-KNOW: FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS THERAPY, SILENCE, PLEASE: DIARY OF A VIPASSANA MEDITATION RETREAT, NOTES FROM THE NUMIVERSE: MOON SIGNS AND THE EMOTIONAL BODY, CALLING IT IN: DESIGN A RITUAL TO RECEIVE, I CAN SEE CLEARLY: NEPTUNE RETROGRADE FOR YOUR SIGN, TO SKINNY DIP OR NOT TO SKINNY DIP: KNOW YOUR YOGA RETREAT ETIQUETTE, MOMMY DEAREST: MOTHER’S DAY GIFTS BY SIGN, //mineD//: A NEW COLLECTION FROM GINA MELOSI, EAT, PRAY, DANCE: THE ONLY FOOD RULES YOU NEED, LULULEMON LONDON: LAUNCHES WITH A NEW MOON RITUAL FOR SUCCESS, HOW DO I LOOK? To report a factual error in any of the posts on , please use this form. The controversial stripper-turned-rapper who’s been hailed […]. The doorbell goes and there’s anxiety number one fear – and what’s more, he’s brought all his friends with him! MY MANTRA: Believing is Healing. projects and learned all about the Rainbow Warriors…. Make 2014 the year you develop your psychic abilities, and empower yourself to make your world a better place. That’s why it’s a gift, not an indulgence.”, There’s a mystical mood in store this season, as designers anoint the the all-seeing-eye as their motif of choice. You may unsubscribe from these email communications at any time. After eight years operating as an online magazine, with regular events and retreats and a popular weekly newsletter and Instagram account, The Numinous re-launched in the summer of 2020 as a boutique self-publishing imprint. On the day of love and chocolate, we discover how raw cacao is a powerful heart opener that paves the way to transformation through self-love…. She clothes us in sunlight and shadows, leaves and sand, flowers and geometry.”, “What’s my lucky charm? A positive car, <> HALLOWEEN FULL MOON <> 8 degrees Taurus <> Full, <> FREE HALLOWEEN SEANCE <> View Disclaimer. Since Venius Adams launched her chic turban line three years ago, they’ve found a natural fan base among…the kundalini yoga community. Just wait until you meet movement maven Rochelle Schieck. MY MYSTICAL WEEK: A REIKI DETOX, A FLORAL REMEDY, AND A SERIOUSLY SEXY SEEKER, THE GOOD KARMA DIET: 4 WAYS TO EAT FOR BETTER KARMA, SARAH DURHAM WILSON: CONVERSATIONS WITH MY COVEN, THE LIFE CHANGING MAGIC OF EMOTIONAL CLEARING, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: THE SPIRITUAL PATH OF BEING A DAD, ANDY PUDDICOMBE: MEDITATION & YOUR INNER KNOWING, VENUS RISING: A CELEBRATION OF MY GODDESS TRIBE, MATERIAL GIRLS, MYSTICAL WORLD: SAKARA LIFE, MATERIAL GIRL, MYSTICAL WORLD: ANYA HINDMARCH, MY MYSTICAL WEEK: HOW TO MAKE A PRAYER ARROW, BOYS TO MEN: A NEW VISION FOR EMPOWERED MASCULINITY, BUT WHAT DOES THE FULL MOON MEAN?