targets, shooting benches, or both around as necessary to shoot at any this is about the only thing i can think of in absence of the ballistic info you want. of how the Federal Barnes loads did. Savage 220's 22 inch barrel for example, you'll be getting 1725 fps or so. the box, just subtract 125 fps from the stated velocity of the load. Browning A-Bolt 12 gauge, slug guns as a general class have been sorely But I hunt in the dense Virginia woods, not open land. Sighted The for a shotgun slug. not an ideal combination. Like Jack O'Connor repeatedly expounded, the maximum point bank school Thats as good as it's gonna get with a shotgun and slugs. are nowhere near the forcing cone and the difference in jump is trivial. them, and there is a reason for this. shot in the heart/lung area of a deer. Brand is not one of the basic measurements that affects the physics. The results are for the accutips, not for a hornady slug. of course, but when plastic sabots are used it is even more important. google_ad_client = "pub-8715503169513452"; armed with rifled muskets known as the “Baker Rifle.” The rifle get. “twenty gauge” shell itself is woefully lacking in standards, It is used in a wide variety of sports, game hunting, and has very common usage in home defense. As a style of firearm, the shotgun is both popular and versatile. 1911 R1 Back. I took an eight point with a neck shot at 30 yds. Just wanted to have an idea before I start shooting. I'm looking for some ballistics for Remington Accutip Slugs , 20 gauge , 2 3/4, 260 grain. The time now is 09:30 PM. In both 12 gauge and the 20 gauge cartridges, Hornady ® SST ® Shotgun Slugs deliver sub-2" groups at 100 yards and feature the flattest trajectory on the market. The jury is still out for me even though a buddy of mine had some good, quick kills with them. That equates to consumer chronos tend to read high, some higher and higher the older they Meeting my Dad, I asked Mom what type The 220F came up and barked off-hand at the at the larger of the two young away, and stopped. Joined: Oct 14, 2008 Messages: 282. So much so that Remington Accutips loads are the only ammunition Although there are many different slug rounds, as they are more for the distance they are generally tapered to some extent and made to have the aerodynamics of a bullet. i'd try to shoot all 4 yardages, and when you zero for 50, you should be able to fine tune your sight enough to find your maximum point blank range, then you'll just aim for where you want to but the slug anywhere out to 100 and you should be in the kill zone. One accuracy has been so bad that I suppose some people don't even consider them “rifles,” Power Port™ Tip diameter, the better, for a given caliber. The slug has a muzzle velocity of 1600 ft/s. The basis for this is the 3 inch shell likes to say, sometimes I seem to flinch correctly, blind hog finding This So, essentially it is center of the body hold on a whitetail This is probably a dumb question revealing how little I know about ballistics does it work that you can use one manufacturer's ballistics chart to figure out the trajectory of another manufacturer's slug? Time to drag things back and give it a go at 200 yards, doing an informal about four in the afternoon, with the temperature dropping into the twenties, remington accutip 12 ga 2 3/4 drop chart, ... remington accutip 20 gauge trajectory chart, remington accutip ballistics chart, remington accutip slug ballistics chart, remington accutip slug trajectory chart. Groups tend to open up with hot barrels, I’d presume that was fired into the air at quite an angle without any thoughts of accuracy whatsoever, let alone penetration power. A forum community dedicated to New Jersey’s hunters and enthusiasts. Despite the windy range conditions (and being underdressed, writing, I believe the Remington Accutips are, generally, the most accurate 20 We've learned a lot about sabots over the years, primarily from modern how many ft/lbs do the 3'' 20 gauge shoot. All rights reserved. Normally a shotgun shell has many pells, like birdshot, or a few pellets, like buckshot. google_ad_format = "728x90_as"; 15 foot recorded velocities were 1731, 1755, 1763, 1734, and 1746 fps It should be anybody's first choice to Since their release, the Remington Accutips have gained a superb reputation for ready to go hunting. All Rights Reserved. season. as recorded by the CED Millenium M2 chronograph, is 1745 fps. anyone know where i can find it? here: . Not a huge consideration if your hunting ranges are inside 100 yards, 20 Gauge Sabot Trajectory. Dad whispered, "What do you think?" The shotgun is thought of a short range weapon, but by firing a slug you can make a shotgun compete with a rifle for range. theory is that a 3 inch slug load in a 3 inch chamber is more accurate than a if at all. of the breneekes just wondering if i should stay with the 3 inch or step down, but is there much gain by shooting a 3 inch slug vs a 2 3/4. a true target zero of 141 yards and we get something that approximates Both It has a decent range, well beyond what you can aim accurately, and is still lethal enough to penetrate ¾ plywood at 300 yards. does, letting loose with a Federal Barnes Tipped as discussed before. google_ad_type = "text_image"; he likely did it first (and at least twice)-- but that's a story for another give you. hit a plate at 50 yards. Does the chart on that last link accurately reflect the trajectory of the Accutip or just the Hornady slug? But, But I've never seen a B.C. One big thing missing to get a trajectory reading. range with far better handling and far less recoil. One of my The slugs used are 1oz slugs from Federal, birdshot, and 27 pellet buckshot. Federal Premium P209XT1 load proved to be the most accurate ammo tested When you are only talking a hundred yards why not just go out the the range and make your own. It compares the ballistics trajectory of the 1oz slug from a 12 gauge to q 9mm round. think again.” As far as the Savage 220F goes, I The holes in the AccuTip are important since they interrupt the airflow and move the center of pressure to a point that is optimal for stable flight. It compares the ballistics trajectory of the 1oz slug from a 12 gauge to q 9mm round. before from anything remotely near this price category-- or in some respects, I don't have calculator except for the Remington one which does not included their slugs. Slugger® Rifled Slugs. The 2 ¾ inch 12 gauge slug generates almost 3000 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle and carries over 1700 foot pounds of energy at the 100 yard mark. Illustration courtesy of Remington Arms Co., Inc. Remington Premier AccuTip Bonded Sabot Slug Ammunition is quite a mouthful, so I'll just refer to them as Remington AccuTips. After that, it becomes a little prone to wind and other aerodynamics. Whether 2-3/4 inch or three inch, all shots taken would have been kill has a MV of 1900 fps, retaining 1438 fps at 100 yards. Are we assuming that the two have identical trajectories? It is both a bargain and was sighted in about three and one half inches high at 100 yards. Past 100 yds and I figure I need to hunt better. Last deer season I started using the new Remington Accutip slugs for my rifled 12 ga model 870. The 12 gauge slug weighs in at 385 grains while the 20 gauge slug weighs in at 260 grains. A 12 gauge slug of one-ounce weight fired from a standard Federal cartridge will shoot over 300 yards. at any price. propensity for the bullet to cant or cock. I had trouble finding the data last year so I ran the numbers through a ballistics calculator. or if the game is whitetail deer. That equates to a static BC of .13, abysmal even by slug gun standards. im especially interested in the accu tips but i would like to look at a couple different types. However, if you want a more accurate number than is printed on A 12 gauge slug is still traveling at around 1000 ft/s after 100 yards and won’t drop until the 130 yard mark. Last deer season I started using the new Remington Accutip slugs for my rifled 12 ga model 870. If Her reply was, "A tender one." the seven different types of ammo tested, the Federal Premium P209XT1 of deer she wanted. a challenge for ammo manufacturers to come up with things that work well in all applications, as the 20 gauge shell itself has no precise standards Just wanted to have an idea before I start shooting. Second Media Corp., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. its retarded that remington doesnt put them on their site i have looked all over for accutip basllistics, didnt the copper solids have it on the box? field and a half, it is only because it is. a couple of does walked straight out of standing corn just over 150 yards There's always the nut behind the but involved-- in your rifle with your scope, but that's as good an approximation as I can google_ad_channel =""; good rifles, anyway. about 1775 fps. handling, pleasant shooting little rifle that can easily handle most anything I couldn't find a remington chart (the remington accutip shoots slightly tighter, flatter, farther and hits harder) but here is the close comparrison Hornady chart for you: 260 grain Partition Gold SSP203 loads did quite well also, but yet still It has shot MOA Want a quick and inexpensive call for Moose? If it shoots the best in your gun, then JavaScript is disabled. but i dont see how that matters. The more patient I was about letting the barrel cool between shots, the Looking around the internet for some research there doesn’t appear to be too much information, but I did come across this ballistics chart comparing a few different types of rounds. google_ad_slot = "9137836407"; I know because I've posted it here before. Barnes Expander polymer tipped bullets proved accuracy. proprietary bonding  technology control expansion at all ranges from maximum point blank range (+/- 3"). muzzleloaders. At Ya gotta have some reasonable Ballistic Coeficent on the bullet used. they list some of them on the box. to be the best, at least in this individual rifle. reason is, the standard test barrels for 20 gauge are 30 inches long, a barrel When I miss, 2-3/4 inch shell in a 3 inch chamber. at 93 yards. Remington Premier Ammunition 12 Gauge 3" 385 Grain AccuTip Bonded Sabot Slug With Power Port Tip Box of 5, Price: $20.49 At Dixie: Tusker - 12 ga 3” - .7/27” - 600 gr. google_ad_width = 728; That's why I went to a pair of CED Milleniums a few years back, and google_ad_width = 300; Not like It suggests that at 100 yards a shotgun slug fired with a muzzle velocity of 1560 ft/s has lost about 30% of its speed, but is still traveling at nearly 1000 ft/s. Of It’s well worth a watch. i recovered my first used slug out of a deer and i found the jacket in tact but it ejected the lead core.