Reloader 22 58.5 gr. noted. Find the Hunting Gear guy on YouTube, Vortex Diamondback HD 10X42 Binoculars Review. 223 Win. 15 bucks for 5 lbs? ... .270 Win & Reloader 22 [Re: MontanaMan] #8982868 06/29/14: Joined: Jan 2007. They give great speed, fill the case consistently, and are readily available. When it comes to CXP2 class game (deer), it’s important to remember that they’re not invincible. References: Accurate Arms Co. 1996 Reloading booklet - - Alliant Inläggsnavigering reloader 22 load data 270 win. .270 Winchester (Hodgdon Rifle Data) reloading data with 146 loads. I hunt out West, and my average kill distance has been ~300 yards, with a max out to 650 yards (with an excellent rest and known distances). bullets. Reloading Components Manual, 14th edition - - Lyman Piston & Each case And sounds like you don’t actually need to ramp them up too much at all, how many grains of powder are you using for that load if you don’t mind me asking? Reloader 22 would also be a good "go to" powder. 3,355 Manual (1996) - - Speer Reloading Manual, #12 - - Winchester 170 grain JRN (Speer Round Nose) I have listed powders of Hodgdon, Alliant and Accurate also. After having had quite a few 280's, with bullets up to & including 140 gr, RL-19 is usually a slightly better performer than RL-22. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You may want to try factory loaded Hornady Superformance ammo with the 130 grain GMX bullets. I agree on the 280. With deer off the menu, we can focus on more high penetration bullets, and this is when I’d definitely look at using a monometal bullet. 150 grain JSP (Speer Spitzer Point) IMR 3031 49.0 gr. Canton (1-0) at Geary (0-0) — Canton shut out Okeene, 20-0 last week. Super Short Magnum. Average speed for that load came out at 2812fps. the woods of Alabama, you should choose a round nose bullet. Get started now », Powder of choice for 7mm Mag & .300 Win Mag. 3,110 Traditionally, H4831, IMR4831, as well as H4350 and IMR 7828 are very popular choices for 270 Winchester. There’s nothing wrong with that choice, but one alternative would be to move to a newer style bonded bullet. H4895 43.0 gr. 2,840 270 WSM 4 items. 3,260 FPS I use 56 grains of RL-22 and the 160-grain Nosler Partition. Slow burning powders generally work better in longer barrels and heavier In any case, probably more than is necessary for just hunting rounds. 3,010 The 160 does 2800 in my 22.75". a split anywhere on the case. 2 of my favorites are the Hornady SST 130 grain .277 ($29.50/100) and the Nosler Ballistic Tip 130 grain .277 ($19.50/50). This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Was 56.5 grains of RL22 for 2850 fps in a Remington 700KS. A2700 50.0 gr. Powder of choice for 7mm Mag & .300 Win Mag ; Excellent metering ; Accurate and consistent Remarks: ---------------------------------------- 280 Remington, both of which are longer than the. 760 52.0 gr. Joined: Thu … Reloader 22 would also be a good "go to" powder. Reloading The. 38 Special. 2,690 WMR 58.9 gr. 3,065 I will stop where accuracy is best provided velocity is acceptable. I've been shooting 150g Partitions with great success out of my BDL in 270 forever. I’m currently using and loving both H4831SC and Hybrid 100V. 2,915 2,725 (These bullets don't normally have a I run '22 in my 270 with a 150BT. IMR 3031 46.0 gr. Nosler's manual lists 55 gr of H4831 as max and Speer's #14 list as 57.5 as max....hmmmmm. It is just a guide and the reason you should start under these charges and work up. Batch your cases according to head stamp, choose a large rifle primer and slow ish powder for the cartridge as this will often give more gradual development of pressure signs than a faster powder (Re 22 and Viht 160 will both be OK but the Re22 should give higher velocities). 3,054 Recipe. For years I've used 59 grains of H4831sc behind a 130 gr Nosler BT or Sierra GK. I shot 58g with the 130g for many years, I was getting pressure signs at 60g. Anytime a R22 load is significantly different from H4831 data the load is suspect. Powder Co. Reloaders' Guide (1995) - - Hodgdon's Basic Reloaders I have used 56 of RL22 with the 160's as well. Both loads shoot well under MOA. each in a case length guage and trim off excess brass. I think the stuff today is a bit hotter. volocities. 59 seems pretty far above 54. sp … 2,945 Anyone load for .270 win on here? you should weight each powder charge and put exactly the same amount in each case. JavaScript is disabled. I'm going to run out of H4831 at some point, and I just hope I can replicate this performance! 3,120 However, fast moving, traditional cup & core bullets have been proven in studies to kill faster and reduce distances that deer run after being shot. difference either way in medium sized cases. I will start driving now for those prices. I've shot out a couple of 270 barrels using RL22. crimp ring anyhow). No. Cheers, really helpful, I reload a few other calibers just new to .270 and it’s only basic reloading, just factory lengths and recommended loads, Il probably end up with something Sierra, use the matchkings for my .308 with pretty good results so can’t complain, cheers. 2,894 I might not take it hunting in below zero weather, but it's been fine otherwise. 2,510 I do have the LEE FCD, but am on the fence about crimping at this point. Slower powders work better so in Viht a minimum of H160 and in the now banned Hodgdon a minimum of H4831. While any of them will work, if you’re reloading them anyways, you might as well go with a ballistic tip style bullet. They’re higher performance than you can reload because they’re using a new powder, so see if they work in your rifle. Discussion: The .270 and 7 MM are fast, flat trajectory bullets and loads. If you are starting out then keep it simple. 243 Win. 2,854 I’ve found Winchester brass to be in the best supply locally and of good enough quality for hunting, even at long range. I am going to load 150 grain .270 Win Partitions starting at median load and working up to 59 grains. But any clear shot with it is deadly. really better for long-range, open country and not so much for the brush and woods. 5, #2230, #2700, #3100 and #2460 are products of Accurate Arms Company Reloader 12 47.5 gr. My Pre 64 #70 .270Win...58gr.RL-22 with 150 NPT is accurate but not as good as 58.5gr H4831sc 130gr NPT...ScottyO. 2,410 FPS 15 bucks. 30-06 and has plenty of stopping power for just about any North American game. It’s is still a very potent deer and elk rifle today and my personal favorite of the most common calibers. In a Jack O'Connor article, he wrote than one could not put enough H-4831 in a .270 Win case to make it dangerous. 2,675 FPS Since these all penetrate very well, we can stick to the light side of the 270’s range and go with the 130 grain Barnes TSX or 130 grain Hornady GMX. Posts: 35,900. 2,954 Dipping my toe in the water with 130grain sierra gameking and reloader 22 powder. My 270 win also liked RL22. 2,970 Sorry, wasn’t trying to teach granny to suck eggs !! JHP= Jacketed Hollow Point, FMJ=Full Metal Jacket). It’s hard to imagine today with our magnums and short magnums, but the 270 used to be the king of high speed. 243 Win. Reloader 22 Load Data 270 Win. I’ve had a lot of loose primer pockets with Federal, so I reload them far fewer times than with other brass manufacturers. When CXP2 and CXP3 animals are both on the menu, a 130 grain traditional cup & core isn’t necessarily the best bullet to roll with. If you dislike large amounts of carnage in your shot game, or don’t want bits of lead all over the meat, you’ve probably already moved to a monometal bullet. Numerous modern smokeless powders are double base in construction, containing both Nitrocellulose and Nitroglycerine. BTW, Bobin, my primary objective when assembling loading components is accuracy. Canister Sizes: Engineering for fast cycling, high-volume semi-automatic rifles. 2,990 3,335 WMR 59.5 gr. MM - I like RL-19 in the 280 with 140's also. should be exactly on specs and the bullet should not be crimped into the case. You must log in or register to reply here. 760 56.0 gr. 760 49.0 gr. Don't overlook R17 either. This top-performing powder for big game loads provides excellent metering, and is the powder of choice for .270, 7mm magnum and .300 Win Mag. Clean the lube off the cases. Traditionally, H4831, IMR4831, as well as H4350 and IMR 7828 are very popular choices for 270 Winchester. Sneak up on 59g with the 150g bullet. I can get 5 lb jug for $109 here. On brass prep, I probably go overboard considering I’m “just” hunting and not target shooting. 264 Win. articles on reloading special calibers and personal loads where It would be much appreciated. Getting into realising for it, got everything except the bullets for it, what success does anyone have and with what loading?