FEMALES CANNOT BE GUARANTEED DUE TO MALE DEVELOPMENT, IF THE DRAGON IS POSTED IT IS AVAILABLE UNLESS IT IS MARKED “SOLD” AT THE END OF THE DESCRIPTION. I have just marked sold on your #10 dragon. click to enlarge photo They will be able to get their Vitamin D3 through them. Born 6/1 calm $215.00 My Texas Barred Salamander is easy to care for and is really fun to watch. After your male and female mate, separate the female so she does not become stressed. Thanks! They were originally from Australia until they were captively bred. Do you have anything this size or are they usually sold way before that? born 6/5 Calm $215.00 With other fees that needed to get pay b4 delivery. In the wild, you can rarely find a red bearded dragon. I am interested in #22 Gala Red male. Email me as soon as you can please. If you grow or use wild greens, make sure they have not been treated with pesticides or other chemicals. Babies can be a little jumpy, so make sure they don???????????????? The bare minimum for an adult is 40 gallons. Bearded dragons are small when hatchlings, but don???????????????? The Gala red phase can be a very dark red/orange and will also range into highlights of this deep color with bright orange that a camera has difficulty capturing. She arrived, beautiful and healthy. May 8, 2013, Joey Hill - For bearded dragons, UV bulbs are necessary. Yes that dragon is available I would need ur zip code to determine shipping for u. I give support after purchase. Is #17 is up for sale and what would be the shipping price to zip code 06051? Hello, I was wondering if female #3 was still available? ?Ѭs colors seem to show up best when they are happily basking or soaking in their water bowl. ?Ѭs diet. Is she still available? Hi I was wondering if #5 is still available and how much shipping would be too 97045. Baby dragons should be provided the same lighting and temperature as adults. Bearded dragons are large lizards, and need lots of room. Feeding time is really enjoyabe for the both of us. They were originally from Australia until they were captively bred. Payment can be made with Visa or, MasterCard using square invoicing via email or by PayPal invoicing as well. Hi, I’m in Colorado. Housing Requirements There is a holding fee of $80.00 after 8 days. So she’s not really a danger to bearded dragons but I’d still like some info on this subject. The other 70% of their diet includes insects. Yes the dragon is available and not black eyes, What morph are these gala reds will u have more on the future, They are a red phase. After four months, they can be fed once a day, and when adults, about 3 times a week. Feed them pin head crickets, and make sure that they are all eating. ?Ѭt take them. If so, what is it? Hi, looking for a red male. Hello Is number 5 still available it’s mathew i bought a orange phase from you back in February luv this little guy 40601. When they are stressed, the colors may appear duller. Overnight shipment to 48706? Mealworms have a hard external shell and are not recommended for hatchlings or adults. Yes we will but not all winter maybe up to med fall. I'm looking forward to dealing with them again in the future. I am interested in #30 Please use the number below each picture when inquiring about the dragons. I love it’s little missing toe. Under tank heaters (UTH) are fine, but lamps work better because bearded dragons absorb heat from above. They will learn from that and not do it again. They will easily reach 18 inches within a year. The cost and description of each dragon is underneath the picture. YOU CAN SAVE ON SHIPPING IF ORDERING THE LOBSTER ROACHES AT THE SAME TIME WHEN PURCHASING A DRAGON. Hopefully mid to end of March. I sent the cost for shipping to ur email. Bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps) are a great first pet, and can be tamed very easily. Cost for shipping to 96001. As of February 10th we now have some red dragons. of course they well still have a cooling area and how often would I need to ‘shower’ them? Hope I am not asking for much. And do you charge shipping per animal or per order? Hello I was wondering if #26 was still available and shipping to 21702. I love beardies and I been looking at many videos and reading a lot of info on them! What a personality he has! The bigger the tank, the happier your lizard will be. Conclusion It would be important that you look at our reputation on line and then you will feel better about purchasing from us. Yes I would need your zip code to determine shipping. Can you please possible email me an inquiry if possible. He's a hoot! Substrate Soil and bed-a-beast are designed to hold humidity, so they are not acceptable. Her temperament is fine, however she is a baby and bottom on the food chain so until she gets use to being handled all of them can be squirrely but nothing else. Although, she ended up with a small wound on her nose from shipping. Pretty cool when he comes out as soon as I get home from work and just stares at what's going on around him. Also, are eyes black? They ignore them and the dragons does the same unless surprised by a dog and what I mean by that is if the dog comes up from behind and the dragon does not see the dog coming. Please let me know. 7″ born 8/28 $215.00 I have never known a cat to like to terrorize or play with a dragon. (not both, 1 or the other). Thank you! Hi there was just wondering if you guys shipped to Canada??? Hey Collette, is there a difference between male and female? Hello, I would like to know if Bearded Dragons get stressed out when introduced to animals like cats and dogs.. Or if their health can dramatically change.. Your email address will not be published. Yes, we keep our pages up to date. Before the eggs come, prepare a covered laying box for the female. Shelter Gala Red Phase Het Hypo/Trans Bearded Dragon. Feed adults as much as they will eat in 20 minutes and remove the spare crickets. Even so I’m still trying to collect as much info on the beardies so thanks for taking your time in answering my questions! I’m sorry to hear about your last two dragons. If so please contact me right away. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This should be nice and roomy filled with moist non-fertilized soil. Change paper substrates when needed and sand every six months. The rest of the cage can stay at about 80F. Whats her temperment? How much would shipping be to 48420? Hatchlings and juveniles can be housed in a 20-gallon tank until they are over a foot long. (#RB041420206) Description. Regards, I really wanted one for my birth day on the 19th of June but it’s clear I won’t be getting a beardie any time soon.. Hi Austin, I am interested on Dragon number 8 which is $215 how much is it out the door with Delivery to ZIP Code 92324 CA.