Start early, finish early. Just look for "Pirates of the Rebel Galaxy". Another important thing to note while trading is the “events” that occur at the various stations as time passes in Rebel Galaxy. The way to get good with Citizenry is by completing missions (if you have access to their stations) or helping out miners/traders if you're hostile to them. The Red Devil Cartel are one of the factions of Rebel Galaxy, once you start the game you will have a slightly hostile reputation with them, which means you will be on a … Pro Tip Traders will only make one trade with you, so make it count! Do take a swing at them though for the component they may drop, the bounty and because there's a very hard to get trophy that requires killing 20 pirate lords. Exit the station then dock again. One possible name of a dreadnought is "Red Devil Gargantua". DEFLECTORS are an additional type of shield that can, on command, absorb a notable amount of damage for a short duration before entering a cooldown period. Saji. Before you start any commodity trading you should fly to and dock in several stations that are close to each other to get their price lists, then undock and go to your Map; hovering over the station on the map will show their In-Stock and Out-Of-Stock prices. Try stocking up on expensive goods and selling (or not even picking up) cheaper ones, so that they’re forced to offer to buy high-margin goods from you. WOTS on Steam Engines & Warp Drive – There’s a lot of moving around inside systems to do, and both of these make transit times much shorter. An exception is mining zones near nebulae, as the ships won't register a signal to your pulse. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... EDIT re Outsiders: Despite the name, outsider stations do not seem tied to Korian outsider reputation (The reason I tried so hard not to piss off outsiders in the first system). Broadsides are a set of heavier cannons on the sides of every ship. Because of this need to charge the weapons for them to aim properly it is generally recommended to get a system with the best damage-per-shot and a slower base firing rate, as long as the firing rate is faster than the charge time. Feel free to take on missions that make you attack any of them. Once you’ve amassed some credits, it’s time to spend them to pimp your Rebel Galaxy ride. This will give you a significant boost in reputation with the Red Devil Cartel. I’d estimate that you’re going to need somewhere in the vicinity of 50 million credits in order to buy tier 6 components (the best in the game, as far as I’m aware) plus a top-level dreadnought hull. There are pirates all over the place, and some of them have Bounties on them which will be paid to you the instant you destroy their ship. #1 This variable speed is especially important if you are chasing a Pirate Lord; while far away at your top speed you can easily catch up to them, but once you get within close radar range your ship will slow down significantly. In order to progress through the ranks, players need to accumulate GCW points. Nobody’s saving the universe around here. Factions useful for cannon fodder only. If you're behind the Pirate Lord and his escort your ship will likely slow down enough to be just slightly slower than the Lord, meaning you will effectively never catch him. Likely time it will take to complete: e.g. i think their should be more incentives to join Pirate factions. Unlike many of the other factions, this means they will not be hostile towards you unless you break the law of their system which notably is attacking them or anyone from the Citizenry faction, or trafficking something (Having illegal items on your craft). By the latter third of the game, trading just isn’t going to be super profitable. ), you’re no doubt currently engaged in some type of space-based money making scheme. I like to set my missile turrets to “locked only” which allows me to control their ammo use – if I don’t lock on, they don’t fire. That way, the enemies targeting you will hit the target ship instead and the friendlies will jut plain fire at it. You start neutral to them so can dock at their stations. Use them to sell expensive stuff, including contraband. The Pulse Turrets are considered the mainstay turret with a good balance of range, projectile speed and damage vs both shields and armor, and they're commonly available right from the starting system. Benefits include access to exclusive ships and components, though this becomes more important later in the game. Nothing too valuable in the end but can be useful depending on the progress. WOTS on Google+ Mineable asteroids are scattered all over the sector, and using your Pulse can help you find the lucrative rocks in those fields. The flak cannon can’t easily destroy missiles that are aimed at the rear of your ship, but still being able to mitigate explosive damage from the sides can be a big help against capital ships and fighter swarms that use MIRV missiles. Events like “Mining Rush” and “Tech Boom” make certain goods plentiful and cheap, while events like “War” and “Famine” will make certain goods scarce and expensive at those stations. Benefit number two is that if you can keep enemies on one side of you, it’s much easier to rotate through the quadrants of your shields. They can fire instantly from the moment the trigger is pressed. One of the absolutely best situations for making a lot of money quickly is if you have one station with a high-demand event like Famine, and another close-by station with a wide variety of goods (preferably Scientific) with a Market Glut event. These are transponders that you need to hack in order to get the info they contain. Most other turrets I will leave on “Any Target,” simply because fighters tend to move fast enough that they’re hard to keep in your sights, and tend to retreat often enough that setting them to “locked only” is highly inefficient.