We use this in North Dakota in subzero weather always in snow so it gets wet pretty often. wouldn't it be great to have an instruction manual for us computer dummy's 806bob. frogger , could you post the directions for those of us that have this caller? Personally, I found this feature to be very efficient. A Hunter’s Delight – Primos Turbo Dogg Review, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Primos Turbo Dogg – Some Words at the End. 30 yards is very iffy. But I can tell you with full confidence that Primos Turbo Dogg will work for you as it did for me. 3756 Turbo Dogg Model No. You have entered an incorrect email address! Officially, the range of the remote for the Primos Turbo Dogg is, as I’ve stated, 100 yards. The first time I set it up (in conjunction with a Primos Sit-and-Spin decoy) I had a fisher cat take notice of it within 2-3 minutes. However, the turbo dogg proved to be the real deal! Please take the time to view the options for your product. thanks. I found no difficulty removing the battery part and plugging it in. It’s user-friendly for both newcomers and seasoned veterans (no pun intended). One of those is the extra Audio jack. For over 40 years we'vebeen Mississippi Built, USA Proud. Again, if you’d like to utilize a decoy, this is the port to plug it in and use it. Compact, Portable Sizeand an extra-long battery life. Another grievance Turbo Dogg hunters usually have is the speaker. The line of sight connection issue is very real however, I'm rarely in a location where I can't just hang it a couple feet off the ground so I'm not holding that against it. Most of what I’m about to write comes from the company’s website over at www.primos.com, so I won’t waste a lot of your time, dear reader. Naturally, none of this would have been possible without Will’s passion for hunting. The 500-sound capacity is amazing enough, but the “Expert Hunts” feature is what really sold me on Turbo Dogg. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Alpha Dogg Model No. 3755-R & 3755-S INTRODUCTION Turbo Dogg Electronic Caller The Turbo Dogg doesn’t give you just individual sounds to choose from, it has Expert™ Hunts which allow you to have Randy Anderson and other Team Primos members actually calling for you! Here is a link you can go to and get all the info that you'll need. But that’s not all. I can't imagine having a better caller for the price. The port for this cable is under the battery section. It’s that good. This range is about the same as the one which Turbo Dogg can reach with its speaker. So on the bottom of the turbo dogg on the battery lid on mine there is a 1/4" tripod screw. I used to take at least three different electronic calls just for one hunt because they didn’t have all the animals I was interested in shooting. But weight isn’t its only benefit. It might be my computer but I don't know. [Re: patncor] NYyotekiller Die Hard Member Registered: 11/01/09 Posts: 666 Loc: Van Etten, … The one detail I absolutely loved about Turbo Dogg, in terms of sound reach, is that the speaker rotates and makes no distortion. If this is your first time … When I open them up, I list them under animal titles, like deer, fox, coyote, elk, bobcat, and others. This is an updated review from my first one. This page works best with JavaScript. Whatever the animal is you’re hunting – coyote, fox, pheasant, etc. So take it from me – keep your Primos Turbo Dogg out of the sun. After several e-mails they finally sent me some instructions which I printed off for future reference. when sitting on the ground the distance is maybe 30 yards (horrible). It holds the single large horned speaker capable of emitting sound up to 150 yards away. Moreover, the Turbo Dogg, as an example of Primos’ finest, is a testament to that. As you’ve read above, there are hunters with legitimate grievances about Primos Turbo Dogg. Primos Turbo Dogg is compact, but not really small. ok got it figured out , thanks to a quick reply from primos, select the favorite folder from the menu, then press the HOT1 button, the sound menu appears , scroll thru until you find the sound you want press SELECT , the sound is now in the favorite folder, repeat process for the next sound ! I hope you get some responses. I just upgraded my pals and its tons faster and the screen now scrolls as well as other goodies. Man am I PO'd. There is also the 1.3 version for the newest updates for the TD as of the 20th. ... Primos Turbo Dog Review - Duration: 4:46. And of course, the camo color helps it blend in. I’ve mentioned the USB cable a few paragraphs above. These sequences helped me a lot in attracting coyotes and other predators with ease. Functioned correctly the first day after reading directions. The V1.3 directions are not absolutely step by step correct. In fact, the sound is so clear it literally feels like the real beast is roaring from the device. In our KNOWLEDGE BASE you will find some Troubleshooting instructions for many of our products. It’s a lifesaver. The minute I bought it, I made use of the 36 different animal calls. The pre-downloaded calls are actually pretty good. Sign up now for email offers, news, and more! The second feature is the full color 1.75 inch LCD screen and the software. Turbo Dogg’s remote easily fits on the back of the unit. Push “Menu” on your Boss Dogg remote control, select “Settings”, then select “Info”. Well, judging from experience, I have to say ‘pretty good.’ Not many calls are as small and as durable as this one. CUSTOM MILL SHOP | CLICK FOR FREE SHIPPING. The speaker has a reflective surface which can bounce off sunlight. Fast-growing, high-attractingLow- till, and no heavy equipment required. If you need technical assistance regarding any Primos products, You can reach our U.S. customer service team Monday-Tuesday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Wednesday-Thursday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm and Friday 8AM to 2PM at (800)-523-2395. Of course, you can use the USB port and input other call sequences as well, similar to how you add sounds. Thanks NYyk After I calmed down I realized that just about all ecall manufacturers are having issues with their products in one way or another new units and old. I put it on a tripod to gain range and get about 20 yards out of it. Faraway predators will be coming in thick and fast with this bad boy. The remote can sometimes be a bit slow and laggy which in addition to the other problems can cause for some confusion. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It seems Primos already knows of the NO NAME problem and have no simple fix for it. This can be a big problem if you’re hunting at night. My call was set 50 yds N NE of me. It’s roughly the size of my face, which doesn’t really make it TOO small, but it’s not bulky. But how does it fare during an actual hunt? I played the field mouse soundbit on loop starting 30 minutes after I got in the stand. This will display your software version. I used for the first time yesterday. Primos Turbo Dogg is compact, but not really small. 4:46. Save for the black speaker and logo, it fits perfectly into the environment while I wait for my prey to arrive. Yeah I thought the same thing, "oh great, my new e-caller is a dud". Top #2447475 - 02/26/13 04:45 PM Re: programming the primos alpha dogg remote ?? Its just harder to deal with when I'm the one having to deal with the call problem. You have to be registered on the Primos support site then you can get access to the V1.3 firmware update. Each sound in Turbo Dogg goes into designated lists. These are proven hunt sets that get dogs in! How can one get a better instruction manual for the caller I feel the one that came with the caller is not the greatest to help set the caller up ? There are no interruptions, and the sound doesn’t distort, even in thick foliage. thanks for the info. The back of the unit features two ports or two jacks. However, after only half a dozen uses the speaker sounds terrible and the range of the remote has some how gotten worse, maybe only 25 yards now.