Support materials include word search pages, teaching ideas, vocabulary puzzles, printable worksheets and more. Narrator 2: She made dingoes smile and emus shrink. 2. Language Therapy Book Companions BUNDLE! And as I slid down the slippery slope of the backs of cool kangaroos. Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. Grandma Poss: You look wonderful, you precious possum! There was magic for thin and magic for fat, and magic for tall and magic for small, but the magic she was looking at wasn�t there at all. stream (Grandma Poss and Hush hug and they dance. All necessary answer keys are included with our, This NO PREP book companions is just PRINT & GO. x�]ے�q}�h˷�L�gzn�"ERrH6)BV8L=�+@���biI�J��|�r���2ӳXP��S�U�YyϬ������ڮ[m��z�/��؝V��tjw��}�{���}ݾ�ᛮ�}Ӯ���-f�W����e�_��m�Ym0��ܾj?x�!��q�>�m�����j��l�v����7��'�~��O�m{�O�M{�O�]{�OO����g���F���O��O1�Z?��j��S`O��J�JW�c��+v̻�r7C� �=3N?�ѓ7^�;����)k������N���{_d�E���(Y��� Also included in: Mem Fox Author Study | Distance Learning Digital and PDF, Also included in: Australian Animals - Aussie Story Book Activity Bundle, Also included in: Australian Animals Craft BUNDLE goes well with Possum Magic, Also included in: First Grade Literacy: Exploring Character Emotions BUNDLE, Also included in: QR Codes for Listening Station Center Activities BUNDLE, Also included in: Australia Activities, Lessons, Literature Units and Vocabulary Worksheets Bundle. ]����5�U SUPER book pack BUNDLE - 19 book bundles! It's FREE! Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? A tail. Based on the book - "Possum Magic", There are 24 QR Codes for your Listening Center as part of Literacy activities. Go ahead and DOWNLOAD it. What do you think? Here we go round the lamington plate. In this mini-unit you will find 5 days of activities to build comprehension of emotions within picture books. Narrator 2: Then one day, quite unexpectedly, Hush made an unusual request of Grandma Poss. Grandma Poss: Of course I can. Some of the activities included are story retelling activities, story elements activities (characters/setting/problem/solution), discussion q, There are 68 QR Codes for your Listening Center as part of Literacy activities. #supportaussiefarmers Sequencing – students cut and sequence story events – two versions available (one harde, A Literacy pack full of different activities to use with the book Possum Magic by Mem Fox. NO PREP! - Story Sequence Grandma Poss made bush magic. Narrator 2: From that time onwards, Hush was visible. It is performed sitting on stools and reading from the script. Each pack is designed to last a week - read one book a week and choose and activity a day for students to complete. ", QR Codes for Listening Station Center Activities SET 1, Literature Unit for Possum Magic by Mem Fox, Australia Activities, Lessons, Literature Units and Vocabulary Worksheets Bundle. Narrator 1: Grandma Poss thought all night long and then in the morning, just before breakfast �. This bundle includes low prep craft for:1. They will learn about Australia through a classroom map and develop their oral language, Activities based on the Classic Australian Book POSSUM MAGIC. So did her body. Narrators 1 and 2: But in her heart of hearts she did. It is a digital copy in PDF format. Here we are just sharing some more freebies that we put together and used in the classroom with K-2 when using this Big Book. Please could you make me visible again? Contains language activities that enable the teacher to better integrate this book into the classr. -Location Grandma Poss and Hush: Let�s try Anzac Biscuits in Adelaide, mornay and Minties in Melbourne, steak and salad in Sydney and pumpkin scones in Brisbane. Activities include; Have fun making these gorgeous crafts with your students! Hush�s legs appeared. Hush: What adventures I had as kooky koalas squashed me. The Lamington Plate. %PDF-1.3 She made wombats blue and kookaburras pink. Narrators 1 and 2: she and Grandma Poss ate a Vegemite Sandwich, a piece of pavlova and half a lamington, just to make sure Hush stayed visible forever. Grandma Poss and Hush: (Shouting) A tail. Have sentences prepared from ‘Possum Magic’ so students can highlight adjectives and noun groups. Hush: Don�t worry, Grandma. This book companion can also be sent home to parents for home practice activities.Each book set contains a 1, A story study for Possum Magic by Mem Fox. These 3 writing activities can be used to support learning around Possum Magic. The activities within this packet reflect the need for play based experiences in early childhood. Sherlock Center on Disabilities Rhode Island College V. Center on Disabilibes . Possum (great to use with the book Possum Magic)2. - Story Structure -Geograph Next stop, Tasmania. Narrator 1: There, in the far north of Australia, they found a Vegemite sandwich. (With apologies to Mem Fox for the liberties taken with the classic tale.). Grandma Poss makes magic. Author�s notes: Perhaps Hush could hide under a blanket and reveal the parts of her body are exposed and perhaps props could be used for the foodstuffs. Possum Magic Mem Fox Julie Vivas u SCHOLASTIC . Possum Magic . What do you think? In Hobart, late one night, in the kitchens of the casino, they saw a lamington on a plate. "J���E�4IA�,^�^�>�Ua��G.9� -�AN$�d �ä��s�w�N2�� o��6� ��I�.��׉�`7��l�fC�;s��k���$N�'�������o_���װܙ���. These are independent listening activities, so students can listen to popular books being read, and then respond with a follow-up task.So whilst you are teaching one group of students, another group can be happily engag, Wombat Stew - Possum Magic - Don't Call Me BearWhat's Included?Australian Animal - Don't Call Me Bear - Koala - Informative Writing ActivitiesAustralian Animal - Possum Magic - Possum - Writing ...Australian Animal - Wombat Stew - Wombat - Writing ...You may also be interested in:Procedure Writing -, Make the Mem Fox story of two lovable possums part of your reading instruction program with our fully-integrated unit plan and study guide. Hush is made invisible by Grandma Poss to protect her from dangers in the Australian bush. The children will learn measurement (capacity), chance and data (graphing) and sequencing skills through cooking. �s���'��1��sRdA�w�h���ﶫ}�����>��߄ )��0Ly'���0J��$�3���wƑ'A���ѩP�o ��L��ҵ��^�n�^���m�[�D�_���2�k4@����lV�ޭ�����36��:*-�$��*���=�y�^�7�0��X=�dg�8v]�S�H[���oj�.pn��n;��HSa$L|��s17p_χ�kI��Щ����ө�yz����i�A��)[R� ���)� $�%�J؎03c�/���P�P����o�Ù%��~Ƕ�?v���v|q�Q��Y� n��7_�ވʔC! ), Grandma Poss and Hush: (Singing) Here We Go Around the Lamington Plate. - Label Hush I�ll just fossick through my magic books. This is a reader's theatre script I have worked up on the classic Australian story, Possum Magic by Mem Fox. She makes wombats blue and kookaburras pink. Their names were Hush and Grandma Poss. Adapted from the original text, Possum Magic, by Mem Fox and Julie Vivas . Narrators 1 and 2: Hush breathed deeply and began to eat. Let�s see what we can find in Darwin. Hush lives In Australia. ��`�D6��qS ��ԭ6!�R �������qߚ �L^�_cl�� �o��~�^%I��hk$�Y1�7��n+�߮NGG�S������е�y��{~}�_����~Ɏ/9����}inn9��y�/�e - (Guided) Use graphic organizer to list words that will be used in student’s writing - (Independent) Write a description of one of Possum Magic characters. - Post card writing activity, Possum Magic by Mem Fox is a sweet animal story, but guess what? Narrator 1: Because she couldn�t be seen she was safe from snakes, which is why Grandma Poss had made her invisible in the first place. Grandma Poss loves making magic. Grandma Poss: Don�t lose heart! A book a week: Possum Magic by Mem Fox %��������� Jointly construct sentences with adjectives and noun groups. Download this fre, This low preparation activity can be used in conjunction with the story by Mem Fox of Possum Magic or as a craft on its own.Includes:Display backgroundsKoala craftPossum CraftThe wombat and echidna in the display have been taken for our Australian Animal Craft resources found @ https://www.teachersp, Bundle of Craft: This resource includes both our very popular craft activities in one bundle. See individual listings for included content. by drawing a pictures and writing. They can be used in a variety of ways such as:Part of a science unit and writing an animal reportAfter reading a story about Australian animals such as 'Wombat Stew' or 'Possum Magic'. 9 pages of student work, plus an answer key!This Possum Magic story study includes the following:• Possum Magic story study title page for students• Before reading Possum Magic worksheet• Author research worksheet• Character chart• Dictionary Look-up sheet•, This resource is a bundle of 10 Mem Fox books we have made worksheets for at a discounted price. The books are Koala Lou, Possum Magic, Whoever You Are, Hattie and the Fox, and Tough Boris. The actors could wear body boards showing motifs of the cities/states visited or they could be displayed on flashcards. I don�t mind. Narrator 1: And they danced and they danced around that lucky lamington plate till early in the morning. 7 book packs to accompany common stories based on Australian Animals - plus a word wall file! Hush: Grandma, I want to know what I look like. Grandma Poss could wear glasses, perched on the end of her nose as in the illustrations by Julie Vivas. An interactive Presentation that you can use with a class, small group during literacy Groups or by individuals. �!�3A�x��,k�?��5B���p������p�(�ߋ�o_�&5�|���G�k_�����}aI����ۭ6�>�� ��1k+`$+� �!PD��ߦ݊��O;:d �T,�D�u�~�\��|n�{�?>�����? But I can�t remember what. Skills included in this bundle are:★ schema building about the things children do★, This Mem Fox Bundle includes activities for five Mem Fox Books. You can print off to keep a record of understanding. Narrator1: Once upon a time, but not very long ago deep in the Australian bush lived two possums. MEM FOX BOOK BUNDLE #1 - Worksheets - Picture Book Literacy Activities. The books included in the bundle are:* Possum Magic - 6 worksheets* Koala Lou - 6 worksheets* Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge - 6 worksheets* Hunwick's Egg - 6 works, Possum Magic ~ A week of reading activities to accompany the story. POSSUM MAGIC HISTORY For more than 30 years, Mem Fox’s Possum Magic has captivated and enchanted young people all over Australia. But once a year, on her birthday. Grandma Poss was miserable. 4 0 obj << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Narrators 1 and 2: the magic that made Hush INVSISIBLE. WombatThese resource are included in this pack or can be purchased separatelyAustra. The lamington plate. Language Therapy Book Companions BUNDLE! Narrator 2: And over the sea they went. Paired with your popular picture book this companion helps to facilitate literacy based language therapy for mixed groups or 1:1 therapy. Also included in: NO PREP! Kangaroo5. background patterns courtesy of Squidfingers. This mini-unit will focus on the story 'Possum Magic' by Mem Fox. Pre-Reading Words – a list of story words. Joined by an extraordinary creative team, Monkey Baa is thrilled to present a brand new stage adaptation of this magical Australian classic. Grandma Poss: (Shouting) It�s something to do with food! Apologies to Ms Scott if the liberties I have taken with her story offend. But the best magic of all was. People food, not possum food.