To minimize comment spam/abuse, you cannot post comments on articles over a month old. this had better be some f***ed up joke because pantera and sjr and down were some crazy a$$ bands and they raised me right i grew up listening to that metal, hahahaha! "The last few days have been very difficult & painful," Brown wrote. After touring to promote the album, Pantera went on hiatus in 2001.

hahahaha man april fools day rocks, I feel so accomplished now! i idolized Phil when he was in pantera and Down but my respect for the man has went straight down the sh**ter.

They played in Atlanta yesterday... fools.

Classic! please tell me it's a joke... i've been searching on the internet all morning and no website mentionned this... :O wtf?! They have already played in Atlanta. We saw Superjoint Ritual and he was alive and well. Phil Anselmo went through a cardiac arrest due to an overdose of heroin in 1996. [9], In November 2016, Anselmo reported that he had stopped drinking alcohol. HELL f***IN NO THIS BETTER BE A f***IN JOKE!!!!!!!!!! The incident resulted in smoke damage to most of the furniture and part of the house needing renovation. Phil had a great voice and was one of the best. I dont know for sure if its a sick joke or not but im guessing it is, its too much coincidence on April fools Day, and the way it says he died seems pretty bullsh**!! Phil, you will be missed dearly! In 2000, Pantera released their ninth and final studio album, Reinventing the Steel. And, all that said, I wish them the best of fuckin' luck. Anselmo's primary objective is to release much older unreleased material and material from his many side projects. The track is sparse musically, features a raw vocal delivery by Anselmo, and a short spoken-word segment. Suck my Balls! any dumb f*** who listens to pantera would believe this, if this was true which it cant be cause ou only get horribly sick from injecting sugar, and you cant melt sugar to injct it either. Phil Anselmo is a piece of sh** and needs to die soon. Following the disbandment, Anselmo devoted much of his time to a longtime side project, Superjoint Ritual. This is hella fake.

The band is on Satyr's record label 'Moonfog Productions'. The singer's drug use heavily contributed to Pantera's break, and Paul blamed Anselmo for comments that added to the disillusionment of the fan who shot and killed Darrell. Of the show Anselmo said, "When people start screaming 'racist' over and over and over and over again at me, what I did was show them exactly what [...] the ugliest possible thing I could think of at the time was. In a later, comment Brown added that he felt it necessary to address Paul's death sooner than later. Today will be remembered forever for all Pantera, Superjoint Ritual and Down fans.

Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboys' Vulgar Hits! leave it to stupid pantera fans to belive such stuff, this is such bullshi t...if you believe this...kill youself. Corrosivemind...I hope Phil brutally murders you and smokes your remains like a big fat joint... Hi, guy's this is jason manger of down i have veary good news for yall pantera , down fans , philip isn't dead lol.. but he is in fact got broken leg not from a "brown suger O-D " but from falling off stage on tour and infact he know's about this rumor and we got intouch with the auther of this sit and someone like you add the new if u didn't notice u can summit your on new on this sit so don't belive everything u read unless it's new papper are our web sit u can check us out with lates new on pantera and down at are but thanks and philip said " APRIL FOOLS " and thanks for showing yalls care for him and when he does die dont cry like some b****s " and i know half of yall want belive this is really someone from the band manger's so come to and ill post some stuff up there about this rumor so noone els will belive this fake rumore thanks jason! However, he later became recognized for introducing a more guttural approach to the vocals. The first two remixes were done by Justin K. Broadrick of Godflesh and the last by J. G. Thirlwell of Foetus. He supposedly died lastnight???

What a bunch of horsesh1t!! uuuhhhh ... hey corrosive mind . The incident was captured by an audience member's cell phone camera and the video was posted on YouTube. They performed the song "Ace of Spades" by recently deceased metal legend, Lemmy Kilmister, who played for Hawkwind and Motörhead.