UNIDENTIFIED MALE - "Peter Bergmann" - Sligo, #Ireland Case details: From 12 to 16 June 2009, a man using the alias "Peter Bergmann" visited the... Jump to. If so, login to add it. We used the media both in mainland Europe, nationally and internationally, we had secured his DNA, his fingerprints, and those were circulated to all police forces. “The truth is we may never know what actually happened in those last few minutes and what he was hoping to achieve. At the time of writing, I counted nine separate Reddit threads dedicated to the mystery of Peter Bergmann. An investigation was launched to establish his identity, but all it revealed was the seemingly painstaking measures the man took to disappear anonymously. There was the grainy hotel CCTV footage showing the condemned man making his way to and from his final errands, the substance of which we can still only guess at. Some posit he was an intelligence operative, or a gangster on the run from a shadowy organized crime group. “He had his trousers rolled up to his knees. “He got out and had a look at the area and seemed contented. We don't have a missing persons report and never have. “We [did] extensive searches throughout Sligo, be it rubbish bins, public areas, gardens of private properties, car parks; we even searched the local dump in the hope that we might have been able to find some of his property that would help us to identify who he actually was.”. The family appealed for privacy and the specifics have never been released, at their request. His body was found on the beach at dawn on the morning of June 16, 2009. In September of 2001, a 25-year-old man checked into a motel in a village in rural Washington, using the pseudonym Lyle Stevik. People go missing all the time, for all manner of reasons. Have you taken a DNA test? For the last year or so I have spent much of my working life covering cases of missing people in the UK and further afield. He had tried to cover his identity so thoroughly that it would never be discovered. The shuffling, scrupulously-careful figure had left the hotel each day armed with his purple plastic bag, full, and returned with it empty. A young couple passed him and said hello at 10:30 pm that night and he responded with a nod of his head. For every Peter Bergmann who grabs attention and headlines, there is a case like that of the male skull that was recovered at sea in February of 2006. In September 2019 I met Treasa Nealon, writer of A Dream of Dying—a play telling the Bergmann story in reverse, which kickstarted my fascination with the case over three years ago. This article originally appeared on VICE UK. If he didn’t, we would’ve picked up where he was disposing of the clothing. Tosh is a vocal advocate for the missing and has his own thoughts on Peter Bergmann. "When something new comes up, or someone credible comes forward, then we will move the mouse and it will spring back into action.". of [father unknown] and [mother unknown] ... DNA No known carriers of Anders's DNA have taken a DNA test. Genealogy for Peter Bergmann (1887 - 1887) family tree on Geni, with over 190 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. Just one grandparent can lead you to many "I liken it to a computer that has gone into 'sleep mode,'" he said. He didn’t mix with people.”. Peter is 17 degrees from George Washington, 22 degrees from John Adams, 20 degrees from Abraham Lincoln, 22 degrees from Calvin Coolidge, 20 degrees from Harry Truman, 22 degrees from Dwight Eisenhower, 25 degrees from John Kennedy, 24 degrees from Ronald Reagan, 18 degrees from George Bush and 23 degrees from Sondra Marshall on our single family tree. "They arrive to us and we deal with them. Become a Friend of IrishCentral - help us to continue bringing Ireland to you, Coronavirus live updates: Ten deaths reported between NI and RoI today, Making the dead welcome - All Souls’ Day in Ireland, Bobby Kennedy killed Marilyn Monroe claims ex-boyfriend, Godfather actor, A Mammy’s recipe for traditional Irish egg salad sandwiches, On This Day: Pro-slavery advocate John Mitchel is born in Derry, Derry woman who battled coronavirus shares heartfelt plea, Eve Hewson reaches a career best in 'The True Adventures Of Wolfboy'. Though he hadn’t spoken to anyone on the beach, a couple of people he’d crossed paths with have spoken in the documentary about their impressions of Peter Bergmann – that he definitely stood out in his black, professional clothing, and that he was pacing around, seemingly in another world. Where he came from or what he hoped to achieve is a mystery – what we do know is that he went to tremendous lengths to erase all proof of his existence before dying on a beach at Rosses Point, Co. Sligo. Peter Bergmann, the man who transformed himself into a ghost, is a threat to our expectations of what a missing persons case is supposed to look like. If not, see our friends at Ancestry DNA. On Sunday, in the early afternoon, he left the hotel for the town's only taxi rank and asked to be taken to a quiet beach, where he could swim. The sky was heavy, but the rain was light enough. WIKITREE HOME   |   ABOUT   |   G2G FORUM   |   HELP   |   SEARCH. I wanted to start there, just as Bergmann had, but I couldn't say exactly why. It was his body that drew attention. An investigator said, “The clothing that was on the deceased body – he had removed each individual label from those clothes. He took a circuitous route to the bus station; at one point he stopped in the doorway of a shopping precinct and waited, poised like a man about to turn back. If so, login to add it. Maybe he thought no one would care, I don't know.". And he was walking parallel to the water with his bare feet, he was ankle deep in the water, and he just seemed to be kind of stooped with his hands behind his back, as if he was in another world. Win a subscription to Ireland of the Welcomes for the holidays! Before my second visit to Sligo I'd spoken with Tosh Lavery, an ex-Garda who'd spent 30 years in the Sub-Aqua unit, investigating some of Ireland's most infamous murders and missing persons cases. But Peter Bergmann does not stand alone; his story made me think of another 21st century case that had gripped the frenzied attention of online sleuths and baffled law enforcement. "But creating the backstory for him painted a picture for me, at least. "Even if we find the person and get to the bottom of their story, it doesn’t mean that it makes up for all the ambiguity that people have had to live through.". The beginning of this story is the earliest known point of the man's journey: Derry, in northern Ireland, where he boarded a mid-afternoon bus over the border to Sligo. If not, see our friends at Ancestry DNA. And in some cases we never find the person.". Login to find your connection. After his death it became clear that there was no such person as Peter Bergmann who fit his description or age anywhere in Europe, America or South America. His only footprints are recorded in the haunting CCTV footage from cameras in and around Sligo City Hotel, where he had checked in for three nights under the name “Peter Bergmann.”. They have conducted searches and chased down leads, no matter how far-fetched. The skull had been in the water for less than a year. Mulderrig talked with precision, and politely corrected me when I asked if he was fascinated with Peter Bergmann. Basics. But that is no excuse to neglect those who remain lodged out of sight. Each morning for three days the man left his hotel with a purple plastic bag to return empty handed; it is clear now that he had been disposing of his clothing and possessions little by little, none of which were ever found during the detailed investigation after his death. And got back into the taxi and returned back into Sligo itself. We know that he chose it all, from his pseudonym to the place and time of his death. "We don't get fascinated in cases," he said. Peter Bergmann's last days were pieced together by trawling through Sligo's CCTV network. Three days later, after a quiet weekend spent largely alone, the man was dead—his passing the first act of a mystery that has now baffled and compelled police forces, journalists, film-makers, and internet sleuths for over a decade. By signing up to the VICE newsletter you agree to receive electronic communications from VICE that may sometimes include advertisements or sponsored content. The teenage runaway comes home, the vulnerable adult is located, things return to what they were before. On a Saturday afternoon in September 2019 I met with Detective Inspector Ray Mulderrig at Sligo Garda station. If you want a scenic place to die, you're spoilt for choice across the west coast of Ireland, or even Scotland for that matter. It was battered and wrecked. But despite the ongoing interest—buoyed by a recent Irish Times podcast about the case—Ray Mulderrig told me that no one has ever come forward with anything truly convincing. Estimates placed him as between 25 and 45 when he died, and likely of North African descent. On arrival, Bergmann got out, surveyed the vast blue expanse and seemed satisfied with the choice. He wasn't trying to hide himself. And what was it that I even hoped to find? It quickly became apparent that there was something strange about Peter Bergmann.