Start again at the Pimisi Bay Picnic Area, but this time paddle west upstream for just over a kilometre—here you’ll find yourself at the bottom of Talon Chutes. Be sure to add this scenic canoe trip to your bucket list. The Paresseux Portage was of comparable length and followed along a well worn trail to just below the base of the falls. East on Mattawa River This is the most direct route and was the route used during the era of the fur trade in years gone by. Normally the route from here would be to head east down the south shore of Lake Nippissing towards North Bay. North Bay 18 is under control at 1 hectare and is located north of the Mattawa River northeast of Paresseux Falls. Should you wish to enjoy a Mattawa River canoe trip with a bit more luxury, you may want to look into booking campsites at a few different campgrounds located along the Mattawa River. P 150 m R (Portage des Roches) The Mattawa was an important link in the commercial trade network that eventually extended across the continent. These guided tours will take you back in time as you paddle a 30-foot-long replica voyageur canoe. Both of my campsites along the Mattawa were on islands, the first on a decent sized, hardwood covered island on Talon Lake beside a centuries old firepit, the second on a much smaller island just down river from Paresseux Falls. For updates on highway closures, check Ontario511 or @OPPCommunicationsNER on Twitter, and Ontario Provincial Police-Northeast Region on Facebook. As far back as 1761, Alexander Henry the elder reported on this cave and the myths surrounding it. Some older maps may still show the Tortue Rapids but these were blasted and no longer present. [1] It is a non-operating park, meaning there are no visitor facilities and services. The route from Pimisi Bay to Talon Chutes and back makes for another great little trip, which can be completed in less than an hour. Take "The Canadian" into the backcountry. If you continue paddling a few more kilometres downstream, you’ll reach The Gut—somewhat of an inlet on the Mattawa River. But the historic canoe route bypasses this section by going to Lake Talon through Pine Lake, via Portage de la Mauvaise Musique and Portage Pin de Musique. There are three tours to choose from: the one-hour Family Tour on Moore Lake, the 1.5-hour Mattawa River Tour, and the three-hour Talon Chutes Tour. Stay nearby: never leave it unattended. Kiosk Access Point and Campground - Algonquin Provincial Park, Mattawa River Resort and Cardinal Restaurant. The Mattawa River is a river in central Ontario, Canada.It flows east from Trout Lake east of North Bay and enters the Ottawa River at the town of Mattawa.Counting from the head of Trout Lake, it is 76 km in length. The Voyageur Heritage Centre in Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park offers exhibits and interpretive programs. Here, after unloading the canoe and setting up my portage cart, I had a 5 kilometre portage, right through the streets of North Bay and up to Trout Lake, the start of the Mattawa River. The forest fire hazard ranges from low to high across the region, with the areas of most concern situated in the central and eastern portions of the region. By using this site, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as described in this, Broadback River (James Bay Highway to Waskaganish), 4 lake chain (Krooked, Sakwite, Crackshot, Whitewater). As its name suggests, there used to be a log chute around the waterfall. All Rights Reserved. Yesterday’s paddle ended in darkness as I finished off my upriver jaunt on the French River and set up camp in the dark on a small island close to the river’s outflow. Paresseux Falls (also known as Lazy Falls) is the highlight of the Gorge. [3], The Mattawa River had been used by native peoples as an important transportation corridor for many centuries. The river formed a vital link in the fur trade route. In addition to a few minor rapids, there were two notable waterfalls along the Mattawa, Talon Falls and Paresseux Falls. If you want to shorten your trip or avoid the larger lakes and motorboats along the west half of the river, a great access point to start at is Blanchard’s Landing, located just north of Rutherglen and reachable off Highway 17 via Talon Lake road.