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Andy, Electric Dream Machine – Felt ZW5. The story of how she got her name is here: !” Then there’s Precious. I don’t talk to them as a group, often. James R. The Radish – 70s Motobecane 10-speed. : ). BDM short for Bike Dork Magnet- VanDessel Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Enjoy, and if you have a name to add please do so in the comments. Sexy Baby came with me to the 6 days Bike Virginia Tour this past June. Esmerelda – 2010 Raleigh Venture 3.0. Originally named for how it handles with a 60 pound load, it’s kept its name (fondly) for the way it got me across the country. Plus, the Netherlands is solid bikes from one end to the other, so it works. Quick explanations: Riley the custom Enigma: A name to honour the frame designer Mark Reilly but easier to spell. Frankie – Red 80s steel frame with lots of replacement parts including crazy mustache bars with black-and-white zebra tape. I think I made the right decision. I am still saving up for my “Dream Bike” (a 7-speed beach cruiser), which I plan to name “Mercedes.” Mercedes is Latin for “mercy,” which was an ancient appeal to the Roman god Mercury when one’s luck went sour. Pauline – Surly Long Haul Trucker, because the silver screen like smoggy pearl color reminded me of old silent movies like “The Perils of Pauline,” in which the heroine goes on many adventures, as I plan for the bike to do. As in Lord of the Rings, Precious…I ride Precious every day to and from work. . For a very limited run, the Schwinn Krates are back. She’s Precious. The time has come to bring back the classic design everyone knew and loved! Smart, sturdy, light purple, one eyed (headlight) so named after the Futurama character. Amelia — Cannondale Quick 3. Sally H. Doris – Specialized mixte. 16incheswestofpeoria, RocketGirl – Titanium Seven  @LDMay, who also works for NASA), Rollie – ’75 Raleigh Sprite, the bike that launched my bike-wrenching obsession. @WilyMouse. Sammy – Specialized Camber, it’s red and it rocks With an aesthetic descended from drag racers and rocket ships, the Orange Krate oozes more vintage flare than your favorite retro binge watch. Just wait until you try the floating, super cushioned ride of this unique 5-speed Stik-Shift model. Rear disc brake on 5-speed models. @kfront, The Tank – Specialized Sirrus. Anthoney W Moore says. "Full-FLoating" bucket style saddle with racing stripes, strut and seat post with spring suspension, "MAG" Orange Mountain Bikes Limited is a bicycle manufacturer, based in Halifax, West Yorkshire in the UK. Schwinn Krates were made between 1968 and 1973.

Laura, Betty – Electra Cruiser. Wow, Clover! Surly Disc Trucker, dark green.

Rootchopper, Birte – Koga  Named after the person who signed off on the QC tag checklist…but I just call it, My Traveller. The Black Cat – Specialized Sirrus 1.0 name after The greatest of all time. All prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Named such due to its pearl white color, and also my penchant for singing the Jaws theme as we overtake an unsuspecting half-bike. I saw that on the list. The Mechanic’s Cannondale road bike is bright yellow, and named Blitzen, German for lightening. A whole new world of cycling thrills can be yours when you blast off and move out aboard the flashiest Named after one of the workhorses in Animal Farm for color, dependability and ability to haul lots of stuff. “Taxman Craig” (or simply “Craig”) – Shogun Ninja I bought off Craigslist the very day I received my tax return. I will update the post accordingly. They couldn’t believe it! ), My Trek Marlin 5 2020 Matt black – used for short weekend rides is called Black Betty How to determine the collector value of Schwinn Bikes. Last Name . ( Log Out /  I gave this pretty little lady the name Dream Boat Annie I sold my car that I bought used and wanted to have something brand new. When riding gnar, My Sweet will make you scream “SCHWEEET! Named Pilot Vanishing Point (a certain type of fountain pen), after the lugwork. Named to note its substantial weight and steel-like qualities, but in truth rarely use the term. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Well, it’s official, that I have too many bikes, most of which have names: My commuter is the tortoise. Due to their enourmous success, more models were introduced and some amazing accessories were added every year. Sally H. Liesl – 1950s Puch Rugby Sport. Full floating ride with shock absorbing saddle and front fork, 5-speed gears, bucket seat, front drum brake. Michael L. Silver Bullet – anodized silver Santana Sovereign.

I’m going to have to rectify that now. 2007 cannondale supersix: speedy Violet the red Specialized got her name because the first road bike I test rode was purple, and the name stuck. Casper the Little White Moulton – Moulton. Christopher T. The Beast – Specialized Crossroads Sport (very heavy)
. LisaEmms, My Dumpster Bike – rando/commute bike. super sexy & unique frame design buffered rear slik tire, shock absorbing saddle struts, front aluminum drum brake on 5-speed models, shock absorbing front fork... !” as I passed 45 miles per hour fully loaded on Big Savage Mountain. Precious feels like a part of my anatomy, that’s how close we are. TheAirgonaut, Idéefixe – Bianchi San Jose, a fixed-gear. My mountain bike-to-be will be the Sopwith Camel, and painted accordingly. @ricksva, Jealousy, the Green Dragon – Lemond Ventoux, repainted British racing green.

Leela. Christie says. The Coal Krate was a popular mythical bike (Schwinn never actually released a Coal Krate in the 1960s but many people customized their bikes to be black).

2020 all carbon fiber monocoque frame with a high gloss finish so the carbon shows through on its entirety. I was looking for a bike name something then park is a discontinuing bike with a horse frame .

just happened across it while looking for inspiration naming a recent acquisition. This page lists notable bicycle brands and manufacturing companies past and present. The Schwinn Krate was made from 1968 to 1973. Meow? I don’t have a car and I hurt my hip last fall and am getting very tired of Nakamura Phenom – Eleanor

suspension front fork. Lucy the Brompton – all my Bromptons are named after characters from Peanuts. Also, a bike I believe I have met… you rode it on the 2011 PBP, no? If it's a bike "muscle"...with breathtaking starts and jet-age performance you want here it is! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. April 25, 2020 at 9:55 pm. Please help to establish notability by citing, Learn how and when to remove these template messages, notability guidelines for companies and organizations, Learn how and when to remove this template message, English Company No. All the ladies cheered that I must tell their names and stories. Want to add your bike names into the post, but was not sure…. Named after Frankenstein, but androgynous. lil bleu misses gay paree. I’ve never actually named a bike before. Repo in honor of letting my car get repossessed so I could buy a bike. That is it! Steve Bauer Sirocco – Steve The story of how she got her name is here. Frankie. Apparently there really are reddish violets. My better half likes to name his bikes, but only two of them really get their names used regularly. So named because I yelled “Whoa Nellie! This is the revolutionary Schwinn Sting-Ray design available with gears, full floating ride, and everything you've ever wanted in a bike. Paul W. says. What kind of bike are you riding? I ♥ Schwinn, but this website is not affiliated with Schwinn. My homework is to update this post with all the names people have submitted. Trek Farley: Little Fatty (my husband’s is Big Fatty– not very original). Take the bike rather than the car, any day. famous Schwinn quality. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised, actually. And of course the end of this beautiful song….HEADONG PUT TO SOMEWHERE. 1995 cannondale superV900: ole red Skinny Raven – Black 2016 Quintana Roo Tri bike My brevet bike is the only one that has a name. My two bikes are named the tortoise and the hare. Added. the color I wanted. Trek Y-26 – Margarita

“Taxman Craig” ( or simply “Craig”) shogun ninja I bought off craigslist the very day I received my tax return. It is a cobalt blue Schwinn adult tricycle. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Favorite Bike Rides Near Washington, D.C.,,, They are Daisy, his commuter, and Molly Stark, his custom brevet bike, named after a park in Vermont that just has a cool name. Because it’s light and quick. Leela – Takara Tribute, 80s steel frame. Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. Ooh, just had to add.. my dad had a bike named Rosinante at one point. True love, my commuter! my other named bikes are as follows; Named for Beatrix Potter, a strong and gifted writer, as well as an amazing human! What type of bike is each one? Captain half is Tropical Gail; stoker half is Storm. Come n Annie! 2010 cannondale F5: demon My Cannondale Synapse road bike is Donnerwetter, German for “thunder,” because he’s matte black. bucket style saddle with rally stripes, chrome plated fenders, patented spring Strut, "MAG" sprocket, rear caliper brake Please visit the Official Schwinn website. She even has a woven basket. to believe it. April 19, 2020 at 11:29 am. Schwinn 16" x 1 3/4" middleweight front tire and 20" x 2.125" Slik rear tire. Scroll down to see how Schwinn represented these bikes in their catalogs for each year.

Revel in throwback glory with this Krate in pristine purple. @jerdlngr. demon looks slow but don’t mess with him. Diamond Girl – my Scott CR1, very fast and lightweight road bike. Such a good name! Christopher T. Greased Lightning – Jamis Ventura Race.

Archie, short for Archaeopteryx – Blue 1974 Raleigh Professional set up as a fixed gear. Mongo: Surly Big Dummy Tim, Tropical Gail and Storm – 2008 Cannondale road tandem. Takara Tribute, 80s steel frame. Named after the BMW satNav system, Drive On Roads Intelligent System. … and large aluminum drum brake. They were without question the coolest bike on the block. , My Cervelo P5’s name is “OathKeeper”, as I (drunkingly at a bar) promised a buddy that I would do an Ironman race with him, bought the bike and trained with it, and she got me all the way to the finish line! Orange produces a wide range of mountain bikes, ranging from the full-suspension downhill 224 to the steel hardtail P7. Orange Mountain Bikes Limited is a bicycle manufacturer, based in Halifax, West Yorkshire in the UK. Coffeeneuring Results 2019: and Last Weekend to Start 2020 Coffeeneuring! Iron Rider. That bike naming post received great comments about people’s processes for naming bikes as well as their bikes’ names. The name 'Orange' is derived from all-round range.

James R. Violet – Specialized road bike. @josephlrc. Emily O’B Retrospec Amok 16 – Rocinante (aka Veronica).

This article relates to pedal cycles. Liberty Grace: A Del Sol LXI 7.1 with orange frame and white Kenda tires. Escape into Fall: Northern Virginia Randonneurs 400K, Coffeeneuring Challenge: One Good Thing Final Preparations, Favorite D.C. Coffeeneuring Rides and Locales. The 2020 Grape Krate. James R. The Fixie – Raleigh Super Course. Looking for new Schwinn bikes? Laura. Sage green 2004 Surly LHT: Huckleberry pencilfox, Bridget – 2010 Surly Cross Check. My road bike and mountain bike are unnamed. I might call her Mighty Mouse after the superhero on whom I had a giant crush when I was a child, or I might call her Brunnhilde after Wagner’s heroine in the Ring of the Niebelungen (flight of the Valkyries etc. The bike frame is carbon, just like a diamond.