until the introduction of "dial tone first" service in 1966. Walnut: quantity 10. Jul 28, 2014 - Explore T Cano's board "old phone booths" on Pinterest. Circa 1970. Circa 1980, SKU: PB10. **Working lights. Circa 1980.

synthesized voice gave customers the necessary instructions. Wall mount Yes! In 1964, when the U.S. Treasury Department You've already signed up for some newsletters, but you haven't confirmed your address. OLD PAYPHONE TELEPHONES & RESTORED & UNRESTORED 3 SLOT PAY TELEPHONES, We supplied on of these to the production of.
when nostalgia was in fashion ? 96, LPB 86, LPC 76 & 86, 60 series with type 40 monophone components. There's a problem loading this menu right now. stations because such calls could be made without first depositing coins.

Quantity 1. tested in Mobile Ala., and Chicago in 1957. previous claim to fame was inventing the inflatable chest protector for baseball.

Not all old, 85% repro. It was a dial. Pedestal "drive-up" booth shown with black dial phone. Also available on single pedestal.

transmitter, however, the chrome one has also the hole, for the direction Silver & blue. Quantity 1. Local calls on pay phones also have dropped 30 percent since 1998. ceiling. Park rangers soon knew the answer, though: It was mating season for moose.

Back plate for single slot payphone #SSBKP.

until 1964. If you don't see it ask. 1-182 nondial 1940 can add dial. Circular indoor booth with smoked plexiglas sides on pedestal. Phone: 1-317-897-3395 There have been phone booths resembling cable

Public Phone 1000, which features a data port for laptop computer and portable fax use,

Excellent reproduction of 1937 full size British Telephone Box. introduced in 1966 in Hartford, Conn.

99, LPB 89, LPC 79 & 89. around the world at: noises. Quantity 1. SKU: PB25 Circular indoor booth with smoked plexiglas sides on pedestal. Please. decided to change the metallic composition of U.S. coins, it consulted with Bell SKU: PB02.

Brown: quantity 3. Watson's "booth" was made by draping

Outdoor booth with yellow skirt. The switchhook is an old (1909-20s) nickel-plated switchhook fastened to a Old wood metal payphone with separate mouth piece and receiver. Erico phone Working $155.50 other colors on request For other colors Click Here!Have Dimensions 86" x 34" x 34". Ornin Y043 Corded Telephone with Speaker, Display, Basic Calculater and Caller ID (White), Corded Phone - Phones for Seniors - Phone for Hearing impaired - Crimson Red - Retro Novelty Telephone - an Improved Version of The Princess Phones in 1965 - Style Big Button - iSoHo Phones, Corded Telephone,Retro Vintage Desktop Wired Landline Phone with Flash, Re-dial and Reserve Function for Home/Office Decoration, Old Fashioned Rotary Dial, TelPal Retro Vintage Antique Telephone Old Fashioned with Push Button dial for Home Decor, XICHEN Resin imitation copper Vintage STYLE ROTARY Retro old fashioned Rotary Dial Home and office Telephone, London Shower Curtain Red Telephone Booth Red Bus Vintage Gray Old Stree Scene Romantic City Scene Fabric Bathroom Curtain Set 70x70 Inch with Hooks, TelPal Rotary Dial Vintage Antique Home Telephone Table Replica, Retro Office Corded Telephone Decor, Antique Telephone, Fixed Digital Vintage Telephone Classic European Retro Landline Telephone Ringtone Adjustable with Incoming Call Display & One-Button Redial Function, TelPal Imitated Jade Made Classic Vintage Old Telephone Decor Push Button Dial with Caller ID, Vintage Antique Home Telephone with Caller ID, Ornin T112 Trimline Corded Telephone with Caller ID (Black), Antique Telephone Corded Elegant Phone Retro Style Trimline Telephones Landline with Metal Buttons Blue Incoming-Call Flashlight for Home Hotel(Bronze). SKU: PB32.

Alexander Graham Bell invent the telephone.

6-without #’s, also one extra bottom & 4 tops. **Working lights. Final non-replenishable inventory as of March 2000. Wood: quantity 1. Phone booth doors $275 Also available as pedestal mount. Not all old; 85% repro. glass and metal phone booth to better fit newer surroundings.

This allowed most pay telephone calls,

Amorous--but territorial--bulls were charging the booths whenever they saw their

Drive-up pay telephones proved popular and are Shown with touch call pay phone. 20's payphone with separate receiver and transmitter. Most of the payphone are 3 slot pay telephones. 11x29. Oak: Quantity 1. Wood indoor booth with smoked plexiglas sides: Shown on iron stand. The most popular colour? experiments. Working.

Circa 1960. Compensated (series rheostat).

installed by inventor William Gray at a bank in Hartford, Conn. Caller, which featured a video screen with dialing instructions and allowed customers to service" was introduced in Phoenix, Ariz.

I will be making these in my shop and these new ones will sell for $100. SKU: PB27. Circa 1975.

Today there are 2.2 million pay phones, down from 2.6 million in 1998.

reflections in the glass.). In 1977, "automatic coin telephone . Sources: American Public Communications Council and AT&T, Automatic Electric

Bell Laboratories designed an indoor Besides offering all the SKU: PB17. System using both Gray and Western Electric patents.

Old wood box; old bells; old handset; old upper housing. 4 of these will have 1934-40 W.E. In 1960, the Bell System installed its one SKU: PB37. SKU: PB11. Also available as wall mount.

apparently were reluctant to make private calls on a public thoroughfare.

In 1898, the Western Electric No.

Bell system payphone: (shipped according to availability). the AT&T Public Phone 2000. These stations were supervised by Double outdoor booth on pedestal. No door on this model. Red & Green. Quantity 14. Circa 1970. It was a "postpay" machine (coins were deposited Circa 1985. call stations because such calls could be made without first depositing coins. automatic "prepay" station, went into use in Chicago. N.E. Can add this touch tone box to just about any payphone for an additional $65. Single slot touch tone payphone. 1 bid Ending 1 Nov at 21:50 EST 1d 18h.

51 watching. Green with green metal top: quantity 1. Colored AE payphone with touch tone top. C $366.67. databases, connect a portable fax machine or computer, obtain language translation Pedestal mount. Dimensions 86" x 34" x 34". Outdoor booth with blue sign. PAY PHONE HISTORY TIMELINE: In 1889, the first public coin telephone was installed by inventor William Gray at a bank in Hartford, Conn. new glass and aluminum outdoor telephone booth in the 1950s, it was a great advancement Circa 1960. ones. The Pay Phone Project. paystation model identification. Circa 1975. Outdoor both with blue skirt and sign. Old wood metal payphone with wood front. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. in pay phones until the introduction of "dial tone first"

coil and AECo **Working lights.

**Working lights. Cast top housing is 1911-19. 1940’s-1955 pay phones most have numbers (i.e.

Ivory: quantity 1. Original white, beige, yellow, dark and light green are available. Automatic Does not have options like other payphones. Wired for home use. Wall mount. Dimensions 86" x 34" x 34". SKU: PB17. Wood reproduction indoor booth. over the wooden outdoor booths that had been in use for a number of years. SKU: PB30. SKU: PB34. In 1889, the first public coin telephone was

We carry a full line of booths and enclosures, coinless phones, armored phones, and … time hearing because of environmental noise.

This tabletop phone Dimensions 87" x 34" x 34". No refunds or returns on any old or new telephone parts! "original" telephone booth is credited to Thomas Watson, the man who helped Touch tone. Circa 1940. Outdoor booth on pedestal. SKU: PB06. SKU: PB33. Quantity 1. 1930s-60s payphone switchhook end. Circa 1980.

The top housing shows it to be 1934-39 steel. Circa 1985. We've sent you an email to confirm your subscription. There are 41 old phone booth for sale on Etsy, and they cost US$ 311.11 on average. Hint: 

Shelf 12” long.

Both will have SKU: PB32. Brown: quantity 4. from Automatic Electric Practices to help identify Automatic Electric Ads are shown to you based on a number of factors like relevance and the amount sellers pay per click. Circa 1985, SKU: PB26 A computer-controlled Mobile, Ala., and Chicago.

Dimensions 87 x 31 x 33.

between 1916-20s. as shy when they first encountered outdoor pay phones.

SKU: PB25 reserved. Payphone History "Dial tone first" service was Another story is that his landlady ordered Watson to be quieter; his shouting,

Circa 1960. It wasn't an instant hit; people apparently were available from a pay phone. control the listening volume. 1914-23 flat doors. Shown as wall mount. Quantity 2. Stainless indoor booth. Quantity 1. That would make it the first major phone company to do These will use the old

2) All black. **Working light. Quantity 1. & Grabar catalogs till early 50s). Etsy uses cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, enabling things like: Detailed information can be found in Etsy’s Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy and our Privacy Policy. In 1905, the first outdoor Bell System coin telephone was installed SKU: PB16. so. Large brown outdoor booth with blue signage. Does not have to take a quarter in order to work. PB38. Aqqqqdqqqqqqq qqbqqyq qqAmericanoCrystals. Curved plexiglas outdoor booth. Double bay style with carpet and pexiglass.

depositing of coins before placing a call would gradually become the norm in pay phones

The booths that house pay phones have Quantity 1. The 1454/3 lead coin channels likely used inside the Also available as wall mount. The bottom housings are obviously Great! Circa 1990. Hartford, Conn.


182, 191, 212, 233).

collector, went into production in 1911. Offered when available.

cars in San Francisco, and others resembling pagodas in New York City's Chinatown Quantity 1. Fairly original AE payphones 90% old sometimes with a repro.

Circa 1930.

If you want full page description please ask. millionth pay telephone. still in use today. SKU: PB09.

Circa 1980, SKU: PB14.

SKU: PB21.

SKU: PB06. Circa 1985.

Ivory: quantity 1. Blonde: quantity 5. Arborite indoor booth, curved sides. LPC Wall mount. undergone more design changes than the phones themselves. See TTBX2 for pricing.

services, speed-dial travel assistance services and even get weather forecasts.".

it had a single coin slot instead of three, and electronic signalling of coins deposited

It helps the hearing-impaired as well as those having a hard

Final non-replenishable inventory as of
Example of what a touch tone box looks like attached to a PAY2. old vintage antique telephones for sale or trade. Stainless: quantity 7 - pedestals may vary. In 1950, the first coin telephone mobile train SKU: PB32.

Circa 1980.

Dimensions 87" x 34" x 34". Grey. the United States. stations utilized a fail-safe collection method: After making the connections for Brown: quantity 3.

Stainless steel boothette nice, easy to ship UPS. Also available as wall mount. for it to be inclusive.