You’re in luck if you’re visiting our thrilling West Virginia paradise during the colorful, six-week Fall Gauley season because the Lower Gauley River is the ideal whitewater rafting trip for first-timers searching for the most…, CONCHO RD Lake level information is provided by Northbrook Energy for Lake Summit. Known as the Beast of the East, the Upper Gauley is hard-hitting, pulse-pounding whitewater. For our fishing friends, the following Gauley releases of 750 cfs will be provided Oct 1st-31st, all day excluding Oct 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 17th and 18th. Boulder City, NV 89005 Please consider these flows a best guess until a better system with Northbrook can be organized. 1.800. Current USGS Flows Salmon River Salmon River, Pineville North Branch Salmon River, Redfield ; Spey Doctor Home. If high adventure is your thing, try out our Team Extreme Rafting or Ducky trip, where you’ll get to raft the rivers with the best, most extreme flow on the day that you’re rafting. Don't get greedy. Automated* Lower Colorado River Operations Schedule Releases from Davis dam may vary from between a 1-unit flow (4,200 cfs) to a 5-unit flow (23,000 cfs). Stay for a Gauley Weekend in one of our deluxe cabins, or opt to rough it at our Mountain Top Campground. ACE features live music on Gauley weekends at The Lost Paddle Bar and Grill, where you’ll find craft drinks and brews and American classic Cusine. Lake Levels and Generation Schedules for Tennessee Dams. For 6 weekends in September and October, rafters from around the world visit to take on the Gauley River. This schedule is subject to change at any time due to changing electrical demand, weather conditions and lake levels. With the 2020 Gauley Season release dates just announced, now is the time to start planning for your adventure to West Virginia and the Gauley River. It’s so good, it’s consistently ranked among the top rafting trips in the world. Access to flow data since the sale of the dam from Duke Power to Northbrook Energy has been unreliable. This class V stretch of river is much calmer than her older sister, but her beauty is unparalleled. Most of the dams on the river report their daily release forecasts through Waterline, an online and phone-based release reporting system: Somerset Dam Class II section below the dam at a spill of 150 cfs. Blue Ridge Dam - Release Schedule. Searsburg Dam Class III section below the dam at a spill of 800 cfs. For U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Operated Reservoirs; For Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Operated Reservoirs And don’t forget  to join us for Bridge Day for amazing views of this event from the river on Oct 17th, 2020. Learn more here…. Don’t miss Gauley Fest 2020 scheduled for Sep 17th-20th of this year! If you’re visiting during the summer, check out one of our other amazing rafting trips, like the Upper or Lower New River. the TMDL is the dam release DO meeting a 5 mg/l daily average and 4 mg/l minimum values. Phone: 702-293-8373. When she’s not writing about how amazing West Virginia is, you can find her climbing, hiking, and playing in the New River Gorge with her 7-year-old son Holden and two puppers, Zelda and Newton. Use caution near dams. Users are cautioned to carefully consider the provisional nature of the information before using it for decisions that concern personal or public safety or the conduct of business that involves substantial monetary or operational consequences. These sections are typically each run separately as a full day trip, although you can raft the entire 26 mile Upper and Lower Gauley together as a Marathon Trip. Your safety depends on obeying all posted safety regulations and warnings. • Nottely River downstream Lake Nottely, the designated use is recreation and the TMDL is the dam release DO meeting a 5 mg/l daily average and 4 mg/l minimum values. The fall is an ideal time to zipline above the trees on our zipline course, where you can see views of the New River Gorge. The Army Corp of Engineers has provided an extra hour of Gauley River release during the festival that is scheduled for Sep 19th-21st. While you’re visiting, make sure to check out some of our other amazing adventures! While the Upper Gauley gets all the fame, The Lower Gauley is not to be forgotten. River flows and release schedule for the Tuxedo Hydro Station in Saluda, North Carolina. Releases from Parker dam may vary from between a 1/2-unit flow (1,800 cfs) to a 4-unit flow (19,000 cfs). The link is updated hourly with our most recent operations data and operational projections. Or, climb the world-famous sandstone cliffs of the region on a rock-climbing trip. During the Tuxedo maintenance period, the following correlation may be useful. Observed water levels also are updated periodically throughout the day. Water release schedules often change without notice due to unanticipated changes in weather conditions and power system requirements. Plus… Don’t miss Gauley Fest 2020 scheduled for Sep 17th-20th of this year! Gauley Season is the magical time of year when the dam at Summersville Lake is released, creating guaranteed flow on the Gauley River. Flow data directly from Northbrook can be accessed, A large amount of water may be discharged without warning at any time. Chelsea was born and raised in Southern West Virginia and enjoys sharing her love of the Mountain State with everybody she can. This schedule is subject to change at any time due to changing electrical demand, weather conditions and lake levels. Water release schedules are updated periodically throughout the day. We haven’t been this excited about Gauley Season since last Gauley Season! OAK Hill, WV 25901 Data last updated Tue 11/3 at 09:45:15 AM. Chelsea began her career at ACE as a zipline guide, and after earning her degree in Journalism from West Virginia University, moved to the marketing department where she filled the role of Social Media Coordinator.