Missing in this segment are series regulars Mary Gordon (Mrs. Hudson) and Dennis Hoey (Inspector Lestrade). Holmes was suspicious of the plane flight and so, along with the prince, he hid aboard the S.S. Friesland instead. Both are looking to get away to Scotland for a little rest and relaxation, but they get a curious call for help from the Prime Minister of some Balkan country where the king has died. DOROTHY KELLOGG Good recording of this irish classic. Woodbury the singer, two men who whisper conspiratorially, and Miss Agatha Dunham, an Now that we know the other passengers are no threat to the young king, He impersonates Watson and the prince lets him and his accomplices into the room. The film ends with Holmes and Watson chatting underneath the porthole in their cabin, with Holmes advising Watson to never even think about becoming an actor…. Holmes plays shuffleboard—far from riveting stuff! "Enjoyable" say others. Bruce sang briefly in two of his films; singing several traditional tunes in Jalna and "Loch Lomond" in the Sherlock Holmes installment Pursuit to Algiers. There is nowhere near enough Holmes either, while Bruce does carry the film very well you do wish that Rathbone was there more to make it feel like a Holmes mystery, because it didn't feel like that a lot of the time. The villains are reasonably well characterised but not menacing enough and don't really have that much to do, and Leslie Vincent is rather weak and uncharismatic in his role. Ravez Holmes can't place him. Pursuit to Algiers is set upon the high seas, with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson escorting the King of Rovenia to his homeland, wherever that might be. At that meeting, the Prime Minister of a fictitious Balkan country, one whose king has been murdered (though this fact has not been made public), hires the famous consulting detective to safeguard the nation's young prince as he heads home from his school in England to his homeland for a now-vital coronation ceremony. Leonard Lee wrote the first of two Holmes screenplays for this, the tenth in Universal's Sherlock Holmes series. Gubec and Mirko have taken Nikolas, and left Sherlock Holmes bound and None of the Rathbone-Bruce Holmes films hews too closely to the Conan Doyle originals. In conclusion, far from a must avoid but disappointing, personally it was the weakest of the series and really does not see Holmes at his best. Everyone on the ship is a red herring in this story, looking Lockdown-breakers dispersed from Scotland's hotspot, Loch Lomond This article is more than 4 months old Police dealt with nearly 190 people at … body of a king" (a mummy). But remember! In the lounge, when Sherlock Holmes is introduced to Miss Woodbury, she looks shocked, and leaves Early the next day, the steward serves them all tea in Holmes' cabin whilst Nikolas has coffee, which Watson luckily spots to be curdling the milk. Politicians and police have urged the public to stay away from Loch Lomond after it emerged thousands of people had breached the lockdown around the beauty spot in recent weeks. Click here to listen to Nigel Bruce singing "Loch Lomond." In fact, this is more Watson's film than Holmes', who is absent from the film for a large stretch. by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, makes good use of routine melodramatic While it has its strong points, Pursuit to Algiers is a low point in the latter days of the Universal Holmes series. It’s partly the weather, and also people getting sick of lockdown. When Holmes' plane is shot down Watson fears the worst until he finds that Holmes et al are already on the boat. nephew. when she discovered them in her bag, and is grateful to Holmes when he Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are called upon to help an heir to a European throne. As they reach the safety of Algiers, Holmes sends Watson to fetch the prince's entourage by dinghy, and so Gregor seizes his chance. the ship with the king. Watson sails on the S.S. Friesland, a Swedish African Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce are in good form, and Watson is given a bit more to do than usual, including a song entitled "The Bonnie Banks o'Loch Lomond" that spotlights Nigel Bruce's own fine voice; the retelling over dinner of a Holmes adventure, "The Giant Rat of Sumatra;" and a few solo errands of responsibility at Holmes's direction. Loch Lomond (solo) Gallery When Watson and company arrive, they find Holmes trussed up in the cabin but alive and well. Pursuit to Algiers is not a favorite weakest of the series." Every entry in the series is worth watching, and I haven't seen any that I would describe as 'bad'. Watch the trailer for Pursuit to Algiers: Watson reads on the bulletin board that a small grey plane crashed over The Prime Minister Ch Supt John Paterson, the West Dunbartonshire commander, said his officers had also been on patrol 24 hours a day trying to dissuade people from visiting the area. Reviews Reviewer: cylinder.de - favorite - August 2, 2010 Subject: Unauthorized rip from www.cylinder.de . Viewers may remember Morton Lowry (the steward) as Stapleton in The Hound of the Baskervilles. The King has been assassinated already and the Prince is feared to be next. Mysteries set aboard a ship I suggest are notoriously easy to begin and difficult to consummate; this is because it is easy to introduce characters in a claustrophobic setting but notoriously more difficult to arrange for a series of logical events perpetrated by them that is varied, believable and possessed of a wide-enough scope of action. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are strolling along the foggy London streets when they're approached by a man and inveigled into eating at The Soho Oyster House, where Holmes deduces from various cues and clues that they need to make their way to No. Loch Lomond. Most Consider this the Weakest in the Basil Rathbone-Nigel Bruce Series and it Probably is, but that Does Not Mean it is Unwatchable or Worthless. Holmes suspected that With many days left before Algiers, Holmes must outwit the assassins he suspects are onboard. I am afraid you've broken your wrist. OLAF HYTTEN The Prince is the target of numerous assassins attempting to seize control of the country. Bruce Crawford, the Scottish National party MSP for Stirling, and Jackie Baillie, the Labour MSP for the neighbouring Holyrood seat of Dumbarton, said the police had been trying hard to dissuade people from converging on local beauty spots. The men who are out to squelch his efforts are really interesting: a mute thug who uses sign language, a wiry Peter Lorre type with a foreign accent, and a sort of Sydney Greenstreet wannabe. Roy William Neill, who produced and directed the picture under You'll certainly enjoy this series even more if you see them in good quality prints. There's much more variety of location than the typical series entry, and a great deal of humor. “I think the police need to reinforce the message from the Scottish government that people shouldn’t be travelling to Loch Lomond to take their exercise; they should stay away,” Baillie said. One of the final films was this one, PURSUIT TO ALGIERS. the Secret Weapon, that the best place to hide something is in plain Despite planning a fishing and shooting holiday in Scotland, Holmes and Dr Watson are approached to help smuggle the Prince Royal of another country back into his homeland. I wish we'd bought our cat. Born in Ensenada, Baja California, Bruce served in the First World War before making his stage acting debut in 1920 with Why Marry?