However, he is the only band member who actually "knows" what the sound of Dethklok is, whereas the other band members don't mind if a song is on the album which is not the "Dethklok sound". Ironically, Nathan is the only one of the band whose parents aren't abusive or neglective; it may seem that he is simply embarrassed that he is the only death metal musician who is loved by his family, which in his eyes isn't brutal at all. Abigail rejects Pickles and the rest of the band's attempts to hit on her, but ends up hooking up with Nathan in a heated moment when they are left alone in the recording studio. Nathan stubbornly refuses to apologize to Pickles even though Abigail refuses to acknowledge him. However, he changed his opinion when he witnessed Rockzo perform live at a renunion with his old band. Nathan and Abigail kiss passionately. During the time Murderface is making a Christmas special with Knubbler, he's impressed William would actually stay with a project that long until he learns that the event is sponsored by the church and punches Murderface for lying. Nathan and Pickles are the most grounded of the band in terms of personality, and are both described by manager Offdensen as the most "responsible" (though they beg to differ). Damien carried a grudge against him ever since. Due to personal experience and the amount of authority he and Pickles exhibit within Dethklok, the pair has been described by Offdensen as the most responsible. While Nathan has professed his passion for all things brutal and dark, his ability to maintain romantic relationships with women also suggests his desire to love and be loved in all of its form and splendor. He is also a very poor public speaker and has a hard time forming even a complete sentence, which often leads to him giving up. Nathan knew Skwisgaar from the early days of Dethklok and got along with the tall Swede well enough to keep him around as the band's lead guitarist. Nathan is apparently a lead songwriting force in Dethklok (despite Murderface's claims otherwise) and demonstrates specific knowledge of music and songwriting, particularly observable in Cleanso when he mentions "Crosby, Stills and Nash" among other famous names. In the same episode, Nathan's father states that he was happy until Nathan was born, and resents having had to spend his "beer money" on children's clothing. They have a fairly symbiotic relationship and often collaborate on production of their songs; Nathan is responsible for writing the lyrics down, while Skwisgaar takes care of all the guitar and bass arrangements. Nathan suspects his motive for befriending Toki was to kill him out of spite for the band "replacing" him as Dethklok's rhythm guitarist; his suspicions were eventually proven when Magnus betrayed Toki and stabbed him in the back while the Revengencers attacked in Church of the Black Klok, cementing Dethklok's as well as Nathan's hatred for Magnus. In Renovationklok, Nathan was present at the signing of the contract for Dethklok. As of Doomstar Requiem, their friendship seems to be repaired, though Pickles may still harbor some jealousy towards Nathan and Abigail's possible relationship (it could also be said that Pickles simply does not want to think about sad things like his two friends being kidnapped). The band finds themselves lost and hungry on the streets, and Pickles finally snaps and tells Nathan he is still angry at him about destroying the record and for the way he's been leading the band lately, a confrontation which is awkward for everyone. He is also confronted by Lavona, who is knocked unconscious by Toki. After Nathan hooks up with Abigail by pure luck, Pickles' frustration reaches its peak and he angrily announces he will quit the band when Nathan declares that he and Abigail are a couple. While he can drink gallons of it, he gets as drunk as Pickles after drinking tequila and tends to create havoc in a drunken stupor as shown in a flashback in Prankklok. However, no other instances of reading Norwegian has been shown, so it must be a crude understanding. Nathan is plagued by nightmares of an ocean goddess, a massive whale who warns him that there is something wrong with Dethklok's new record, which is soon to be released. In Fanklok, Nathan started dating Trindle, a Dethklok fan, only to break it off when he sees first hand that she has a deranged obsession for anyone resembling him. Nathan is capable of driving a motorcycle, as seen in the opening introduction of every Metalocalypse episode and briefly in Religionklok. It is also notable that it is not uncommon for children with learning issues to drop out of school, as Nathan did, failing to complete their education due to the educational systems failing to ether acknowledge they have an underlining problem or cater for an individuals needs. Pickles also expresses interest in her and challenges Nathan over whom she prefers. She teaches him a lesson by sending him on a no-frills trip to the Middle East, where Nathan and the band experience life without their various helpers and handlers arranging everything for them. Nathan Explosion is a fictional member of the virtual band Metal band Dethklok who are the lead characters in the animated series Metalocalypse.He is voiced by show's creator Brendon Small who also writes the music for the show.. In Dethcamp, he started fearing for Toki's life when he learns they left him alone with Magnus Hammersmith, Dethklok's original rhythm guitarist, at the Rock-a-Rooni Fantasy camp. "That's SO not doable!". At a large dinner ceremony with Dethklok's record executives and distributors, Nathan publicly declares them a couple, shocking Abigail herself and infuriating Pickles, who calls him a "greedy, fat asshole" and quits the band on the spot. They are close friends since the formation of Dethklok and serve as foils for each other; Pickles often tries to counter Nathan's perfectionism by pointing out that constantly re-recording songs just because they weren't "good" enough is damaging financially and socially, as it causes mass suicides if an album is delayed. He is shown to have a dark sense of humor, making many jokes at Murderface's expense. He carries Toki to safety and takes the opportunity to tell him he is worried that Toki has become an alcoholic. Despite his apparent seriousness, Nathan occasionally smiles in some episodes, such as Dethkomedy, especially over something he really likes. Nathan continues to act as a protective figure toward Toki, and takes concern over Toki's preparations to visit a summer camp. If introduced to any sound other than what fits Dethklok, Nathan will completely object to the idea. He is not above having one-night-stands with his willing and enthusiastic fans, but as seen in Girlfriendklok, Fanklok and Doomstar Requiem he is looking for a long term relationship. In Dethgov it is shown that Nathan won the election for class president in the second grade, but said nothing, even as a police chase gone awry kills his teacher and classmates. In the Metalocalypse series, Dethklok is depicted as an extremely popular and successful death metal band, described by their adversaries, the Tribunal, as the \"world's greatest cultural force.\" The band's fan base includes billions of metal fanatics, who frequently endanger themselves to watch the band perform live.The members of Dethklok are often portrayed as incompetent at almost everything not related to their profession. Afterward, Nathan assumes they are in a relationship but Abigail denies this and insists their encounter was a one-time thing. Throughout the series, Nathan's appearances changes: Cannibal Corpse lead singer George Fisher has said in interviews that Nathan is based on him. Nathan also strongly dislikes anything that are associated with Dethklok's fans or "regular jackoffs". Nathan briefly sees a new girlfriend, Trindle, who is very clingy and fanatic about Dethklok in general. This phrase can also be used in the negative, e.g. They often casually converse with each other with no problem, and while the reason why is unknown, they presumably have a respect towards each other's talent and brutality. However in Dethdad he states that he does have a good relation ship with his father, stating they drink together and go hunting and says he would be upset if his father died. In Dethgov it is shown that Nathan won the election for class president in the second grade, but said nothing, even as a police chase gone awry kills his teacher and classmates. Nathan adopts a new catchphrase, "That's doable!" Offdensen orders Dethklok into seclusion in the Dethsub to force them to focus on music, at which point Nathan admits that he has become attracted to Abigail. In the episode Dethfam, Nathan's mother rambles at him incessantly, much to his annoyance. Because Toki is the youngest of the band, Nathan tries to protect him from anything that could potentially put him in danger. Though Nathan didn't like the idea of having a double pose for him at first, he quickly grew attached to his own double by doing fun activities together in the form of "palling around". Just then the band is kidnapped, and Nathan has to write a new song in order to save them, ending his period of writer's block. Meanwhile, he is stalked by a woman named Lavona Succuboso, leader of an extremist group of female fans hoping to abduct Nathan and bear his children. Nathan always speaks in a deep, gravelly voice, even when not singing. Nathan Explosion is the leader, frontman, lead vocalist and "lyrical visionary" of Dethklok. For example, he warned the band against interfering with each other's personal lives when Toki was constantly drunk towards the end of Season 2 and did not like it when his bandmates interfered with his dating attempts in Fertilityklok. When Roy Cornickelson's son, Damien Cornickelson, insulted him and his taste in music, Nathan responded with a violent punch to the face. He is a tall, imposing figure (Skwisgaar is the only one who overcomes him in terms of height) with long jet black hair, black fingernails, pale skin and green eyes. This is a result of a simple way of thinking because of his limited education: he is often is straight to the point on a topic and does not use many complex words. He gives Toki a snowglobe replica of Mordhaus to remind him of home, which Toki carries with him. Pickles once referred to Nathan's caring for the young Norwegian as "overparenting" him, but so far no one has objected to it. Nathan Explosion is the frontman, lead vocalist and "lyrical visionary" of Dethklok. This is partly why Murderface has been around for so long. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Later, he states that the fact that his parents had sex to create him makes him want to be buried alive.