[6][7] The common Irish name for the mountains, na Beanna Boirche, may mean "the peaks of the peak district" or "peaks of Boirche" (a mythical king and cowherd); it was historically Englished as 'Bennyborfy'. Donard Forest is located near Newcastle, County Down, Northern Ireland. Challenging peaks, gentle slopes and crystalline lakes. There is opposition, as the wind farm would be in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and would impact wildlife and habitats. The dry-stone wall is an iconic image of Ireland, and one of the most impressive examples of it is the Mourne Wall. [54][55], On 23 October 2010 an AgustaWestland AW109 (tail number: N2NR) was operating a VFR flight from Enniskillen Airport to Caernarfon Airport, Wales. Your view will, however, be in for a treat. Given its length, it is easy to see the Mourne Wall along multiple trails but it is most commonly visited as part of the climb to the summit of Slieve Donard. [37][38] The plan has been subject to controversy because of the area's status as private property, with over 1,000 farmers based in the proposed park,[38] and also because of fears over the impact on local communities, bureaucracy and house prices. [51], The mountains are immortalised in a song written by Percy French in 1896, "The Mountains of Mourne". [12], On clear days, the Mourne Mountains can be seen from the Isle of Man[13] and Dublin.[14]. The Mourne Mountains are in Co. Down, Northern Ireland in the Province of Ulster. [36], It has been proposed that the Mourne Mountains be made Northern Ireland's first national park. km). Local protest group, Mourne AONB Against Windfarms, warn it would open the door for further wind farms to be built in the Mournes and other protected areas. Walking in the Mourne Mountains is free, but if you want more flexibility in your walk planning, the Mourne Shuttle Service is a private van shuttle that can pick you up at the end of your route and take you back to the starting point so that you can break out of needing to follow a loop trail. The Mourne Wall is a dry stone wall measuring 31.4 km (19.5-mile) long[32] that crosses fifteen summits and was constructed to define and protect the 36 km2 (8,900-acre) catchment area purchased by Belfast Water Commissioners in late nineteenth century. It i… Lights, camera, action – start your journey to uncover the cinematic landscapes of Ireland. But they do a whole lot more. It has three subsidiary peaks on the seaward side—Millstone Mountain (460 m), Thomas’s Mountain and Crossone. The height of the stone wall varies but it is up to 8 feet tall in some places. He once wrote that the landscape here is what inspired his mythical land of Narnia. The company claims they could power 37% of homes in the district. But the Mournes are a sweet trial for walkers, too. We climbed the Mourne Mountains and sang the right song on the top, though we couldn’t remember the words.”, "The Mountains of Mourne" are also mentioned in John Lennon's song "The Luck of the Irish" on the album Some Time in New York City. For the song, see, View of the Mournes from St John's Point, County Down. The reservoir was built between 1923 and 1933 by a workforce of over one thousand men, nine of whom died during construction. [42] However, there are also a number of walking challenges which take place in the Mournes. Beauty comes easily to the Mournes, but there’s also a childish joy about the place. Spread out at the mountain’s foot below is the Silent Valley; and looking down on the Ben Crom Reservoir is where the scale of the Mournes hits you. The Shimna River flows through the park where it is crossed by 16 bridges, the earliest dating to 1726. Lewis, the author of "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe," was born in Belfast and used to visit the Mourne Mountains with his family. One man felt the magic of the Mournes more than most. The Mourne Mountains are considered by many hikers to be the best walking destination in Northern Ireland. Tollymore Forest Park is located at Bryansford, near the town of Newcastle in the Mourne and Slieve Croob Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. In all cases this is the "Name Origin and Meaning" column from Paul Tempan's, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (. Take residence in the Slieve Donard Hotel and deck your table with afternoon tea. The mountains are free to hike but are made up of a mix of privately owned farmland and protected areas that are under the management of the National Trust. The dam was constructed between 1953 and 1957. There are also seven mapped routes for cycling if you prefer to enjoy the Mournes by bike. All water reservoirs are owned and maintained by Northern Ireland Water (NIW). The Mourne Wall challenge, which is also referred to as the 7-peak challenge because it takes into account 7 of the 10 highest Mourne mountains, is advertised by WalkNI. To tackle the biggest mountain of them all, train your eyes on the summit of Slieve Donard. Hikers and rock climbers flock to this coastal range in County Down to take in the unrivaled scenery, stretch their legs, and flex their skills while surveying the granite summits. The cause of the accident was determined to be pilot error in heavy fog. Yes, it’s a tough climb, but the views out over Murlough Bay and the small town of Newcastle are worth the effort. The Mourne Mountains are in County Down, lying 31 miles (50 km) south of Belfast and just over 62 miles (100km) north of Dublin. Beauty comes easily to the Mournes, but there’s also a childish joy about the place. Of the former, three species are found: cross-leaved heath, bell heather, and common heather. The busiest time to visit the Mourne Mountains is during the months of July and August when the weather tends to be best suited for walking without requiring much rain gear or multiple layers of warm clothes. [48][49], Since 2015, German-owned company ABO Wind has applied to build a wind farm at Gruggandoo in the western Mourne Mountains. TRANSPORT. [34] Construction of the Mourne Wall was started in 1904 and was completed in 1922. The largest mountain in the Mournes is Slieve Donard, which is the highest peak in Northern Ireland and one of the highest mountains in all of Ireland. The Mourne Mountains are one of the best outdoor areas to explore in Northern Ireland. There are no direct buses from Belfast, however, you can reach the town of New Castle by coach bus with one change, depending on the exact day and route you plan to travel. Two glens separate Slieve Donard from the neighbouring mountains of Slieve Commedagh (to the northwest) and Chimney Rock Mountain (to the south). The nearest food and bathroom stops will be in the closest villages to your chosen path – including Newcastle and Annalong Village. There are no facilities when you are out hiking in the Mourne Mountain wilderness, so be sure to pack appropriate provisions for the duration of your walk. The 1998 guidebook lists 26 separate crags, with a total of about 900 routes of all grades. The Mourne Mountains (/mɔːrn/ MORN; Irish: Beanna Boirche), also called the Mournes or Mountains of Mourne, are a granite mountain range in County Down in the south-east of Northern Ireland. [33], The Mourne Wall is a listed building since 1996 and 600 repairs were completed in 2018 by Geda Construction.[35]. With several different elevations and landscapes, the natural wonders in the Mourne Mountains are incredibly varied. Butter Mountain, Slieve Binnian, Slieve Lamagan and Slieve Corragh offer standout strolls. From here, you can set out on a 7-mile loop that first follows a track along the Mourne Wall, which acts as your guide to the top of Slieve Binnian – the third highest peak in the range at 2,450 feet (747 meters). The Mournes are also the most extensive rock climbing area in all of Ireland. Photographs from the peak here can’t fail to be epic, so snap away. These include hiking, forest and beach walks, cycling and rock climbing, with nearly three quarters of visitors choosing the Mournes to go walking and hiking. The Mournes are also the most extensive rock climbing area in all of Ireland. You can experience coastal areas, sparkling loughs, rocky outcroppings, and forests along a single trail. [33] This followed a number of Acts of Parliament allowing the sale, and the establishment of a water supply from the Mournes to the growing industrial city of Belfast. One of the most famous landmarks in the Mourne Mountains is the manmade Mourne Wall. Discover airlines flying to Ireland from your location. [41], The Mournes are very popular as a destination for completing expeditions as required for completing the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. [8], Some of the mountains have names beginning "Slieve", such as Slieve Donard, Slieve Lamagan and Slieve Muck, which is derived from the Irish word sliabh, meaning "mountain". You don’t have to be an expert outdoorsman to enjoy the natural beauty of the Mourne Mountains.