A small hiss came from the desk in front of her. Our small sunshine, Adrien began to feel a bit jealous. Her dad had control over scholarships and she knew Rick had gotten one overseas to one of the United State's colleges. And to have him basically tell Rick to back off 'she's mine'; well it was a shame Alya was sick today as she would have filmed it on her phone. I just mention it in here to be funny and I am not making a profit by mentioning it. He gently pulled away before rubbing the back of his neck. Both of them snapped and turned with wide eyes. So what if they didn't know their civilian selves? She had only seen that look from her partner; Chat Noir. The two ignored the snickers from their best friends. She knew she wasn't hearing things. He chuckled, making her turn back to him. Was she really that obvious? "You are such a cute kitty." "Mari? 'Be good or daddy will make sure that scholarship is gone.' her mother said with a smile. She didn't know what was wrong with him. Marinette was looking over her designs. The entire thing was starting to become a big mess. "You okay man?" "So, i-it's you…" Adrien, as he now was rubbed the back of his head with a hand. He let go of her hand before giving her a smile, rubbing the back of his neck with the hand that had held her own. ... Miraculous Ladybug (204) Batman - All Media Types (3) Avatar: The Last Airbender (2) Batman (Movies 1989-1997) (1) he said with a smile that reminded Marinette of Chat. "I already have a mask. Her eyes widened as she watched Adrien transform into Chat Noir. He had his head buried into his arms which were on his desk. Chat said with a wiggle of his eyebrows. "Then…maybe tomorrow?" Nino seemed to feel the same way as his face turned red and he started to stutter. "I'm sorry. She let it out as she opened her eyes. It gave me this idea. However, he had to shake it off. Why couldn't he just like one? We could have weird little babies and live weirdly ever after if it wasn't for the fact I am angry at you!". she made a sound of alarm and hid her face in his chest. "H-hey." His Princess always made him feel better. Unfortunately for Ladybug-- and Marinette-- this leads to a series of events that find her on the floor of some warehouse in Gotham, dying as Scarecrow's fear toxin slowly seeps into her veins. But with all that came fans. She rolled with her savior. The very pin Adrien had given to her when they were little. Her eyes fluttered open but hissed at the light. Pushing just a bit more, she nuzzled her nose with his and pouted. His head low but his eyes looking shyly into her eyes. "Would you like to go to lunch with me? He had held Anti-bug long enough. Adrien furrowed his brow, shifting his body to be facing Marinette. he said, scratching the back of his neck and heading to the back; where his usual seat was. he asked, the two walking as the light had turned green for them. "It would be weird since you are a stray cat, you know." The girl was loyal, Marinette gave her that much. Chat seemed to notice and with a push, made the girl slip and slide backwards. His heart hurt. Marinette smiled back before grabbing her purse. What do you think?” Sabine held up the leaflet advertising what was the bakery's newest project: baking classes. Marinette froze before she found herself tackled, her body being pulled close to a firm chest. Their lips separated, but no one moved back. So here it was, the day of the dance. Adrien thought of himself as a cat and chuckled. Sorry this took so long Four! she asked, concern in those blue eyes. She couldn't help but smile at him. How could they do their jobs if they knew? This story was written for the Miraculous Ladybug Holidays Fanfiction Exchange! Rick noticed the look and gave him a look back. Her hand went from his ear to under his chin and scratched under it, making him lift his head up.