"So what's the real reason why you was mad at Drake? pic.twitter.com/xIPC9E2jJG, — Cleveland Indians (@Indians) April 25, 2018, Bobby Shmurda seeing Meek Mill getting freed pic.twitter.com/KtLOf1qetH, Every corner of Philly should be bumping Dreams & Nightmares right now #MeekMill pic.twitter.com/eREKwfiahj, — Justin Walters (@JustinWaltersTV) April 24, 2018, https://twitter.com/adamjones985/status/988956492387770368, https://twitter.com/yve_ning28/status/985911006068125697. Beanie responds, “You got every right to do whatever you want to do to Meek. Big Meech wanted Meek to stay out of any beefs, but we don't think anyone could blame Meek for striking back with a vicious Instagram post of his own. "Rumor has it, there's something that only I know/ Rumor has it, I steer this shit with my eyes closed/ Rumor has it, I either f--ked her or I never could/ But rumor has it, hasn't done you n---as any good. In a recent interview with Zane Lowe, Nicki explains that she told Meek not to call Drake out for using a ghostwriter. Still, that hasn’t prevented the West Coast stalwart and his manager Wack 100 from continuing to make their assertions, and we’re now looking at a good ol' fashioned rap battle, with the miracles of the Internet giving it a little contemporary flavor. Meek, Michael Rubin and Kevin Hart were seen sitting courtside at the Philadelphia 76ers game. EVENTS (0) MY FOLDER'S … in reply to Different type of money, you on a different type of broke I’ve got love and respect for her. RELATIONSHIP. Meek and I don't dress the same, relate in Goyard ‘I ain’t tell you nothing.’ Sean Kingston saying, ‘Yes, you did.’ He’s saying, ‘Motherfucker, you bitch-ass nigga…’ So, I just hung up the phone,” Game explained. Unfortunately, Sean Kingston, whose table neighbored Meek Mill's, didn't get that advice. We on a different type of time On Sept. 23 Game put to rest any notion of squashing his beef with Meek by stopping through Brooklyn to shoot his video for "Pest Control." [12], Meek Mill was rumored to also be releasing a dis track, including in a tweet that appeared to have a snippet (below) however none ever materialized. Titled "Game Time," the track sees Drag-On criticize Game for posting pictures in his underwear. FAIL. “THIS NIGGA @LosAngelesConfidential REALLY.. PUBLICALY WORKING WITH THE POLICE.. & STAY LYING CALLING NIGGAZ SNITCHES CUZ," reads 40 Glocc's caption. FASHION. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 2.4K; 7/22/2020 11:37 AM PT On Sept. 25, The Game's manager Wack 100 uploaded a picture of an order for protection filed against The Game. Never one to back down from a battle of any type, Game quickly responded with a video of his own, joking that Meek paid the "Suicidal" singer in PB&J's to lie on Meek's behalf. @Nypsehussle @bigu1 @therealdjkayslay have been mediating conversations between myself and @meekmill and all signs have been pointing towards letting the fire burn out whenever it burns out… What will happen is this we will respect the opinion of @unclerush but we will only allow the powers that be in this Jungle to be involved in the politics of what is to be …”. ... For Unloading Haymakers On Saints Player, ©2020 EHM PRODUCTIONS,INC. Once again, ouch. 11:33 AM PT -- Meek Mill has addressed the elephant in the room -- namely, Kanye's implication that Kim cheated on him by sleeping with Meek during a prison reform meeting ... and he's calling BS loud and clear. I got that bag and we movin' that snow Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. “He’s going off on Sean Kingston. FUNNY VINES. FOOD. Meek first teased a snippet of the track in March 2016. Fuck it. The track was later deleted after an intense panning to the track. Meek Mill - Going Bad Feat. At this point in the beef, Game had already made the first and second move. I’m not calling about Meek. [Verse 2: Lil Uzi Vert] “I just wanna beat that nigga ass for a good time,” Game said to the crowd. As we reported, Kanye accused Kim of being "out of line" for the meeting, and claimed he's been trying to divorce her ever since the meeting. So Wack and Game were both were pretty displeased when they learned that Beans was jumped by Meek's affiliate Teefy Bey at the Bad Boy Reunion tour. You can peep it for yourself below. Holding that gun with no holster Share … Mack even offered his own take on why the MMG rapper started a beef with Drake last summer, seemingly addressing Meek himself. Back in June, Kingston was robbed of $300,000 worth jewelry in an L.A. nightclub the same night Meek and Game were in attendance. Meek ain’t trying to do nothing with me. SPORTS . She ride my dick like a dirt bike Look at my wrist, uh, yea FUNNY ECARDS. Finally, later that day, Meek Mill dropped his first diss track, "Wanna Know", which was panned heavily by the internet, with many making posts on both Twitter and Instagram about the track. FUNNY VIDEOS. We see you Drizzy, we see you. The Internet explodes. [4], This track featured even more insults for Meek Mill, including the lyric “Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers,” and a reference to Nicki Minaj’s "Pinkprint" Tour, on which Meek was accompanying Minaj, with “You love her, then you gotta give the world to her/ Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?” The track received over 40 million plays, on Soundcloud in the first month. Following Meek and lil' Nicki, ya “You jumped Quentin Miller and now you don’t scrap/It was time to go at Drizzy and now you don’t rap," he raps. I'm ball in NY, Derrick Rose this shit, hey Shortly afterward, Wack spoke with Simmons on the phone and came back with a revised Insta-post, even mentioning that Game and Meek's beef could be ending soon after all. Whoever the fuck did that need to be dealt with. Uncle Murda makes an appearance at the end of the vid. None other than Sean Kingston. signed Meek Mill to his first record deal. With that in mind, the question on everybody's mind was, "How will Meek respond?". GIFS. As you might remember, Maino conducted his own mini-protest of Game's video shoot in Brooklyn, and he posted it on Instagram. He made that much abundantly clear in a vicious Instagram post on Sept. 19. only to get bodied on #PestControl as a group,” Chuck said in the caption for the photo. But would the MMG rapper heed the words of the imprisoned street legend? The post received over 135,000 retweets and over 107,000 favorites by July 30th, 2015. Sounding as if he's unleashing a year's worth of social media-induced frustration, Meek tears into game with all of his might. Everybody shoots you out that joint, man.”. by Like it's Christmas and Santa, got hoes and shit The Game Recounts Phone Call Where Sean Kingston and Meek Mill Yelled at Each Other On Sept. 22 The Game stopped by Sirius XM's Hip-Hop Nation and discussed the origins of his beef with Meek Mill. Apparently the BMF boss didn't want to see the Dreamchaser get entangled with the perils of beef, so he made sure to contact Meek as soon as he could. The incident apparently made the "Red Nation" rapper reconsider his beef with Meek Mill. — The Crowe's Nest (@thecrowesnest) April 24, 2018, https://twitter.com/NoPhlyZone5/status/988971607430451200, https://twitter.com/yeahytk/status/988946309053911040. And the beef rolls on. Then we figured out this nigga cousin can’t rap.. so these idiots go get Beanie Sigel & bring him outta retirement to write they raps…. Frostbite on my pussy ring, watch me flex on y'all “Hey Russel stay in your muthafucking Lane you don’t dictate or have a voice in Wtf we doing over here . This initial tweet earned @Norm, as he is known on Twitter, over 133,000 retweets. On July 21st, 2015, Meek Mill, who has more than 4.92 million followers on Twitter, tweeted that hip hop contemporary Drake did not write his own raps. So, I grab the mic and out of nowhere, I’m like, ‘Fuck Meek Mill.’ … From then, I had to ride it out. to view a random entry. According to Game, it was from there that things got out of hand. It was at this point that Game set-up a three-way phone call for all parties involved to sort things out. It was just the latest in a series of police shootings that rappers and politicians have tried to speak out against for years. Beanie Sigel keeps the feud going by releasing a new diss track targeting Meek Mill. It makes me look bipolar.” Despite his conscience, it doesn't seem like The Game will let anything stop him from continuing his beef with the Dreamchasers artist. [2], Here it gooooooooo lets get it pic.twitter.com/eWdMOXZrPh, After Funkmaster Flex spent several hours hyping the track's arrival on his radio show, and then never played it, a Change.org petition was created to get him fired from the station. [Chorus: Lil Uzi Vert] ..I’m starting to really wonder about u brother. but The Game's manager Wack 100 quickly and very disrespectfully let Simmons and the rest of the world know that wasn't the case, as he made his way to get a famous Philly cheesesteak from Geno, so the Ruff Ryder dropped his own Game diss, admitted that he ghostwrote portions of Meek Mill's Game dis, Beanie Sigel and Omelly photoshopped onto the bodies of two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Master Splinter, voicing his disapproval for Teefy's actions on Sept. 28, Jeffrey Epstein's Infamous Palm Beach House Set for Demolition, Trump Takes Shots at Lady Gaga, Jon Bon Jovi and Jay-Z in Pennsylvania, Julianne Hough Files for Divorce from Brooks Laich, Father of Man Killed by Kyle Rittenhouse Calls His Son a Hero, Slams Trump, Farrah Abraham Off Probation Stemming from Beverly Hills Hotel Incident, White House Barriers, Walls Go Up Before Election Day, Ahmaud Arbery Murder Suspect Pushing Bond Cites George Floyd, Breonna Taylo…, 'LeBron James Sucks' Chant Breaks Out at Trump Campaign Rally, Tr…, Amber Heard Probably Didn't Poop in Johnny Depp's Bed, Judge Rule….