Parts may be available to modify these boots to work with certain bindings. The Beast and Kingpin are great bindings and are certainly very capable for a lot of people in a lot of situations. I just purchased the Kingpin 13 bindings on a year end sale back in April, 2017. I have the same set up but found they do not work well together as there are problems stepping into the toe piece. You help support OutdoorGearLab's product testing and reviews by purchasing from our retail partners. The tip about the transitions was also great to read. I like that set up going down, but sweat like a pig going up (I have a tendency to bring a couple of kilos of cameragear) and was constantly outrun by my buddy on radicals and light AT-boots (hence my new Salomons). If you look at the sole blocks it is obvious they are different thicknesses. We have tested these bindings and had no problems, but Marker's recall notice points out that the toe pins could fail entirely. I will not make many long flat approaches, so the lack of flat touring mode will not be a big issue for me and if I do, flat mode can be achieved by turning the heel piece and using a rubber strap for the brakes. In the long run, with years now of field application, this is one of the burlier tech bindings on the market. An example here would be the Head Kore1 (Grip Walk) boot with a Salomon Shift binding (MNC). Answered all my questions about tech bindings and boots. All I can find is Marker makes a DIN adaptor for Dynafit’s TLT series boots. In addition to various forms for measurements and evaluations of the release function, the testing involves a number of evaluations that try to emulate real world situations like ice and snow packing into the binding. Thanks for the comment Lee. And brought a live crab to his first job interview, It sure ain't the destination that matters, Subscribe to our free newsletter and stay up-to-date with the latest from Awesome review, thanks so much. The Kingpin's main usability disadvantage is that it is nearly impossible to transition with your boot still in the binding. Many brands offer their own platforms such as Salomon and Atomic’s Walk to Ride and Marker’s Grip Walk, with most major alpine boot brands utilizing one or the other in their cross-over boots (i.e. Have not purchased any boots yet. The theoretical "lightest" setup with these skis would be a Procline with the Vipec bindings, which came out to about 7.57lbs/foot. Thanks for another in-depth and interesting review. In general, any ISO 9523 boot with pin fittings, including GripWalk and WTR boots will work in these bindings. It has its quirks (which the new black version resolves? In particular, I’m currently using Salomon Guardians and was wondering how AT boots would go with them. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This model is pretty easy to use. I'd also be wary whenever brands try to tell you something can do it all, often it cannot. The only adapters Marker sells are for the TLT series boots. Think of this as a gear glossary, so you don’t end up dropping in on a powder day at your resort and promptly eating it down the hill. Thanks for reading! Hi Murphy, If I was a full-time pro patroller it would be really hard to justify not just skiing in alpine bindings all the time unless you spend a lot of time skinning while at work.