Tomlin says that a biologist dismissed the image as that of a lynx.

Already registered? The monthly outdoor magazine received more than 20 cougar-sighting accounts from readers, and published some of them. Sununu, By Damien Fisher Please log in, or sign up for a new account and purchase a subscription to continue reading. Osga’s group of volunteers sent hair samples taken from the gate where the horse was injured to the DNA laboratory used by the state of Massachusetts Division of Fish & Wildlife.

That was the first I had ever heard on the subject and I never really believed him until the morning that animal crossed the road in front of me. I found its footprints in the snow, and indeed saw very large cat prints, though I didn’t have a camera to document it. The North America mountain lion, referred to as a cougar, puma, catamount or panther depending on the local, was once found across all of North America. The eastern mountain lion is believed to be extinct, with the last confirmed sighting in Maine in the 1930s. He said a good quality photo that can be verified as having been taken in New Hampshire would provide Fish and Game with a starting point to investigate the sighting. Chance of precip 30%. Morse said the male mountain lions, the toms, have been roaming east for some time, and it is likely people in New England are seeing them. One explanation may be that, according to those who have seen them, these cats are very fast, very elusive and very agile with lightning reflexes. Witnesses ranged from loggers, trappers and hunters to housewives and fall leaf peepers.

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The U.S. Morse said the tom mountain lion killed in 2011 by a car in Connecticut came out from the western states, getting into Ontario in Canada and heading down through New York before going into Connecticut.

Comments are not available on this story. Staff Writer. Low 31F. For more information, go to Login. If you’d like to analyze the sighting locations for common denominators, here is a list of most of the towns where cougars were seen in the past five years: Sherman, Greenbush, Topsfield, Portage, Grand Lake Stream, North Vassalboro, Baileyville, Eastport, Charleston, Augusta, Penobscot, Rome, Oakland, Belgrade, Oquossoc, Litchfield, Eastbrook, Rumford, Canaan, Anson, Shirley Bog, Ellsworth, Bar Harbor, and Deer Isle. Mountain lions are nocturnal hunters, mostly going after deer.

As Petersen neared Here’s the Scoop ice-cream stand he noticed an animal approaching the road from the left at a sprint. Use the form below to reset your password.

Outdoors in Maine: Contemplating the latest cougar sightings in Maine. “The muscles were literally rippling as it ran,” he said. Driving East on Route 137 toward Belfast several years ago, a large cat crossed the westbound lane of the road and continued directly in front of my car. “It definitely had a feline gait, and it definitely was bigger than my dog,” Yelin said. As I slowed, I noted the colors which Ms. Kelly described and the colors were the reason I found the entire episode so unreal. Many did just that, and told us that they’re sure that mountain lions walk among us in Maine. Please note the display name will appear on screen when you participate. While [my wife] was driving on Route 1 in Jonesboro headed to work [about two years ago], a large animal crossed the road from north to south. Yelin is excited by the idea that mountain lions are maybe moving into her neighborhood. The toms won’t stay, however, unless they find a female, Morse said.

Mountain lion DNA was recovered from a Petersham, Mass., close to the New Hampshire border, after a 2016 incident in which a horse was injured. The question arises: What is meant exactly by the term “no known cougar populations”? One thing’s for certain: There are a lot of Bangor Daily News readers who are convinced that they’ve crossed paths with the elusive beasts. Federal government rules eastern puma -- also known as catamount, cougar, mountain lion -- extinct Outdoors in Maine: Big cats are showing themselves, so why are experts skeptical?

When you've submitted your account email, we will send an email with a reset code. “I say, welcome back, top predator,” Yelin said.

Outdoors in Maine: Contemplating the latest cougar sightings in Maine. You have reached the limit for free access to our important and valuable work. In the monthly outdoor magazine the Northwoods Sporting Journal a few months ago, personal reports of cougar or mountain lion sightings in Maine were solicited.

Please subscribe or login to participate in the conversation. I have seen a mountain lion in North Jay and also in Turner.

Courtesy Minden Police.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Auto racing: Points battles get a shake-up at Oxford Plains, Oxford Hills’ Dieterich recognized for her outstanding work in the classroom and on the playing field, Patriots analysis: Long odds for Patriots to win 12th straight AFC East title, Jacob deGrom, Mookie Betts in the mix for historic NL awards, North Anson couple injured in Phillips crash, Public hearing set for medical marijuana cultivators. They can subsist on one deer a week, though they will also hunt coyotes, raccoons, rodents, elk, feral hogs, and even porcupines. Male mountain lions are territorial, except when looking for a female, and can have a range anywhere from 10 square miles to close to 400 square miles. Now comes forth a new sighting from Kip Yattaw, sighted on August 2, 2010, at 7 am. Class 1 is DNA positive identification or a body or undeniable photos of an animal. The most recognizable feature of the American lion is its long and heavy tail, which measures almost one-third of the lion’s total length, according to the foundation. In the monthly outdoor magazine the Northwoods Sporting Journal a few months ago, personal reports of cougar or mountain lion sightings in Maine were solicited. Today, he's the Outdoors editor for the BDN, a job that allows him to meet up with Maine outdoors enthusiasts in their... 3) near Whitneyville, Maine, in 1995, However, after the incident I recalled a conversation that I had engaged in with an old sawyer who lived down the road from me. It came back with a positive hit for the big cat. He was clearly used to the noise and as we talked about them, he mentioned to me that there were “big cats” in the area. Enter your email and password to access comments.

Create a commenting profile by providing an email address, password and display name. V. Paul Reynolds is editor of the Northwoods Sporting Journal. There was a problem saving your notification. The Kennebec Journal is reporting the following: Augusta man sure he saw cougar in Dresden Anecdotal and photo evidence continue to contradict state and federal wildlife officials claim that there are no mountain lions in Maine.

Bo Yerxa: It was the fall of 1970, just after dawn.

As it got within 100 yards I realized it was big and moving very fast, and yelled, bringing everyone to attention.

John Lutz’s Eastern Puma Research Network lists the following as confirmations of known cougars/mountain lion encounters in Maine: 1) near Paris, Maine, in Dec. 2005, 2) near Waldoboro, Maine, in 1996,