It may surprise you to know that the wingspan of these tiny insects can extend up to four and a half inches i.e. I live in SE Kansas. I've seen a Luna moth 3 times that I can remember. Hi .I live in Millinocket maine and today I saw 5 Lunar moths on the side of my house ,They are bautiful. Had one land on me last night and stay for a half hour. Just waiting for it to emerge from that stage to see it. Damage Surface stings or holes in fruit plugged with dark masses of excreta; both types of damage allow fungi and bacteria to enter the fruit and cause fruit rot during storage. The first time was during the day. Stopped me in my tracks. This applies worldwide. Click on the links below to access their descriptions of families of Lepidoptera. The life span is fairly short for these moths, about two weeks or less. Spotted one early this morning (3:40am on 6-16-20) in Pittsfield Maine. We have a Luna Moth on one of our window screens near New Ross, Nova Scotia. The population of luna moth caterpillars is the largest in the states of Georgia, Alabama, the Carolinas and Tennessee. The last time I saw a Luna Moth was over 30 years ago, and I would love to see another one. That seemed to be all they cared about nothing fazed them even when i moved them so my dogs wouldn't eat them. The larva of the Luna moth are bright green (see video below) and have narrow yellow lines on them. Saw a luna moth this morning in South Rockwood, Michigan. A luna moth settles on a leaf, and its bright green coloured wings are all folded over the body. They are on the office window. Photo by Ian Lane. It was attracted to the light in my DynaTrap insect trap. Just seen one at the window it was huge,thought it was a small bat.. Found a luna moth on our front house wall shaded by the overhanging porch roof. They are big enough to be noticed as well, so I am not too surprised your dog was curious. We currently have then set up in a 20gal tank. on Sept, 10, 2020. At least you got to see it's beauty before it flew away! I live in central Alabama. Lab for Advanced Spatial Analysis,Department of Geography, University of British Columbia, Vancouver. It only stayed about a day. Bolton, MA 06.11.2020. I thought it had left, but then it started to shake vigorously. The eggs don’t take very long when it comes to hatching (hardly a week). In the Saturniidae family, you will see the pheromone activity the most active compared to the other "families" of butterflies and moths. This fluid is the one that has been shown to discourage predation from other creatures like ants and mice. I had a luna moth fly into my house and i picked it up and it crawled up my arm and then went on my face and neck and then my back and flew off! Not something you see everyday! Above another moth flew from, a nearby eave to a yound branch directly overhead. When & where: May-July. This moth is stunning! These caterpillars feed insatiably for up to 2 months before they make a cocoon. It seems most likely that Linnaeus evoked the Roman moon goddess Luna in 1758. It was so beautiful. I saw a luna moth the last time 50 years ago. The moth was resting in the corner of a concrete window outside a record store in downtown Cincinnati, and I inadvertently disturbed it. They are everywhere here! Beautiful! As a result, predators have a hard time seeing their prey. The beautiful Luna Moth. Actually got a few pic’s with my iPad that I would be more than happy to post. Recognized among the largest in North America, they have a wingspan of up to 4 ½ inches with a lifespan of just 7 days. ( I didn’t know what it was) I called it the Fairy butterfly it was beautiful glistening in the sunlight we have never seen anything like it here just magical !!! I brought it back to the cabin and it is starting to move . Maybe she also realized the fact that the complete moth is deemed to be a living avatar of the moon, which is at rest by day and active after the sun sets. Luna moths are large enough, that you would see the shadow of them flying by, or could darken a room if they landed on a light bulb! When I came back he was getting very weak and small flies were settling on him. It wouldn’t leave until this morning. These giant creatures with handsome eyespots remain active when the moon is at its peak. It was the first time I saw one in person. Once hatched, they are then hatched into caterpillars. In those areas, it is usually just one generation. Let’s honour these divine beauties with some of the most interesting facts you may not know. It seems like such a cruel existence after all the effort and struggle they go thru to be the beautiful amazing thing that they are ! This beautiful and exotic moth is large. So if you hope to attract these beauties to your area, those would be good choices to plant. ... MORE: news British Columbia vancouver wildlife meanwhile in Canada vancouver moths. Click here to access the Key to the Lepidoptera Families of BC prepared by Rob Cannings and Geof Scudder. Luna Peak is one of the Borealis Peaks in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Canada.The Borealis Peaks are located south of the Bella Coola River valley, west of the upper Atnarko River and north of the Monarch Mountain-Ha-Iltzuk Icefield massif.. References The Luna moth is undoubtedly the most stunningly beautiful moth that we know of. Found a luna moth in my garage - Pataskala Ohio. The eggs will be laid on hickory, walnut, and possibly a few other trees, as was covered before. They overwinter in the pupal stage. I found a Luna moth tonight (in CT 7/11/20 10:40pm) in my driveway. Luna Moths like broad leaved forests, including ones with hickory trees. Well, we can express our gratitude for the name of the luna moth, Actias luna – an appropriate soubriquet for the most stunningly beautiful of all nocturnal insect creatures. It was just resting among the rocks as you can see in my picture. This is my first time seeing one. R. A. Cannings and G. G. E. Scudder. He landed on his back at my feet. Its cocoon is thin and silken. First time to ever see a Luna Moth and was in awe of the size and color and took pictures of it to show my family. It’s massive! I saw a luna moth July 3rd at 4 a.m. in the morning out on my deck in Minnesota. The foliage of trees like birch, willow and alder, walnut (or juglans nigra), persimmon (or diospyros virginiana), and sweet gum (liquidambar stryaciflua) are the food the larva feed off of. There is a band of yellowish spiracles, and some reddish colored tubercles on each side. Sometimes they do that if they are cold. lol. I consider myself lucky. Anybody have any experience with multiple sightings over the years? In case you needed fuel for your next nightmare, this should do the trick. One was clinging to the outside of the screen for the sliding glass door to my deck and the other was above it on the exterior wood siding. 5 years ago was my first experience seeing a Luna Moth. 2007. Stayed for a day/night. It’s a massive silkworm moth. Common and widespread in southern England, rare in Scotland and local elsewhere in the UK. It was absolutely beautiful, especially in flight. I live in Canada. In fact, lunas prove to be an excellent source of food not only for birds but bats as well. The house is in the Berkshires of Western MA. I wish you could see the one picture more close up, as it shows the luna moths feathery antennae. BUTTERFLY, MOTH AND SKIPPER (LEPIDOPTERA) FAMILIES OF BRITISH COLUMBIA. Suddenly, one was thrown off the pile. I’m hoping we’re south enough that I have a 2nd gen, otherwise they’ll be cocooned for 9mons. Im 32. Found on porch shutter this morning. Paula. I found one floating on the water, I thought it was dead. I saw 4 of them in right outside of my house. In some areas where there has been a lot of spraying with pesticides, it could be very rare you see one of these beautiful Luna Moths. I saw one earlyyesterday morning in the Berkshires wiggling into a vertical, position face down on about 4 inch high grass so that it was the same height as the grass. Wing tip to wing tip it is every bit of 4” wide. Luna moth enfolds their cocoons in leaves. The Insect Families of British Columbia: The Lepidoptera of British Columbia. Apart from being attracted to lights, the Luna Moths caterpillars are extremely strong fliers. Was going into work this morning saw a sitting on the brick wall by the front door. It's August in Maryland. Thank you! So beautiful! I was taking out the trash. Evidently, even in the best of conditions, the number of Luna Moths are rather small. She or he is resting here on my arm right now. The third time was shortly after I moved back to Cincinnati. Thank you for sharing. This work has been released into the public domain by its author, Fungus Guy. Polyphemus Moth (Antheraea polyphemus). I had a few around my porch every summer until I accidently killed one and none have returned since. Female Luna Moths, on the other hand, go about laying eggs in a small group or individually on each surface of host plant leaves. I thought it was a bat at first. I saw a beautiful green month (but did not know it was a Luna moth) on the wall of a Wawa‘s in Fredericksburg Virginia on June 15, 2020 around 11:15 PM. And, when the sun ascends, they often seek shelter nearby for much-needed rest. There is a band of yellowish spiracles, and some reddish colored tubercles on each side. I still have pictures on my phone. Where this unique creature lives decides how many offspring it will have. Needless to say, there are some caterpillars that are poisonous and do have hair as well as spines that can result in severe soreness, but Luna Moth caterpillars are the exception. I was in the Clifton neighborhood of Cincinnati, sitting at a table with friends in a well-lit room, and a Luna Moth flew in the open window and landed on me. I'm looking at one right now, on my front porch. Never saw one before, but very glad I did. Once the luna moth becomes an adult, it does not feed at all. I have one taking a break near my garage door. The massive bug sports huge wings and even bigger legs. I actually found the luna moth in its caterpillar state-and I took him to a nature center- where 2 weeks later he is in his cocoon. Found one hanging out above my front door. Crazy story! I live in south west Michigan and had never seen a Luna moth until the 7 th of July. In: … The female starts with laying eggs by the approaching night and continues to do so for many more nights to come. - What a delightful treat! Collection of Pictures of Luna moth caterpillar: There is no doubt that Luna Moths are fascinating creatures of the moth world. There was a Luna Moth on the foundation of our house right behind the trash cans. Their bright green colour is similar to the colour of the leaves it not only feeds on, but lives. I recall the first time I saw a Luna Moth, and I was so amazed. I was surprised at how fast they flew! I'm not sure if its a male or female, but one of its long tails is torn. Thanks for the help identifying it. Was fortunate to discover one on the front porch of our home this afternoon. These insects are also often known as moon moths or American moon moths. I'm praying that it has a chance to mate, so I will wait. []. I saw 2 this past weekend. Flies on warm days, often with other species of moth and dingy skipper butterflies. I often wonder how they get so large, so fast.... And it is so sad that they only live a few weeks before dying. But I’m not sure how to care for it.