All I can say to you all is this- depression?- special gift? Hell no but I’m a lot better that I was at the beginning. I also have the program of cd’s and written material. Before i was finished with the program even I was 75% better then I had been. The program saved my life and you Can Not put a price tag on that… Sorry it didnt work for you…. 3 boxes arrived yesterday, I called today to see how much was billed to my credit card, 28.92 (1 month) with a 58.00 balance for the other 2 months. I just found out about David Bassett’s suicide. I’m still using the knowledge and skills to this day. Where’s the criminal activity? This is what I know about Severe Depression and I think everyone, not only those that suffer with this destructive and debilitating illness, should know this info – 1. They even threatened to turn me over to collections. I also still take a variation of the vitamins you mention, to include Nature Made B100 which also is grounded in helping with anxiety symptoms. its you – perhaps you aren’t ready, or perhaps you’re experiencing something beyond the scope of cognitive behavioural therapy… like OCD, as you mentioned. This program saved my life! Maybe it’s the attention you receive, as many people who suffer from this emotional disorder love the “pity party.”, Receiving medication in the mail is just not cool- whether they’re placebos or vitamins or whatever. Adding the words “internet scam” and “fraud” will cause action to be even quicker. All I can say is the program worked for me, big time!!! I would not in any way label it as a “sham” or a “scam.”. The most heroic and genuine people I’ve ever met in my life are, a) those who live their lives in peace, treat others with compassion and humility, and work tirelessly to assist others in bettering the quality of their lives, and, b) those that struggle with chronic, severe depression (and other serious mental illnesses), year after year after year, and somehow find the strength to arise in the morning, knowing that nothing will be easy and simple, and that regardless of the external events of their day, they will retire at night feeling maybe worse than when they first awoke, hope that they will never awaken, and finally, arise the next morning and face another day of pain, struggle, suffering, feelings of shame, worthlessness and inadequacy – because that’s what we all, don’t we, just trying to survive the best we can – until we die, and the struggle is no more. And anxiety stopped when I quit drinking in 2010 This The disciples were screw ups and look who they hung out with? At what point do you favor your lust and greed for the dollar over your compassion? When she finally got back on the line she told me that she would give me the return authorization, but I needed to make sure to follow the directions exactly if I wanted a refund. will for good play video games. My miracle. And your mind and body do need to heal from the damage of ongoing anxiety and depression. You don’t need to work with the Midwest Center. It was necessary for me to lodge a complaint against Midwest Center – after Midwest Center REFUSED to refund payments deducted from my account that were never approved/authorized by me – after returning product – never ordered. Trolls with 8, 10 user names not only doing usual troll mischief but attacking the vulnerable depressed & anxious posters with sick and crazy-making mind games. I ignored the 30 day free trail offer. Director of Training Center Discharges and Community Integration. I called the hotline after seeing the infomercial on TV. I generally ignore infomercials but the Midwest Center ad caught me late on a very depressed day. Keep up the wonderful works guys I’ve included you guys to my personal blogroll. At the time, I was going through a lot of crap in my life. When I called and told them that I did not want the program after I found out it had been shipped I was on the phone with a representative over 45 minutes she didn’t want to give me the authorization number. Her positive, uplifting books helped me learn to laugh again as I could relate to her. The Attacking Anxiety & Depression program worked for me. The program, when people work with it, can help change negative attitudes. I have had anxiety and depression for 10 years and i got these tapes. I called the # and Google’s while they started doing exactly what 4/4 of the previous posts stated. But, Hell had to come first. I am proud of who I am today. There is no magical cure for this. Now that you can buy it used, give it a shot and keep an open mind. This program does work, to a degree. I certainly know. Not free. It helped a little. Look at a sunset and just live in the moment of its beauty. This could be common sense or the work of studies done by actual mental health professionals. Stay positive! I am so grateful that I did not see this blog or any of these negative comments before purchasing the program. Remember, the results you get are dependent on your desire to get better and the effort and courage you put into it. After I have seen their infomercial which is very well balanced, very cleverly designed to instill confidence into the people who so desperately seek relief orf what is troubling them. I realize your posting this site to give your opinon on how the whole program and company impacted your life so please be fair and let us who had a GOOD and SATISFYING tell our positive story on Midwest center. Personally, I think it is awful to bring up David Bassett’s suicide. Best thing is probably to contact your credit card company and dispute any charges from such company,s who refuse to stop charging for something you dont want, Because the sales reps have no reason to stop charges if they can get away with it. And I made it through all of the tapes and still felt like I wasn’t “healed”…but a couple months later, I started to feel the changes and make the good the focus of my days. I have no credit card, no checking account and no health insurance. Everybody has anxiety. No longer confident about atheism. It’s rare that I am so furious with a company. A few weeks later, I received more pills, still listed as “free trial” on the packing slip. I just don’t think it should cost someone $450 to handle the dice. I wonder if you are a paid person to search through the internet trying to promote this product. I ordered the tapes (not cds at the time) and followed the program as directed. They promised to cancel my order and don’t send any additional pills but they told me that another package of pills has already been sent to me and I will be charged for that before they cancel my order!!!!!! I don’t work for them, have no affiliation with them but am forever indebted to Lucinda in helping me overcome my problems with anxiety. BUt the best thing for me I think is self help through counseling, prayer and finding time for ME… Just got oo stressed out and worried TOO much.. LET THEM GET ALL THE WAY TO THE END OF THEIR SPEIL AND THEN INSIST ON RETURN INSTRUCTIONS. And there are plenty of other supplements like Vitamin D that are also very important. You disgust me. looked at my bank statement chargers to the tune of 365.00. i had gone to the postbox to pick my mail and there was a big box from them. Bottom line? I can’t imagine still feeling like I did 10 or so years ago, anxious all the time. My mind was racing. They are always willing to negotiate the price and give extra cost items as ” spiffs ” . because I didn’t call for a confirmation number I can’t receive a refund! Thank you Lucinda and I am so sorry for your losses. It’s not that doctor’s don’t know anything, it’s that they don’t have all the information in one place. I am not 100% and it is an ongoing condition but I know that my life has been improved by the program. Every one has to find their own way and the tools provided in this program may not work for everyone. The representative then told me that if I wanted to extend my trial for 2 weeks he would do it and after the additional two weeks I could return it for a full refund. Just remember, this is deliberately compacted, and will be lite on details. And it may for you too. !111, I have the cassette tapes the whole program. That is, how you look at things. Oh well. Or think to call the Attorney General in The center’s state. What these illnesses do is create an irrational internal environment in which the individual suffering from the disorder exhibits outward symptoms that are antithetical to our notions and beliefs about what it means to be healthy. I would hug that woman today if I saw her for how it helped me. I plan on continuing the the tapes… It has some very practical approchaches that might help me. And you will find that very few have the expertise in this condition that Lucinda/staff have. do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is excellent blog. She then checks my tracking number to the firm sheet from January 10th and lo and behold there is my package. I have also been plagued with depression and anxiety for several years. So I tell her she is crazy and they had the package on the 10th, and if they didn’t check it in till the 20th that was there problem not mine. I guess it’s like many other therapy, coaching, self-help modalities there are so many variables as to what will work for someone. how much do phy. Medication does play an important role until you can develop better coping skills. I kept telling her all I wanted was the free cd offered in the commercial, she said we had already completed the initial process over the phone so all I had to do was place my order, she even said it was her professional recommendation I begin this program immediately. This is a strange website. I got CDs & did not try to return, so did not have a problem there.