He even admitted to tormenting Jin and was the source of his trauma, due to enjoying seeing his reactions. card game, video games, or fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Varis had his subordinates finish Windy off, who fired digital spikes to impale Windy. Does she get a lot of play even? TCG Legendary Decks 2 Reprint Unlimited Legendary Decks 2 съдържа 3 преконструирани тестета готови за игра на най-известните герои от анимето Yu-Gi-Oh! The latter proceeded to summon "Drone XL", which he used to consecutively summon "Battledrone Sergeant", "Warrant" and "General". (I did go to another Sneak Peek and pulled a Secret Rare Lightning Storm for myself!) Lightning Storm probably won't see a reprint this year. He instead calls them "origins". While Ai initially seemed to turn on humans in Season 3, his true goal was to prevent the elimination of the human race. As Lightning went to make his move, Bohman stepped in and took Jin and Specter's data from Lightning, since he was disappointed that Lightning reverted to cheating, and asked him to fight Varis fairly. Lightning easily added "Judgment Arrows" to his hand. Ai was shocked to hear that Lightning referred humans as monkeys. He did only state that it was malicious to think that humans were atop the world of animal species. [25], Kolter went into Lightning's castle, where Lightning greeted him, sitting upon Jin. They've each had only one printing each from 2-3 years ago and they're both staple cards for their respective monster types. The entities of Cyberse, including Lightning, were sealed off and could not retaliate, except for Ai. Continuing on, Lightning used "Judgment Arrows", a card that Shepherd was warned by Varis. Already a deviant? Suddenly, Playmaker and Bohman arrived, which made Varis glad, since he could expose the Light Ignis' crimes to them. When the sub-leader found out about his plans, he was quick to imprison her away in LINK VRAINS, with no remorse for a fellow Ignis. Varis continued on, stating that the Ignis were imperfect, and was why he created Bohman, and destroyed Cyberse World. The "Estrangement Dragon" summoned another copy of itself, but on Lightning's field. Lightning claimed not to have made such promise and removed Bohman's memories, causing him to faint, and told Harlin his brother needed new memories once more. He and Bohman stepped in to the area where the Duel took place. [7], He summoned his decurion, and the colosseum's effect re-summoned "Gradius" to the zone "Decurion" pointed to. Ai flew to him, asking the Light Ignis, Lightning, where has he been this time. With no defenses left, Lighting's "Armatos Legio Legatus Legionis" slashed the fortressdrone, and defeated Shepherd. He sent back the latter to his GY to summon two "Armatos Legio" monsters from his GY, then used "Armatos Legio Speculata" and "Centurion" to Link Summon "Armatos Legio Legatus Legionis". [28], Lightning, suspecting Bohman would be defeated, left a message to Ai. Lightning appears at first to be on good terms with Ai, going as far as to set up a meeting with him and Windy. Ai tried to reason with Lightning, who summoned Bohman and Harlin. However, Lightning appeared, stopping Windy, since he lost his calm side. This can also be seen with the treatment of their partners. Using "Decode Destruction", "Extended Decode Talker" regained 1500 ATK. [3], Varis launched an attack to Cyberse World with three of his "Cracking Dragons". However, Lightning swore he would not be defeated by an inferior life form, while the Ignis should transcend humanity: the effect caused both of them to be knocked out in defeat. He refused, since he gained respect for Lightning, seeing their decks were somewhat similar, and wished to have a card like "Judgment Arrows". Using his "Armatos Legio Decurion" and "Sica" to Link Summon "Armatos Legio Primi Ordines", and Special Summoned "Gradius", using it and "Decurion" to bring out "Armatos Legio Pilus Prior". Ai was uncertain what did this have to do with Lighting. Windy explained if they refused to work, the collars would explode, and so would they. He did remind Bohman was perfecting himself, and had Jin hurt Windy to summon a Data Storm. Varis also played his set "Borrel Ring", tributing "Borreload Dragon" to place 4 counters. so if you're worried about prices tanking or whatever, the links at the very least probably wouldn't hurt too much to sell them, provided you don't think you'll need them until at least june. Ai thought he wanted to hear about his past, but Bohman meant to the free will, since Lightning created him. Ai evaded his attacks, and managed to take the power of the Ignis. Bohman takes Jin and Specter's data from Lightning. Playmaker pointed out that stealing Jin's consciousness was far from peaceful. Impermanence is the only card you listed that is likely to happen tbh and it’s much needed, I think evenly is due for another print again. Thus, Lightning swore to act now before any incident would happen. Since Ai and Flame trusted humanity, Lightning branded them as code errors; claiming that such a thing could evolve Ignis in unpredictable ways, Lightning thought that was a mistake he had to handle. Lightning is associated with the LIGHT Attribute. This is wild speculation on my part but given the way Konami has payed the set lists out for the gold series I think we have a very good chance of seeing some very good staples in there along with some other goodies. Windy and Lightning pointed out, unlike humans, they were not flawed, and had eternal life. Windy thought it was an excellent opportunity to attack, at least to get revenge for his scars. Lightning proclaimed they'd reveal their plan to the enemy, but Windy laughed, since that wouldn't alter their chances of victory. Flame, in turn, was furious with Lightning for destroying their homeworld. Kolter gritted his teeth in fury, but Lightning exclaimed if Kolter would to lose on purpose, or even have a tie in the Duel, Jin's consciousness would be deleted - permanently, else he'd return Jin back to his state. Lightning's frown increased, who negated the first attack by using centurion's effect. Flame was terminated by a curse implanted in Windy, via Lightning. Windy still thought Aqua was the spy, but Ai pointed out she wanted peace more than anyone else. [27], Lightning dared Playmaker to stand up and fight him. If raidraptor call, force strix, and tribute lanius miss reprints, they can spike a lot higher with phantom rage. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Lightning is also the smartest among the Ignis, as well as the fastest.This is in contrast to the simulations which state that Li… Lightning calculated that "Judgment Arrows" will raise the ATK of "Magnus Dux" to the point that Varis' "Borreload Dragon" lowering ATK effect won't make a difference, as Varis' LP would be 0. He still wished for the Fire Ignis to join him, but soon declared war on humans and the Ignis that sided with them. The exception to this was Lightning, who was predicted to demolish the others' progress and start a war between the Ignis and humanity. He created Bit, Boot, Harlin, and Bohman. While Lightning is usually calm and calculated, Ai is quite expressive and lazy. VRAINS anime. And if so, do you think itll get hit on the ban list relatively soon after release? Join the community to add your comment. Varis used one of its Overlay Units to drop the ATK of "Magnus Dux" by 600, and to revive "Borreload Dragon". Sending another monster to his GY, Lightning summoned "Armatos Legio Speculata". After summoning "Speculata", he used it and "Gradius" to bring a "Centurion" out. Since Bohman would face Blue Maiden, Windy saw he'd face Soulburner. Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. anime series or manga. Windy's partner suffers a car accident, caused by a corrupted Windy rewritten by Lightning. Specter laughed at his own achievement, as his thrasher's ATK grew to 3200, and blushed, since he attributed the possibility of this victory to Lightning. Ai turned grim, seeing how manipulative Lightning was, knowing he was supposed to be the leader of the Ignis. To fulfill his wish, Specter played "Sunvine Plunder" to take control of it. Since Lightning had 1500 LP left, an attack from "Borreload Dragon" would finish him off. Lightning knew that his strength was from Extra Deck, and claimed Specter could only surrender. [22], Windy planned to take revenge on Varis. Ai noted this was like the Link Sense he and Playmaker shared, but Lightning simply stated he erased uncertainty from Jin. Ai thought of his memories with Yusaku, who was behind him. Despite his apathy towards him, Lightning does seem care for Windy as a partner, as he did heal him significantly after the latter was nearly destroyed by Hanoi's virus. Varis spoke that based on the simulation, Lightning saw many possibilities, where Ignis and humanity could cooperate. Specter remarked that Lightning was going all out, but Lightning, despite having no cards in his hand, continued on. In fact, Lightning simply agreed with Windy when the latter said that SOL Technologies did them a favor to terminate Earth down. Ironically, the Light Ignis has never called himself Lightning despite addressing the other Ignis using their human names. Lightning also shows little to no remorse for his fellow Ignis. Harlin gazed at Blue Maiden, whom Lightning told to be Blue Angel, but she changed form. He was so arrogant that he kept underestimating Playmaker when he thought Cal Kolter would win against the former, similar to Windy's case with Soulburner. However, Lightning and Windy do use the name Ai gave him. [2], Lighting admitted he wasn't as cruel as Windy, but shared his belief, and stated that originators and the related Ignis could affect each other. Finally, Shepherd used "Drone Force Fusion", fusing the general and sniper to summon "Fortressdrone Beehive", which gained six counters. Ai exclaimed this was all Lightning's fault, knowing that was why he destroyed Cyberse World. "Magnus Dux" went to attack, and its ATK was decreased by "Borreload Dragon". Varis was frustrated, but Playmaker tried to convince him that he'd make more victims by attacking. Do you think Lightning Storm is going to be printed in the TCG? However, in spite of all this, according to Bohman, for all his flaws he was the most human of the Ignis because of his unflinching will to survive and defy what the simulations destined him to become through any means necessary. I think IP is also confirmed on the megatins but i dont know. The Croatian andGreek names given are not official. Lightning confirmed, whom Shepherd called a fool, since they could not conquer humans, since they were not perfect beings. [2], Varis believed that enabled Lightning to remove the Ignis that thought differently of humans than he did. Apollousa and IP have a good shot at a reprint this year though so they might be worth selling (especially if you don't really need them), but no one really knows for sure. Varis pointed out that Lightning was evil, and should not even exist, and swore to annihilate him.