Al fianco di Julie Plec si schiererà il suo amico di lunga data Greg Berlanti che ne sarà produttore esecutivo al fianco di Sarah Schechter. It’s where Stefan and Damon went from being enemies to being brothers, and it’s where ultimately, they reunited in peace. And on the other hand, Damon is described as a playboy-ish person with charismatic qualities. Julie Plec describe la serie como su "Carta de amor para Harry Potter y Buffy" dejando claro que vamos a ver elementos de estas dos fantasías en Legacies. ¡Dua Lipa le copió el outfit a Gigi Hadid. Optimagazine è una testata giornalistica registrata presso il Tribunale di Napoli, Autorizzazione N°6 dell’11 febbraio 2015, Nina Dobrev incinta di Shaun White? Todos los derechos reservados. The second season of the show saw huge opening and favorable reviews from one and all. The novel was based on the popular CW television show and was inspired by the novels written by L.J. You’re not supposed to play favorites but what character did you enjoy seeing grow the most throughout season one? Smoky eyes, seductive ways, and sultry, sultry language which in our world – especially with characters like MG – is not going to fly. He’s out keeping the graduates safe in the real world, keeping an eye on people. #WSanremoconRed i migliori interventi social su Sanremo 2017, #WSanremoconRed i migliori interventi social sulla quarta puntata di Sanremo 2017 (10 Febbraio), #WSanremoconRed i migliori interventi social sulla terza puntata di Sanremo 2017 (9 Febbraio), OptiMagazine: tutti i commenti dei nostri lettori, Semplicemente Parliamone, alla ricerca della Semplificazione. Il libro racconta della giornalista veterana che, nel 2018, ha deciso di raccontare dei suoi 10 anni trascorsi a coprire l’ex segretario di stato Hillary Clinton, compresa la fallita campagna presidenziale del 2016 in quello che “si legge come un memoriale di campagna sorprendentemente intimo”. Her journey was, I think, one of self-acceptance and accepting others at the same time, strangely.”. ¡Legacies va a ser un spin off de esta serie y te va a sorprender todavía más! And it’s where Elena told Damon that she loved him in season 4. And I thought, well, now is the time. He’s a field guy. Legacies villain – La creatrice Julie Plec racconta che i nemici dello spinoff avranno qualcosa di diverso rispetto a quelli di TVD e TO. I’ve never done it. Julie Plec: “Yeah. Julie Plec: “Landon, for sure. If you haven’t read this series yet – please do. How will Landon’s powers as a Phoenix come into play this season? We'll base this on various factors for example "If you like Jack Reacher..." or "If you like short stories in the horror genre". Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Julie Plec: “We are planning a little bit of a greatest hits cameo over the course of the season. I think she had a pretty profound journey from self-centered to being actually a pretty good friend, from making peace with herself and accepting herself. Brett Matthews: “He’s so good at dying. She was one of our favorite characters to write for. Legacies es la nueva serie dramática de la creadora de 'The Originals' y 'The Vampire Diaries' Julie Plec, que incluso va a dar continuidad a este gran universo creado por ella con esta nueva serie que es un spin-off de 'The Originals' y que tiene su fecha de estreno confirmada para el 25 de octubre de este año. There’s going to be some unexpected new relationships, new crushes. Julie Plec is a writer and producer, known for The Vampire Diaries (2009), Legacies (2018) and The Originals (2013). There’s going to be some unexpected breakups. The series was also released in DVD and Blu-ray. La madre delle serie che abbiamo amato e idolatrato in questi ultimi dieci anni, si prepara a sbarcare su Netflix con un progetto tutto nuovo. Will we see characters like the Necromancer return? She’s just at the beginning of exploring her sexuality so there’s all kinds of roads that she can travel in this season.”. La gemelas Alaric y Caroline ya habían sido anunciadas cómo personajes principales de la trama, pero lo que no sabíamos era que Josie y Lizzy Saltzman van a tener una reputación de chicas malvadas en la escuela. Continuando la navigazione del sito ne accetti l'utilizzo. Legacies is an American fantasy drama television series, created by Julie Plec, that premiered on The CW on October 25, 2018. In particolare, la nuova serie drammatica chiamata The Girls on the Bus racconta di quattro giornaliste immaginarie mentre coprono una miriade di candidati presidenziali imperfetti mentre “trovano amicizia, amore e uno scandalo che potrebbe abbattere non solo la presidenza ma tutta la nostra democrazia lungo la strada”. Landon kind of starts this season as a reluctant leading man, a reluctant hero. @amychozick is an absolute writer-star and @GBerlanti and @SarahSoWitty are no slouches either. This season it’s like whenever we get bored and don’t have a scene, we just have Chris (Lee) sing something. With all outer beauty, she hides a dark secret inside her. Connelly always bring the goods and Law of Innocence is our November 2020 Book of the Month! ¡La serie que dará continuidad a 'The Originals' y 'The Vampire Diaries'! Julie Plec Interview: Legacies Season 2, A New Sexy Vampire, and Landon’s... 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The novel series was based on the television series of the same name which aired from 2009 and is still going on. Ya estás suscrito a las novedades de Nación Rex. — Stefan died in the Vampire Diaries series finale, Alaric and Caroline joined forces to turn the Salvatore house into the Salvatore School, and 10 years later, Legacies finds that the school is thriving. Chi ha seguito The Vampire Diaries e The Originals non è mai stanco di vampiri soprattutto se poi ha deciso di continuare il suo percorso guardando lo spin off delle due serie.Legacies 2 tornerà in onda negli Usa ad ottobre regalando ai fan i dettagli di quello che succederà dopo il rocambolesco finale della prima stagione. Se desideri maggiori informazioni sui cookie e su come modificare le impostazioni del tuo browser, leggi la nostra politica in materia di cookie. It will either be another talent show or one day I aspire to a full musical episode like what Joss (Whedon) did with ‘Once More with Feeling.’ That being said, Joss wrote all of that and I can’t do that. But when — spoiler alert! The television series was produced by the CW network. And it’s Katherine Pierce. Keep your little bookworms engaged outside of the classroom with our selection of the very best literary adaptations. Just like the first novel of the series, this novel too deals with the lives and love triangle between Stefan Salvatore, Katherine Pierce and Damon Salvatore. We’ve talked about a lot of characters, but we haven’t touched on Rafael. Smith and Kevin Williamson, along with Julie Plec. Lo spinoff di TO arriverà sulla The CW a partire dal prossimo ottobre. What about the possible return of Penelope? Any plans for another musical episode? If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below.