And the place looks totally, completely, absolutely scorched. Perhaps she’ll look to the east coast. We can’t forget to mention that Ms. Powell is one of the world’s leading philanthropists — though most of her giving is done on the DL — and has also become an major investor in varied industries, including sports, magazine publishing, and education. In 2016, the 54-year-old businesswoman snapped up a $15million ranch in Florida, where her daughter, Eve Jobs, frequently competes and trains. Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, may be spending more time in San Francisco. So we understand it might be difficult to have much sympathy for them. Get quick and easy access to your home value, neighborhood activity and financial possibilites. A private bathroom is slathered in marble and contains a glassy shower plus a soaking tub. (Ouch. An open floorpan blends the formal areas together into one giant room and includes a chic kitchen with marble countertops and high-end appliances. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. Our Mr. Jobs met his untimely death back in 2011, but it is only within the past three or four years that Ms. Powell’s spending has really shifted into high gear. The property is equipped with state-of-the-art equine facilities including a massive 13,000-square-foot barn with 12 stalls, full-size riding ring, pastures, and the only residential structure on the property: a 2-bed and 1-bath caretaker apartment. The living room features a fireplace and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and the dining room includes French doors that open to a balcony. Get our latest stories in the feed of your favorite networks. But mull over this: back in 2014, when Ms. Powell purchased her Malibu compound, your gurl heard through the grapevine that she specifically wanted a home on Paradise Cove — she didn’t even bother looking at any of the other wealthy neighborhoods around town, like Carbon Beach or The Colony. Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, may be spending more time in San Francisco. For all you beancounters, that means Ms. Powell has already spent $60,500,000 in Malibu. The interesting thing about this transaction, y’all, is that the buyer’s real estate agent was not a San Francisco local but rather a Malibu-based SoCal man. Thanks to Mr. Burton and his neighbor’s valiant efforts, Mr. Burton’s mansion was saved. Powell Jobs, who has a net worth of $18.9billion, purchased the residence in the Russian Hill neighborhood from venture capitalist Danny Rimer. 8 Myths About Renting You Should Stop Believing Immediately, 6 Ways Home Buyers Mess Up Getting a Mortgage, 6 Reasons You Should Never Buy or Sell a Home Without an Agent, Difference Between Agent, Broker & REALTOR, Real Estate Agents Reveal the Toughest Home Buyers They’ve Ever Met, The 5 Maintenance Skills All Homeowners Should Know, Click for complete coronavirus coverage from, Steve Jobs' Childhood Home Now a Historical Resource, A Rental Is Coming: Lease Emilia Clarke's Venice Home for $25K a Month, Michelle Pfeiffer Lists Wonderful Woodside Estate for $29.5M, Why This Winter's 'Slow' Home-Selling Season May Be Hotter Than Ever, Tarek and Christina Prove That Even Professionals Can Mess Up a Flip, Frank Lloyd Wright-Designed Home With Only 2 Owners for Sale in Illinois, 9 Home-Buying Costs Veterans and Active Military Should Keep in Mind, 'Bonanza' Ranch Sells for a Record $38M, and It Looks So Much Better Than on TV. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Her latest splurge — which we shall get to in just a moment — went down just last week in San Francisco. To summarize: after evacuating with his wife and sons, Mr. Burton returned to Malibu (via boat), swam ashore, arrived to a blaze on his property, and proceeded to spend the entire day defending his home with a garden hose. Though the buyer’s identity is screened behind a strangely-named LLC with a Palo Alto (CA) address, Yolanda happens to know it is none other than our very own Ms. Powell — a well-known Malibu aficionado. And like we say, she’s since spent the last 4+ years working to build a custom “dream” estate, much of which was decimated by the blaze. We want to hear from you! Jenna Elfman Zooms Out of Longtime Los Feliz Villa, Dirt’s First Podcast Takes on YouTuber Mansions, Ben Shapiro Lists 1930s Spanish Revival-Style Compound, ranked as the world’s fifth-richest woman, forked over another $16,500,000 to buy the little house next door, show a compound measuring a total of nearly 16,000 square feet, one of the world’s leading philanthropists, It's Back to the Future for These '70s Retro Homes, Recently Retired Rapper Logic Lists Calabasas Entertainer's Estate, LoanDepot’s Anthony Hsieh Pays Record $61 Million for Orange County Mansion, Elon Musk Sells the Gene Wilder House to Wilder’s Nephew, Designer Eva Chow’s Art-Filled Megamansion Seeks $65 Million. Powell apparently has a variety of options in deciding where to lay her head. And here are some floorplans for all you fun folks. Well, lookie here. Russian Hill may not be quite as prestigious as SF’s Pacific Heights ‘hood, but there’s a pretty park only a block from Ms. Powell’s new house. Where will Powell Jobs search for her next pricey home? She is currently ranked as the world’s fifth-richest woman, which is fortunate because her spending habits could easily break a lesser billionaire. She also reportedly has snapped up equestrian estates in Los Altos, CA, and Wellington, FL, as well as an unfinished property in Malibu. Get the latest scoop directly in your inbox. All Rights reserved. Speaking of views, you’ve got them galore. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group. The fire impacted Thousand Oaks and Calabasas, among other neighboring cities. She just snapped up a stunning Russian Hill mansion for $16.5 million in a reported all-cash deal, according to the Observer. While they await completion of the new Woodside compound, the Jobs family bunks up at their longtime home in Palo Alto. The Florida estate happens to be directly across the street from a much larger compound owned by Bill Gates. Some of the house’s coolest features are a two-car garage — a very rare thing in SF — and a real, usable backyard. A Washington D.C. mansion could very well be next on her agenda. Naturally, the nosy Yolanda was all too curious about who from Malibu would be cuttin’ such a fat check up north. Powell Jobs’ home purchases have picked up since 2014 when she paid $16.3 million for an equestrian property in Los Altos Hills. Our Mr. Burton originally hails from jolly ol’ England, but he’s lived in Malibu since 2012, ever since he and the missus paid a frightening $36.5 million — in cash — for a rather spectacular compound on Paradise Cove. Steve Jennings/Getty Images for TechCrunch. And really, isn’t that the most valuable commodity of all? (Y’all may balk at the price of Mr. Burton’s house, but Yolanda is of the opinion he got a great deal and the property has actually doubled in value since his purchase). Obviously Ms. Powell, Mr. Burton, and Mr. Bass don’t have to worry about pesky little people problems like money or lodging. Back in California, Ms. Powell is at long last building her late husband’s dream compound in the low-key but high-priced community of Woodside. The philanthropist and entrepreneur is the founder of Emerson Collective, which advocates for polices on social and environmental justice. We aren’t certain if Ms. Powell’s main mansion survived — based on vague intel, we think it may only have partially burnt — but much of the construction site was utterly destroyed. Rather, the future estate will be centered around a main residence of a very modest 3,706 square feet. The master bedroom has a private balcony and a spa-like bath, with a separate tub placed on a marble slab. She’s in the midst of designing a $20 million 15,689-square-foot compound in Woodside, which the Apple founder started planning for, prior to his death. Possibly years of time. Steve Jobs' widow Laurene Powell Jobs paid $16.5 million for a four-floor home in the Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco, at 807 Francisco Street. The FLOATING pyramid city: Community 'will live in... Heidi Klum buys luxury New York apartment: Supermodel spends... Terraced house in one of London's most luxurious areas with... King of Thailand 'loves' pro-democracy protesters demonstrating, Shots fired outside Vienna synagogue as man seen holding weapon, Joe Biden has series of awkward gaffes at rally with Barack Obama, Shoppers appear to stockpile in Birmingham despite govt warnings, Loyal Golden Retriever reunites with her owners after losing them, Special forces rescue students from Kabul University shooting, Captain Tom Moore gives encouragement ahead of latest lockdown, Michael Gove admits national lockdown could be extended, London: Men wield knives at confrontation on Edgware Road, 'Hoping for second miracle': Kate Garraway on Derek's ICU battle, Moment gunshots are fired near synagogue in Vienna, Experts capture 'murder hornet' queens after returning to clear nest, Steve Jobs¿ Widow Laurene Powell Jobs Buys San Francisco Home | Observer. The $16.5million purchase is the second-highest price paid in the city so far this year. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. One of the more architecturally notable properties to bite the proverbial dust was Frank Gehry’s Tin House, owned by Texas oil billionaire / gossip column regular Sid Bass. In April 2015, Ms. Powell dropped a dumbfounding $44,000,000 in cash on an unfinished bluff top compound that looms over Malibu’s sublime Paradise Cove neighborhood. For more information on the fancy yet decidedly bucolic and rustic project, which was designed by architect Chris Garrick, go here. Ms. Powell is, of course, the widow of the late and great Steve Jobs. Joined by friends and family aboard the 260-foot luxury yacht, Powell basked in the blazing hot Mediterranean sun off … Her latest splurge — which we shall get to in just a moment — went down just last week in San Francisco. In 2016, Ms. Powell spent $15,300,000 on a 3-acre estate in the equestrian-oriented (and wealthy) Palm Beach County community of Wellington, Florida. A more casual dining area off the kitchen looks out to the patio, which features a fire pit, dining area, and seating. And here are some floorplans for all you fun folks. She also appears to have a keen eye when it comes to gorgeous homes. In April 2015, she also handed over $44 million for an unfinished plot in the Paradise Cove enclave of Malibu. Get the latest scoop directly in your inbox. All while barefoot. This 1888 gem was completely redone as a modern family home by the designer Steven Volpe when it was purchased in 2013 for $12.375 million. Now that the blaze is fully contained and we’ve had an opportunity to assess the situation, the time is right for a quick chat.