and agreeing to wait patiently for your puppy to be born. what they reserved for, what you are reserving for, if a female takes (sometimes they need a break). Dams are allowed in/out of the kennel while pups stay safely confined to the kennel. Volunteers are also always welcome at any of our cleanup events! We consider our best mini’s to be up to 15 inches tall and up to to 25 pounds. Her first litter (born 4/9/18) gave us. Most of our dogs go back to Queela my first heeler dog in at least one branch of there pedigree, sometimes more. There are many articles out on the internet about the Australian Cattle Dogs, some have conflicting information and some go along with what i personally experienced as a teenager in the 1960’s. Gestation is about 62 days, which is included in the 6 months between heats. the AKC dogs became mostly show dogs the old style blue heeler’s kept on working. unfortunately, as each female will only come into heat every 6 months (twice per year). Palomino ( my baby... and a real boy, not a dog)...Corgi/Lab mix??? Lambert (stumpy-red and blue pups) is bred, to Shelton (showing) for pups in late November, Monroe (throws stumpy-red and blue pups)-showing signs of heat, She will be bred again to Clooney (early January 2021 pups), Hawn (throws blue and red pups) due back in heat in November, bred to Clooney, Bonnie is now bred to Clooney (witnessed), for pups in late December, 2020 (if she takes), Jillian is due back in heat January, 2021 and. She throws some traditional blue pups with tan, and throws occasional black and tan w/some blue ticking, somewhere, usually. He has spots like Aniston (he is her son) and often throws them. They are not quite 5 wks in the pictures below. I can remember an ad in the Western Horseman that said Australian Cattle Dog pups for sale $50 each. (opting to wait... for various personal reasons), when they are contacted/offered a pup. I can remember an ad in the Western… Our miniature line begins with Tatum (a blue stumpy tail male) who sired Midler (20#s and short/small). tan on blue pups, stumpy or born with a tail, etc. My first Blue Heeler was a female of 20 pounds that came from Lyle Damewood our next door neighbor 10 miles away. Now we have almost gotten all breeding dogs clear. some have conflicting information some go along with what I personally experienced as a teenager in the 1960’s, however none that I have seen go into detail about the 1980 split in the breed. ), but I always go in order of date of reservation...always! Ballerini (22#s) is always bred to Clooney... for about 94% Queensland Heeler pups that are "miniature". Jim Mowrer è su Facebook. linage from the 1960s imports These variables all affect how quickly I get to you in the reservation folder, and cannot be predicted (e.g., I. folder and 8 pups born...and work my way up to the 20th reservation (or more) due to gender/color/markings in litter not fitting what is reserved. Charlie an AKC dog that was given to me in 2008 by an old breeder friend and has produced a lot of mini’s, that is why he was given to me the akc breeders did not want mini’s. A pup of Sarandon's, and one of Foxy's-all grown up... at home. Which dam comes into heat, and when, or if she takes, gender, color (red, blue, etc. High Desert Heelers. Once you have asked to be on the interested list, if you cannot find a pup you like elsewhere. This illustration does not … These pups will then be offered to the interested list (. ) We have worked on breeding some of them smaller than the originals for other uses besides livestock working, they are good at many things, they fit in small places and are easier to lift, carry and live where space is limited. Your patience is greatly appreciated. However the Australian registry & the AKC did not like his fixing the breeds issues by adding more dingo, so would not let his dogs in the registry. Queensland Heelers (AKA) Australian Cattle Dogs, standard, miniature and Toy sizes. There are many variables that I cannot control. Very sweet and playful, but calm and quiet-loves the kids too. Subscribe to our email list and stay in the know for future cleanup projects or just to wish us well. So... it may take time for your heeler puppy to be born, if you reserve (or ask to be on the interested list). The white heeler is a rare color of heeler  and Pfeiffer has now thrown a few in her litters but there is NO WAY TO KNOW WHICH PUP WILL BE WHITE (or cream), SINCE ALL PUPS ARE BORN WHITE..they normally get color at about 3 weeks of age. We breed Australian Cattle Dogs and Stumpy tail heelers. Loved to fetch, and play catch with the kids with little pebbles, when no ball was available. may very well have plenty of pups to accommodate everyone in a particular litter of pups. A Senseney puppy by Bandit...pick me please! When the Queensland Blue Heelers first came to California in the mid 1960’s, they were called Queensland Blue Heelers, because they originated in Queensland Australia. We refer to them as Toy Heelers or toy/Mini Heelers. ***The white of newborn heelers begins to fill in with blue or red ticking at about 3 weeks of age. I simply oversee mating. I have found that most breeders do not have very much background on there stock, so it can be a guessing game when purchasing a dog from them. Reserving ahead gets you a pup quicker, but please realize I don't control litter size, color or gender, or if they "take" when they are bred; this is left to nature. Latimore Desert Heelers in California, Ridgecrest, California. He is all blue with tan markings and was born with a stumpy tail. The first Red dog I owned was in the 1990’s. Which dam comes into heat (and when), and when/if she takes, the gender, color (red, blue, etc. It will be worth the wait, I promise. Enjoy more pictures of past litters and my breeding females below: * Pup can fly at 8 weeks old after Vet Exam and requires Airline approved kennel, bowls, bedding, water, food, paperwork, transport to the airport and the Vet on my end, which I can purchase and accomplish for you ($95 covers it). Usually about half the litter (or more) is born without a tail-the rest have tails and can be docked upon request...or left as they are naturally born. (This site is best viewed from a Laptop or desktop, as some smart phones/ipads won't load the pages properly), ***Scroll down for updates on upcoming litters***. you may just email me and I will put you on an "interested" (not reserved/no payment necessary) list. One could find a good Queensland pup quite easy up until the early 90’s. I would like to find other breeders that have lines that go back to the little heelers of the 60s,  I know that Woolsey and McNivin lines are one of the main lines of the original mini heelers. There are 2 registries that recognize miniature heelers as a breed of there own. She also throws stumpy...and some with tails. She was very lean and stayed very active. These lines (now carried on by Midler, and Ballerini) are Australian Stumpy Tail Heelers, and Pocket, Tatum, and Ballerini are also registered with the. if I have pups that don't fit reservations (or extra pups after reservations are exhausted...before listing pups on this site for sale to the public). now we refer to the little Heelers as Miniature Heelers. If you are a business owner and would like to donate items in kind, please contact us below. Her last litter was August, 2016. PRA being the most common, PLL another blind genetic, DM a nerve paralysis, hip Dysplasia, elbow and hock issue as well others . Please click on the highlighted green/blue link above to read. ... or, if you prefer, you may mail a check to: She was an excellent mom for several years. Heelers are born white and get color at about 3 weeks of age, The ears stand up from 3 weeks to 3 months of age, Pfeiffer (below) and a litter of her pups at birth (all blues)-but born white, Pfeiffer unexpectedly passed away on 1-31-2018. The other is ASDR American Stock Dog Registry, however they call them Miniature Australian Cattle Dogs. Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites, "Remi" -Miniature from a Midler x Shelton Blue litter (sold). will be bred to Clooney or possibly Jake (see video above). You can specify your interest in one, or specify you do not want tan legs/chest and I can try to work that out but there is no can always back out of a pup you have chosen, and wait for the next litter, at any time before they go home. is my tallest female and goes camping, sticks close, and loves to go. McConaughey's Dad:  Where it all began... Bandit was sleeping and was accidentally run over in our driveway and had to be put down due to his injuries on Monday, October 16th, 2006. I only know a few other breeders in the whole United States that still breed the old linage and style of the original Queensland Heeler dogs. He had one of the early imported pairs of dogs that came to the High Desert of North Lake County Oregon. She had lots of the red markings at birth, and the white filled in with red "ticking", (pic sent to me by his owner...he will grow into those ears too), She is a stumpy tail heeler (blue with no tan so she should throw reds/blues. We have also bought dogs from other people throughout the years, some have been good and will stay in our bloodlines and some have not worked out and have been eliminated or diluted out of the bloodlines. I started with mini’s straight out of Australia in the mid 60’s when my fathers neighbor Lyle Damewood imported a pair of them from Australia through a man named Jackman who worked with DR Jack Woolsey and Laughner from Calif. who imported many heelers from Australia. Our ideal minis are 14in tall 20 pounds, our super small minis we call toys that is dogs under 13in tall & usually weigh about 15 pounds or less, now and then we get some that are as small as 10 pounds but do not purposely breed for them to be that small, dogs over 15 in tall and less than 17 in we call midsize. The Good News is...We were fortunate enough, to get McConaughey from a litter that Bandit fathered about 2 weeks before he died, out of a really nice red female heeler that had been mated to him weeks earlier. However one has to have new bloodlines every so often so we try what there is to find and try it, if it produces good stock keep it, if not, try another. I know most people think the AKC Australian Cattle Dog is the same as a Queensland Heeler but there are a few differences so they are not the exact same breed. ". Little Logic & his son Logic return & Woolsten Blue Jack all of the same bloodline were the main base of the AKC dogs. The old style heeler did not breed true to size, so it probably had influence from various breeds in there background. The old style heeler, as we refer to them could have dogs in the same litter range from 20 to 35 pounds  quite often.