Moreover, ‘The Influence’ isn’t just a horror story. Attribution information Nora’s transformation from a quietly curious girl, to a dangerously silent controlled person, is akin to a possession almost. Could be brave or just insane She tries to get the woman to protect her, but the witch shows her true colors. Soon it becomes clear that Nora’s grandmother favors her when in a reading of the will it is declared that Nora is to be the sole heiress to all of her grandmother’s fortunes. Movies on Netflix A word must be said for the way ‘The Influence’ leaves the ending ambiguous. Then, she turns her attention to Alicia, the daughter she seems to hate more. Under her grandmother’s evil control, Nora grows aggressively more violent and her behavior becomes disturbing. After moving back to her family home to care for her dying mother, a nurse haunted by her childhood memories must struggle with an evil force in the house. As everyone breaks out into the song, “Another Day of Sun,” we learn the backstories behind some of these random local residents. … In the present day, the witch lies comatose on her bed and seems helpless. La influencia The scene ends in Nora falling from a window in the house and injuring herself while the witch barely clings on to her life. Immanuel Kant is believed to have had the greatest influence on any philosopher of modern times. As Nora’s interactions with her grandmother increases, she notices a strange young child lurking around her school. Aside from the grim nature of that final scene (in which Anne forces Abigail to rub her leg, fading into a shot of teeming rabbits), it would seem that Abigail won. Mikel and Alicia do their best to reclaim Nora from her grandmother’s influence. Eventually, she begins to befriend this child. 'Antebellum' star Janelle Monáe explains the thriller's ending, as well as her motivation for signing on to a story depicting the horrors of slavery. Sure, they were governing, but they weren't opposed to pummeling a naked man with fruit in their copious downtime. The twisted relationship between Nora and her grandmother seems to have left her irrevocably damaged and open to the dark forces that the witch commands throughout the movie. Alicia and Victoria have been estranged to each other for many years and now Victoria is terminal in comatose and Alicia will help the nurse Ana. The way the movie expertly sets up the musical themes, then brings them all back in this 7-minute montage is incredibly moving. To give us the color to see There is a chilling scene where she brutally attacks a classmate. También ha servido para explicar los comportamientos de los traidores que abandonaban a su bando para luchar con el bando opuesto. It would go on to suggest that there is no happy ending possible for Nora. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Privacy Policy / Cookie Policy. When Sir Francis Masham died, they moved to the Masham home in Essex. If the dancing and singing weren’t so exuberant, this song could equally likely read as a parody of what a dreamer might sing. Furthermore, she convinces Nora that grandmothers have the best interest of the grandchildren at heart. Inception Ending Explained: Finished watching Inception and need an explanation of the film's ending? Then, she turns her attention to Alicia, the daughter she seems to hate more. This interpretation means that any wistfulness that you experience during La La Land is temporary. Needless to say, things do not go according to plan. Parents Guide. 9 min read. Who knows where it will lead us? While the film isn't a faithful retelling—"Some of the things in the film are accurate and a lot aren't," director Yorgos Lanthimos told The Hollywood Reporter—there's more than a grain of truth at the center of the narrative. Plot Keywords Perhaps, it is another smart move from the witch who is biding her time before she can resume control over Nora and unleash her final vengeance on Alicia, her only surviving daughter. In fact, the young girl is a means to an end for her. Like so many others, this character was drawn to Los Angeles by the lure of fame and the magic of film and television. She misses her dead husband and wants to make her daughters pay for his death. Sarah Churchill managed to become amicable with Anne's Hanoverian successor, King George I, although she didn't desire to return to court. It’s arguably what we need in our times. Suspecting about her own mother despite the coma, the changes in Nora makes Alicia to think in an evil plot with Nora as objective after Victoria named her universal heiress in the will, and specially after to find Victoria's tools for practice witchcraft. Damien Chazelle’s La La Land  dazzled me when I first saw it. He performs the song that they once knew together (listed as “Mia and Sebastian’s Theme” on the film’s soundtrack) and we see a montage not only of the wonderful moments they’ve had together, but of the life they could’ve had. The practices often involved harming the children as well, since we see the witch get one of Sara’s teeth and cut Alicia’s toenail in half. Sinopsis: Alicia regresa a la siniestra mansión de la que huyó siendo una niña -un hogar que nunca ha albergado infancias felices-, convertida ahora en una joven madre de familia. Although her influence over Nora may have weakened, the movie’s ending seems to suggest that it has not completely disappeared. Naturally, this does not please the witch and she sets her own plan in motion to get rid of her daughters. More importantly, the old woman cannot let go of Nora either. The story starts when Alicia goes back to her childhood home to care for her dying mother. And most "downstairs" workers were probably less adoring of their employers than the doting maids on Downton Abbey. She systematically begins to bring Nora under her control, by befriending her through the mysterious young child. It is eventually revealed that Victoria is spiteful having been denied the right to die and now seeks a different kind of immortality and is willing to harm her granddaughter to get it. Eventually, she gets Nora to put on one of the lockets and place a lock of her hair inside, allowing the witch to control her. Although her influence over Nora may have weakened, the movie’s ending seems to suggest that it has not completely disappeared. La influencia es una película dirigida por Denis Rovira van Boekholt con Manuela Vellés, Maggie Civantos, Alain Hernández, Emma Suárez, Claudia Placer .... Año: 2019. While the song is celebratory and fun, the subtext feels the same: Trying to make a dent in the party scene for any reason is a challenging, relentless, and taxing pursuit. In fact, the movie derives its title from the fact that the young girl comes under the influence of her grandmother. Director(s) She has a beautiful house, a husband and kid, and she has become the celebrity at the coffee shop that people give freebies to. Alicia must race against time and her own mother to save her daughter before it is too late. Read More in Explainers: In the Tall Grass | I am Mother. She does not bear any ill will towards Nora in particular. These songs reminded me of another movie musical that came out this year, Moana. And that’s why they need us, Alicia returns to the home she fled from as a child, now turned into a young family mother. And Mia seems to have a new relationship that suits her just fine! She is accompanied by her husband Mikel and her young daughter, Nora. We were seventeen, but he was sweet and it was true Nora tries to end her grandmother’s misery completely by ending her life, believing that the old woman would find a place in heaven and protect her granddaughter. Review: Survival Thriller ‘Ready or Not’ Packs Heat & Plays for... Review Roundup: Control – Great Minds Think Alike. The painters, and poets, and plays, And here’s to the fools who dream Was the top still spinning? She does not bear any ill will towards Nora in particular. Nora displays a childlike curiosity to know more about her dying grandmother who is kept behind a locked door. Nora even makes her case to the grandmother, believing she loves her. The cast of La influencia. In ‘The Influence’, the characters are much more complex and though they have to tackle their demons, we are faced with an extremely unforgiving presence who is not willing to forgive and forget.