Excellent condition!Thank you for looking and please feel free to ask any questions. Decks were displayed in a darker room so colors are still bright. Shipped with a thin cardboard to protect decal during shipping, and Signature Confirmation, thats why it's 3.00 to ship. Template Made By: © InkFrog.com Auction Templates. NOS brand new mint condition. PayPal. Not really any major storage marks to note, a couple small dings ere and there. get it while you can! Posted with, James Kelch decal. They rip, you'll be stoked. Posted with eBay Mobile Posted with. Great for back to school or the Mark Gonzales fan in your life. Has been hanging in my room for 10 years. Rad deck and hard to find. Dean. Nothing too terrible in my opinion. Shipped stateside only. Chad took to Instagram yesterday to clarify that while he is collaborating... We celebrated Halloween 2009 by dedicating a whole week to Chris Cole, culminating in this extreme metal Battle Commander. COMES COMPLETE WITH"KROOKED KRONICLES" SKATEBOARD VIDEO AND BONUS DVD. What do I need to do? All questions welcome. Questions please email. Gonz, book, limited. They come in many colour ways and alternative themed graphics ranging from classic bold colours to ice-creams, to galactic space backgrounds, oh and the board comes with stickers and a novelty Krooked card crown! Classic Krooked Skateboards FREEDUMB Sticker Blue Great Condition ALL Original NOT A RE-ISSUE! Signed for delivery by Hermes courier, Autographed Guest Board Krooked Limited Edition Seriel# 341/400. The painting measures 15 x 37.5 inches and is signed n' dated 2010. 32 inches long. Krooked Ricky Oyola Guest deck ltd. 237/500. Dimensions approx. International bidders contact me about shipping, price shown may be less depending on location. Krooked Skateboards - Eyes Striped Longsleeve Rugby Shirt - Navy / White, Krooked Skateboards - Face Off T-Shirt - Yellow, Krooked Skateboards - Strait Eyes T-Shirt - Cream / Red, Krooked Skateboards - Eyes Snapback Cap - Navy, Krooked Skateboards - Naskar Beanie - Black, Krooked Skateboards - Bird Cuff Beanie - Heather Grey, Krooked Ikons 2 Pink Skateboard Deck - 8.5, Krooked ZIP ZOGGER Skateboard Deck - 10.75, Krooked ZIG ZAGGER Skateboard Deck - 8.625, Krooked - Skript Cuff Beanie - Navy / White / Cardinal, Krooked Pewpils Green Skateboard Deck - 8.5, Krooked Pewpils Orange Skateboard Deck - 8.38, Krooked Pewpils Grey Skateboard Deck - 8.25, Krooked Pewpils Blue Skateboard Deck - 8.00, Krooked Pewpils Purple Skateboard Deck - 7.75, Krooked Team Eyes Yellow Skateboard Deck - 8.38 (Green Stain), Krooked Gonz Sweatpants Skateboard Deck - 8.5, Krooked Gonz Sweatpant Skateboard Deck - 9.81 (Assorted Stains), Krooked Brian Anderson Gathering Deck 8.38", Krooked "Pewpils Green" Skateboard Deck 8.5", Krooked Skateboards - 8.38" Mike Anderson Gathering Skateboard Deck - Various Stains, Krooked "Pewpils Purple" Skateboard Deck 7.75", Krooked Skateboards - Brad Cromer Half Moon Deck 8.06" Wide, Krooked Skateboards - Mike Anderson Gathering Deck 8.38" Wide, Krooked Skateboards - Worrest Flower Deck 8.62" Wide, Krooked Skateboards - Worrest Flower Deck 8.12" Wide, Krooked Zip Zinger Cruiser Deck Classic Yellow - 7.5", Krooked Zip Zinger Cruiser Deck Classic Purple - 7.5", Krooked Skateboards - Krooked Eyes Deck 8.5" Wide, Krooked Shmoo Socks White / Blue / Orange, Krooked Big Eyes Complete Skateboard - 7.3 (Mini), Krooked Skateboards - Skript Cuff Beanie - Navy / White / Cardinal, Krooked Zip Zinger Nano Classic Yellow Deck - 7.125", Krooked Skateboarding - Diamond K Key Chain - Black, Krooked Skateboards Eyes LG T-Shirt - Yellow / Green, Krooked Skateboards - Gonz Sweatpants Deck 9.81" Wide, Krooked Shmoo Lapel Pin Badge Blue / Black, Krooked Skateboards - Zip Zogger Deck 10.75" Wide, Krooked Big Eyes Socks White / Blue / Black, Krooked Shmolo Stripes Embroidered Socks Yellow / Grey. Wheels included/ questions just ask? Shop the best skate stores and brands in one spot. Happy bidding and check my other auctions as I will be doing some serious house cleaning over the next few days/ weeks:D(all sales final. Still displays great. We have a Christian Hosoi Hammerhead Tribute Deck. video featuring Van Wastell. This is not a perfect deck as you can see but. NO SCRATCHES DINGS WARPS ETC. Krooked Chris Miller Guest deck sitting on Independent truck and Illuminati wheels- one of 444 made. Stay up to date with a mix of noteworthy news and the best product in skateboarding. The Krooked Tony Hawk Guest Board features custom artwork done by pro skateboarder Mark Gozales. 336.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fvo%7B%3Dd70f%2B%3E336-147947688b8-0x111-. BEAUTIFUL ART ON THE DVD COVER AS WELL! Posted with, This book is in great shape. Comes from a good home. This is clearly the proper way to use a Zagger. Have a great day and buy some shit son. Based on the imagination and artwork of Gonz combined with skating from Krooked kohorts Dan Drehobl, Mike Anderson, Brad Cromer, Bobby Worrest, Sebo Waker and Ronnie Sandoval, krooked is as krooked duz. Your trailer pack for this feature includes a preview of the classic 2009... Chris Cole grabbed his GoPro and his filmer board, and he answered the eternal question “If a skater kills it in the forest and no one is around to see it, did it really happen?”, PUSHING FOR GOLD—BROUGHT TO YOU BY TIKTOK, MUSKA STILL ON SUPRA — The Legacy Continues, Battle Commander — Chris Cole – October, 2009, CHRIS COLE – THE LONELIEST NUMBER — A Man and His GoPro. PLEASE NOTE: I will be happy to discount shipping on up to 3 of my auction items that can be shipped together& discount will be based upon the actual weight of the shipping& packaging. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of skate history from one of the best skateboarders of all time. Thanks for looking at this item and at my other auctions! Free Cross Sell, Cross promote, eBay Marketing, eBay listing Apps, eBay Apps, eBay Application. So get this deck while you can. Good Luck! g6.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d72f%2B%3Eg6%3E-1474edfd2cd-0x10c-. Krooked Zig Zagger! I'll be back to check out other gear for sure! Adding Ronnie Sandoval and Matt Gottwig to the roster in the past few years. NOS. Circa 2004/2005. MARK GONZALES ORIGINAL ART WORK DRAWINGS EXTREMELY RARE HISTORICAL SKATEBOARD ART WHICH LED TO THE CREATION OF HIS PRO MODEL BOARDS DRAWN IN THE MID 80'S- I GOT THESE FROM A FORMER VISION SKATEBOARDS EMPLOYEE WHO WORKED WITH MARK CLOSELY HELPING HIM DEVELOP HIS BOARD SHAPES* FRAMED PICTURE. This poster has been professionally framed and it's ready to hang in your living room. I accept. please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to combine shipping.Thanks for looking. Thanks for looking. Krooked, thomas campbell, beautiful losers, mark gonzales, tommy guerrero, vintage, rare, original, skate, skateboarding, real, anti-hero, spitfire Posted with eBay Mobile Posted with, Mark Gonzales Real Skateboards 01/02 Poster. Krooked Mark Gonzales Skateboard T Shirt Black L $$ Cool Guy On Shirt Rare HTF! FEEDBACK NOTE Please keep in mind when entering your feedback ratings that WE DO NOT PROFIT from shipping charges. This is number 8 out of 600 Jesse martinez guest boards made from Mark Gonzale's Krooked Skateboards. ALL AUCTIONS ARE STARTED AT A VERY. No warp. Calif 2013" Professionally floated and framed this is the original painting that became the graphic for the deck. this is the super rare Krooked Dan Drehobl Skateboarding pro model from 2003. KROOKED skateboards t shirt size M Med Silver"HOME OF THE BENZ" print on black shirt. Krooked Zip Zinger wheels with Bones Reds bearings. These are 54MM KROOKED Zip Zinger wheels in black(4) with little to NO signs of use. Krooked Zip Zinger 54mm wheels with Bones Reds bearings. Item does cost more to ship due to its Size requiring larger packaging. In shrink. ", "Smooth, quick and easy. Marker on paper. This auction is for a dvd boxset. Gonz Color my friends graphic reissue by Krooked from the early 2000s. Stored in a smoke and odor free environment. 28 years old! Super sick. Original Mark Gonzales hand drawn art. Posted with, Adidas CC Gonz Clima Cool Mark Gonzales Skateboard shoes Size 12 Includes Gonz art work Keychain Posted with. Krooked Skateboarding Spring 2020 is available now in skateshops worldwide. Don’t be mistaken. Vintage KROOKED Skateboards Sticker NOS Mark Gonz Gonzales Art NOS Vintage Good Condition ALL Original NOT A RE-ISSUE! Getting married, trying to thin the herd(somewhat unsuccessfully haha) SHIPPING USA LOWER 48 ONLY. Double DVD set. NOS. Slam City Skates is an institution in London. Especially with the Red Bones Swiss Bearings. Check out my other listing for Powell Peralta Rat Bones 60 reissue wheels. 6 t shirts. sorry its not cheap. One barely used anti hero Hewitt deck with thunders and label less spitfire wheels. bummer! Krooked Zig Zagger Classic 8.5" £60.00. ENJOY BIDDING& GOOD LUCK! A great display piece for sure. 18x24 Posted with, Krooked Mofo'Son Of The Beast' Guest deck. Free Cross Sell, Cross promote, eBay Marketing, eBay listing Apps, eBay Apps, eBay Application. Has some storage wear to factory shrink wrap. This is a great trucker hat and shows the quality the Krooked products were going to be famous for. Posted with, T-Shirts Longsleeved Sweatshirts Polo's Shorts Hats Accessories Zan Headgear Body Jewelry Store home SKATEBOARDS Pro Decks Blank Decks Trucks Wheels, Completes Bearings Hardware Grip Tape Accessories Package Deals PROTECTIVE GEAR Skateboard Helmets Watersports Helmets Motorcycle Helmets Bike Helmets Snow Helmets Helmet Accessories Goggles Protective Pants Knee Pads Elbow Pads Ankle& Wrist Guards Gear Packages BACKPACKS APPAREL T-Shirts Longsleeve Shirts Polo's Sweatshirts Jeans Hats/Beanies Accessories HEADWEAR Bandanna Flydanna Streetdanna Taildanna EYEWEAR BODY JEWELRY Band Rings Earrings Toe Rings Hoops Tapers/Stretc​hers Tunnels& Plugs Nose Eyebrow Belly Rings Barbells Labrets/Monro​es Horseshoes Cheaters LIGHTERS Zippo STICKERS CD& DVD STORE PAGES ABOUT US SHIPPING POLICIES PRODUCT SIZING JEWELRY SIZING SKATEBOARD ASSEMBLY FAQ KROOKED Cross Eyed Ski Mask/ Beanie Color: Yellow INTERNATIONAL BUYERS READ OUR SHIPPING POLICIES PAGE BELOW!INTERNATIONAL 1 HAT MAXIMUM FOR THE FLAT RATE ENVELOPE!Please post all questions direct from the listing!