Sign up to be notified of new comments on this topic. Bouley has appeared on television, having completed two seasons on TNN's Ultimate Revenge with Ryan Seacrest. “Bearman was often heard prattling on about one of the 7 Fs notwithstanding breaking stories, such as mass shootings, that the rest of the media was focused on,” Copeland’s suit states. Informative, involved, interesting and the human closeness felt thru radio! RIP. The station’s owner, Cumulus Media of Atlanta, has filed a response denying all of his claims. Mountain View Voice KGO's move perplexed Burns. Cheers, to a life well lived! On August 4, 2010, Karel appeared on the nationally syndicated Alan Colmes Show to discuss that day's controversial decision to overturn California's Proposition 8, and once again allow equal marriage rights for gay people. Frankly, I don't give a damn, do you? Say something against the person that is partially responsible for those attitudes before he's put in the ground, and that's classless. It was at this time he became a voting member of NARAS, the Recording Academy as a move to get Dance Music a category (which occurred). Country Monday Morning Intel Teams With All Access For New, Cutting Edge Metrics, Billie Eilish, Doja Cat, Dua Lipa, Harry Styles, Lewis Capaldi, Sam Smith, Shawn Mendes And More Will Ring In The Holiday Season With The 2020 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball, Independent Broadcasters Association (IBA) Issues Statement On New Nielsen Policy; Nielsen Responds, NAB Votes To Approve One-Time Assesment Of Its Members. [16][17] Bouley also owned a graphic arts company and worked as a celebrity photographer, imaging celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Diana Ross.[18]. The station had the nerve to put these conservative on in the am. He broadcast from his home in the Sierras. “Defendant Cumulus, however, never accepted him nor treated him fairly because of his race, ultimately firing him as part of a purge of its older employees,” the suit states. In 2008 he started podcasting and his show has expanded to TV and OTT. Thurston then sent a short response that he still didn't get it and indicated that she didn't want his critique first and secondly, he needs to re-learn radio 101 - every mike is presumed to be hot. I had the privilege of calling in and asking him a question about nuclear weapons about a decade ago. Add your comment below. • Alcohol Beverage Licenses Embarcadero Media He warned us about the ecofreaks and how we were set up for these wild fires not to mention many other issues. They will abandon any pretense about the local community and bring in shows with no local concerns whatsoever. Gil Gross I started out not thinking much of but over time I got to appreciate his style and intelligence, even if not so much his clownish sense of humor. He referred them to a human resources staffer holding envelopes for each of them, containing papers and final checks. [30], In 2004, Bouley authored a book of essays titled, You Can't Say That. Former KGO personality stays anchored in Bay Area by downsizing to sailboat. The next host from 10-1? Longtime KGO radio host and scientist Bill Wattenburg dead at 82. "We're stressing breaking, local news. All rights reserved. The hosts today are terrible beginning with the conservative hillbillies in the morning. The audience's wrath was evident soon after word got out. According to Karel's Website, the single is from a 2020 release entitled "Why I Sing" which will serve as Karel's reentry in to music with his first complete album in 25 years. [2] in 1998. By Diana Diamond | 33 comments | 2,965 views, Democracy loses again at City Hall: "Pig in a poke" lawsuit settlement He entered his fifth season of Life in Segments, is releasing a book about plant based eating along with a supporting TV show, is completing a full-length album and moved his studios to Las Vegas, NV where he resides with his service animal and friend, #EmberDoes_Vegas . From 1978 until last year, KGO, under former GM Mickey Luckoff, was No. [52] Billed as Karel Stands Up!, he is regularly seen performing his uncensored stand-up comedy to sold-out audiences in the former Rrazz Room, in San Francisco[53] and at Planet Gemini in Monterey, California. An "Occupy KGO" protest was held Dec. 15th. Yes! [23] "I'm sure there are a million gay [radio] hosts, but not many of them are open, and no one had ever appeared on the air as a gay couple," said Ron Rodrigues, editor-in-chief of Radio & Records magazine. " It was released internationally by the SAIFAM group and remixed by the Factory team. The show received positive reviews and popularity on the channel and online. 1 in the overall ratings. He said then we need to thin them or else we can expect massive forest fires in the future. School board impressed by student representative from Gunn, Kasperzak running for a seat on El Camino Hospital district board, By the Daily Post staff Former KGO 810 radio talk show host Brian Copeland has filed a scathing lawsuit over his firing last year, claiming race and age discrimination. Life after radio: In retirement, Tom Saunders (KYA, KOIT) recently took up painting, and he's a natch, as evidenced by "Milkman's Matinee," his tribute to that 1950s program on WNEW, New York. "[12] and reviewed plays for his school paper for free by taking the words "high school" out of the paper's masthead and getting on all the PR lists. His life partner off-air, Andrew Howard became his co-host on-air and within two years the duo made history as the first openly gay radio talk show hosts on KFI in Los Angeles. Copyright © 2020 All Access Music Group. E-mail comments to [53] He has also appeared with Bruce Vilanch at Cobb's Comedy Club, in San Francisco. He maintains an active YouTube channel and a dedicated Karel Cast App. By the Daily Post staff Former KGO 810 radio talk show host Brian Copeland has filed a scathing lawsuit over his firing last year, claiming race and age discrimination. The video features Karel in Las Vegas Wedding Chapel District as well as in green screen with images of famous men who have cheated on their wives projected on him. Anthony, James (May 11, 1999). Karel & Andrew took a three-week vacation while the station worked on a new spot for them however Andrew Howard died unexpectedly on May 21, 2001. In the suit, filed on his behalf by San Francisco attorney Angela Alioto, dishes a lot of dirt on the radio station that had been No. Charles Karel Bouley, known on-the-air as Karel (pronounced ka-REL), is an American entertainer, talk radio host, singer, TV personality, stage performer, journalist, and author. Why? Only a fraction of the local news stories covered by the Daily Post appear on this website. A deranged young gunman fired three shots at Jim Dunbar's head yesterday while the talk show host was conducting a radio interview, shortly after 10 a.m., at KGO's studio at 277 Golden Gate avenue. Posted by Rich Lieberman at 1:40 PM. [63], February 2015, Bouley was again fired from KGO, this time due to continuing budget cuts by KGO's current owner, Cumulus Media, including the replacement of local programming with low-cost national syndicated shows.[65][66]. Contact Us The station has returned to talk radio but in the last ratings report was ranked 21 out of 40 stations. I will miss him. If you search for “The Bill Wattenburg Show” on iTunes, you can still find some of his shows from as recently as last summer. Advertising Info • Notices of Public Sale The book was published by the LGBT publishing house, Alyson Press. I would never miss Dr Bill’s show. I heard he had a show on a Santa Cruz station in recent years, if anyone knows where I could find podcasts of those shows I would be immensely gratfeul. Even with the new changes coming up they all appear to be white host and I bet Pat got her slot due to this law suit! Home & Real Estate • Service by Publication In 2015 Karel left terrestrial radio for podcasting, The Karel Cast, heard on all streaming services including Spotify, iHeart, iTunes and Spreaker. 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RIP Mr. Wattenburg. Karel started a podcast and online show in 2008, and the Karel Cast in 2019 is available on every major streaming service, ProgressiveVoices Network, Genesis Communications, iHeart, iTunes, Spreaker, TuneIn and more. Well that’s what’s going on now. That is no fun to listen to. TownSquare He taught everyone who listened to him many things, and if you honestly wanted to learn something he was very patient and kind. Rest in Radio paradise Dr. we will miss you! Therefore, I am honored to sign one of the strongest domestic partner laws in the nation. Just email or call (650) 328-7700 to place your legal advertisement. 17 comments: Anonymous March 5, 2019 at 3:38 PM. R.I.P. Copeland’s attorney, Angela Alioto, also represented former KNBR sports talk host Ralph Barbieri, who also sued Cumulus, the owner of that station. He was the only person of color. Had a Trump sign on him front lawn. Radio is no longer what it used to be. Next time I will let the dust settle. Wow, I'm not surprised that he was fired. By Elena Kadvany | 0 comments | 10,805 views, ABAG's housing demands for local cities are too much Same bunch of dopes have caused global warming since the end of ice age to be worse thanks to burning coal instead of nuke power. “For all his irritations and grunting, he was endearing too; go figure. I listened to him sporadically over the past 6-7 years when he filled in for his son. [26], Following his partner's death, Bouley returned to KFI and hosted a talk show there until station management changed and he and others were dismissed in April 2002. CUMULUS News-Talk KGO-A/SAN FRANCISCO 10a-noon (PT) weekday host ETHAN BEARMAN has exited the station. Radio host and physicist Bill Wattenburg. Visitor Info, Send News Tips Thanks for the educaiton Dr. Bill, it didn’t cost me a thing but time, time well spent! In 1995 Karel released the eight song album "Dance...Or Else" distributed by MS Distribution on Karel's own Orbik Records.