4351 Instrumentation, Warnings/Indicators, Transmission, Inspect Transmission 3194 Powertrain, Engine Functions, Miscellaneous, Remote Engine Kill 4524 Instrumentation, Sensors/Transducers, Temperature, First/Single Rear Axle Temp 4645 Instrumentation, ICU/CECU, Spare Power Output, No.5 Some KENWORTH Truck Service Manuals PDF & Wiring Diagram above the page. Sensor Kenworth T680 Cab Control Module CECU - Q21-1076-1-100 Price: 800.00. 7931 HVAC, Miscellaneous, Control Head Communications, Sleeper/Cab TX 3513 Powertrain, PTO’S & Transfer Cases, PTO, PTO Resume 2952 Lighting, Miscellaneous, Fog/Driving Lights, Fog No.1 Set RH 3421 Powertrain, Hybrid System, Inverter, Main: Plus, Plus 1121 Power, Load Centers/Nodes, Chassis LC/Node, Chassis LC/Node Power No.1 Input/Output, Misc. 5918 Safety, Miscellaneous, Windshield Clean (Single And Dual Motor), Park Signal (RL) 5143 Safety, ABS, Valves, Bird of Prey Valve 3162 Powertrain, Engine Functions, Cruise Control, Cruise Set/Accelerate 3911 Powertrain, Miscellaneous, Starter, Starter Relay To Starter Copyright 2018 ©. 2970 Lighting, Miscellaneous, General Exterior Lights 0794 General, Spare Circuits, LVD Circuits, Spare LVD D 6500 Convenience, Navigation/GPS/SAT. 4391 Instrumentation, Warnings/Indicators, Misc. 3199 Powertrain, Engine Functions, Miscellaneous, Engine Multifunction Circuit No.2 3326 Powertrain, Transmission Functions, Shifters, Shift Actuator Motor 2A 5510 Safety, Collision Warning, Control Unit 3511 Powertrain, PTO’S & Transfer Cases, PTO, PTO ON/OFF 4594 Instrumentation, Sensors/Transducers, Miscellaneous, Oxygen Sensor 0915 General, Miscellaneous, Chassis Node Addressing, Address Minus 1440 Power, Multi-System Power, Ground Group B 3124 Powertrain, Engine Functions, Start Assists, Flamestart 3197 Powertrain, Engine Functions, Miscellaneous, Fuel Pump What tools will I need and where are the units, especially the CECU-3? It is labeled CECU Battery Breaker. 7364 HVAC, Sleeper System, Cab Control, Cooler Thermostat 7411 HVAC, Parking Cooler System, ECU, Low Voltage Disable 1215 Power, Power Bus, Battery Bus, Batt Bus 5 3300 Powertrain, Transmission Functions 4523 Instrumentation, Sensors/Transducers, Temperature, Aux. 4365 Instrumentation, Warnings/Indicators, Axles, Axle Lift 4345 Instrumentation, Warnings/Indicators, Lighting, Beacon/Sign Light ON I don’t have any headlight fuses, I have fuses under the hood for the chassis node. 7213 HVAC, Cab System, Blower, High 7310 HVAC, Sleeper System, Blower 1240 Power, Power Bus, Start Bus 0810 General, Data Links, CAN/J1939, 1235 Power, Power Bus, Accessory Bus, ACC Bus 5 3321 Powertrain, Transmission Functions, Shifters, Shift Modulation 4142 Instrumentation, Gauges, Analog Input To Gauges, Tachometer Fuses for chassis node are good, bulbs are good. Information is also available about Peterbilt rebate programs. 1322 Power, Alternator, Voltage Regulation, “I” Terminal, Field Excitation Show More. 1120 Power, Load Centers/Nodes, Chassis LC/Node Topics in the Peterbilt Kenworth CECU3 P Electrical Diagnostic Manual: Safety Electronic Service Analyst (ESA) What Control Unit Do I Have.Kenworth T Wiring Diagram | Wiring LibraryKENWORTH T OWNER'S MANUAL Pdf Download.