My deepest apologies - and know that we will be back one day to play - and that I will be back singing soon. The microphones were placed at different places along that room, further and further away from the speakers. I’ve never been able to say, “Well, I’d like to do that, so I’ll go and do it.” I’d like to. Staying with “Juliette,” I want to know a little bit more about the theater troupe you worked with when you were young. But I certainly played on them, and I loved every moment of it, and just being in their company and the fun and the laughs. But every time I found a piece of equipment that I really loved, I would stick with it for a couple of years. They were kind of grown up as well, they were a few years older than us. I was his ‘song thoughts’ though, which I thought was a bit bizarre but I was very happy to do.”. The record actually was me and Eric Stewart, recorded at Strawberry Studios in Stockport, where I was a director for many years, with Graham Gouldman on bass, Lol Crème on gismo, and Kevin Godley on drums. I just have something to share. “Oh yeah. Learn how your comment data is processed. Even though it looks like I’ve been married for nearly 50 years, I’ve only actually been home for about eight years!”. And then I went back to the same theater company actually with the group from my hometown of Swindon, and we spent all the summer holidays with them in a theater in Jersey, which is one of the Channel Islands, and then at another place another holiday time. The others helped me, through, about how to be on stage. One name that seems to have popped up on your CV more than any other over the years is bandmate John Lodge, and not just with the Moodies. I’m not sure that anyone ever felt like that about exploring those things. They’re always interested in new things and different things. It’s surprising the amount of young songwriters that speak to me about that album. They had a special products division with a wonderful man called Michael Dacre-Barclay, whose idea was to do a record to demonstrate stereo for rock’n’roll. They really wanted a demonstration stereo record to demonstrate their stereo systems. Hayward continues to break new sonic ground as his newly released EP, One Summer Day/My Juliette, one track is melodically unlike anything The Moody Blues ever produced, the other could be quite Moody. You can do it in a sound check and it’s okay, but it has a completely different feeling. In my home town, it was quite an active music scene, and people were forever asking, “How have you gone professional yet?” Which usually meant that you just stay in bed in the morning. Culture Editor Tony Sokol is a writer, playwright and musician. I have a lot of things, but we have what people want to share with us and what… The road is about what you’re offered. But in reality, we were a small part of that idea. But that’s the way, by standing. I think it was the time then when we hadn’t really had any big commercial success, although it appeared like that was going to come along, and it was going to come along in a rush just after that. I never came to the studio when I was unsure about anything, about how anything would work. It carried us along, Question. “If it’s somewhere of interest she’ll come, and she did when we played Days of Future Passed with the LA Symphony at the Hollywood Bowl. We had no idea how that was really going to turn out. But with Buddy, you could be in the group, and that’s why there was such an explosion, I think, in the UK. The phrases that he played, I could never have imagined. After a full endoscopy he reminded me that some damage had been done to my vocal chords when I half sang and 'half spoke' through a Moodies tour a few years ago - bad move!! Particularly with those two little songs, I don’t think there’s anything else on them, just a guitar and voice. She has the instinct to be able to do that. Your distortion on “Higher and Higher” is amazing. Finally, for those who’ve missed out over the years and maybe just know the big hits, where should they start on the Justin Hayward back-catalogue? Justin Time: Moody Blues’ frontman Justin Hayward, heading back to the UK for an In Concert tour. The first real professional job I got was with a rock and roll singer called Matthew Wilde. She’s a cranial-sacral osteopathist with a little practice in Penzance, and works out of her home as well.”, “I do so miss it down there. Cash ticket purchasers can send their tickets to: Cash buyers must include their  mailing address for the refund check. That’s something that I don’t think anybody’s ever really achieved yet, but I’m sure they’re working on it. He’d have it completely finished, and then he and I would play it and work it up. And Tony Clark had some time before, so that really brought things home. Now I must not even try to sing until this has moved on - "I hope it won’t be very Long". Just seemed like something that was kind of atmosphere and the time that I did something to those recordings, just a small voice on those albums. There have been plenty of Moody Blues reunions over the years, and then there’s your solo career, including eight studio albums from 1975’s Blue Jays with bandmate John Lodge through to 2013’s Spirits of the Western Sky. But otherwise I think that would be like having the wife at the office. It was something that he really wanted to do, and I’m glad that we were able to share that with him. Well, it’s not particularly about revealing. I’m intrigued by that. She’s got her own life and her own pals. My favorite is Bettye Lavette’s version of “Night in White Satin.” I wrote to her and she wrote back, which I really wasn’t expecting. Oh, that’s why I became a professional musician, I think. It was a deliberate attempt to try and pull back to something more real.”, “I hope so. Is meditation any more effective than getting lost in the guitar? 26K 1,372. Sometimes it’s about what you can create if you have that power and that kind of money, but the rest of the time it’s… I’m very grateful, but that’s all. Do you ever, on retrospect say, “Hmm, maybe I should have held back?”. Even tour manager Udo had to come to my door and lip-read!! You write some of the most revealing romantic lyrics. I probably was. To keep in touch with Justin, head to his Facebook and Twitter pages or head to, I really hope you come back to Sydney soon Justin. And then everything took us sort of sideways and then carried on climbing in the most wonderful way. We then moved up the hill. I think that’s what Mike likes too. It’s like pantomime in the winter and summer shows for the summer. Tony Visconti was very much into that when we started working. In the tradition of the songwriters of the mid-20th century, really, it doesn’t always have to be about me and about revealing something. But no, I don’t have any rule about that or any shyness about presenting anything. Read More. Is there is an album coming? He is the TV Editor at Entertainment…, Bettye Lavette’s version of “Night in White Satin.”, Letter to You Review: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Take Us Home, Do You Feel Like I Do? Apart from the guy from ZZ Top who’s always managed, I don’t quite know how, but those kind of overlaid harmonics that sometimes come out with really, really high volume. She is NewsOK’s top blogger: Her 4-year-old entertainment news blog, BAM’s Blog, has notched more than 1... I think we were just reflecting what was going on around us. But we all of my generation owe them such a tremendous depth. But when there is an audience there, they bring something to the songs, and particularly that one, that is a kind of magic in the room. There’s an honest answer, which is, I don’t know. How she does that, I don’t know, but she never tries to ad lib or cover up with too much of a swamp of chords or anything like that. Didn’t John Lodge ever want to do those octave jumps that Bill Wyman did? He is best known for being the lead singer as well as guitarist and songwriter for … God, I think Jimmy Durante had it planned, didn’t he? They changed it as well, and they moved it forward. For me, I’ve never been a celebrity or anything like that. He put out the Blue Jays album with Lodge, and the song “Blue Guitar” with the band 10cc, before his string of solo albums Songwriter, Night Flight, Moving Mountains, The View From the Hill, and Spirits Of The Western Sky. I wish I could say that there was, but things just magically happened, which was by far the best way for them to happen. So I went up there into that shop with Mike one day, and we sat down and I played the sitar, and he played the tambora, which I think is the name for that resonating instrument. And then suddenly, we were allowed to explore it. Of course, Buddy Holly was the number one for me, but I do remember, before I went to London, hearing “Love Me Do,” on the radio and walking out into the street and knowing that life was going to be completely different after that, because The Beatles were in it. Yes, I know exactly what’s going to happen, but that’s the joy of it, really making those things work in the studio. I’m working on the road now, I’ll keep my little crew together – with Mike and Julie, my front of house guy and my guitar tech – and that suits me just fine.”.