Prosser admits he got a couple of launch dates wrong. The UWB chipset will play a big part in Apple's AR future, and distribution of U1 devices through your home will give the glasses more anchor points for data. He claimed the new iPhone line will be announced during the week of October 12th, with the non-pro models shipping a week later and pro models shipping in November. ● Blocked by Phil Schiller on Twitter. A March event was scheduled to occur to announce the iPhone SE and other products but was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. Rumors of a smaller AirPower mat have been circulating, but this is the first confirmation from Prosser on the product. A day after the latest iPad Pros were announced, Jon Prosser said to expect 5G iPad Pros by the end of 2020, unless other delays pushed them back. “I’m stubborn, dude,” he said on The CultCast. It was later confirmed that the image depicts a dummy model that had been shared around the internet. Jon Prosser is a downright prognosticator on his Front Page Tech YouTube show. “Throughout at least the last year, my credibility has been a big priority. Another tidbit of information about AirPower leaked on April 10, stating that Apple was experimenting with using an A11 chip to control heat displacement. In October 2020, he shared a leak about the tracker's design. No biggie — time will tell. By February 2020, he began discussing unreleased Apple products on his YouTube channel and Twitter. This will allow contextual information to display in the environment, and allow some gesture control with your hands. On March 13, Prosser mentioned the situation was being assessed in real-time, and store closures would be happening soon. If his track record continues on its current trajectory, Prosser’s tweets will likely generate their own news cycles. It is $99 and about half the size of the Homepod, and has a UWB chip. Prosser got the details of the HomePod mini correct. He eventually got some information about new Android phones, which elevated his profile. He learned the trade on the job. While he may have started life as a tech YouTube personality, a transition occurred sometime after the September iPhone event in 2019. Any rumors of AirPower may have been related to research for the MagSafe system. But the colorful Front Page Tech reporter is off to a pretty remarkable start. Jon Prosser recently leaked information about the revived AirPower project. This was the underlying issue in the first AirPower model, and likely causes overheating. AppleTrack gives Gurman an accuracy rating of 84.2% — slightly lower than Prosser’s — and notes some of the claims that were incorrect. Prosser accurately stated the release date of April 15 on March 31. His videos are filled with bathroom humor, sarcasm, and some good-natured ribbing at outlets who get rumors wrong. Another set of AirPods Pro, over-the-ear headphones specifically, have been rumored as well. His biggest gaff so far lies in AirPower, reporting that the device would be smaller, but identical to what Apple previously released. Despite that, the leak was accurate and the Powerbeats released on March 18, 2020. Prosser’s video detailing the long-rumored Apple AR glasses project made headlines in the tech press. While major publications employ some of the most well-known leakers of iPhones and iPads (Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is probably the most famous), Apple doesn’t always stand off to the side as a simple observer. This is one of the dates that turned out to be inaccurate — Apple later revealed that, Prosser reported that Apple’s AirPower project was “, Prosser reaffirmed that the 2020 iPhone SE — which was then referred to as “iPhone 9” — would be “, Prosser reported that a number of new Apple products. That wild revelation drew skepticism from none other than über-Apple reporter Mark Gurman. “We organized a way to publish a picture, get the first look at it, and keep everyone safe at the same time.”. Target employees contacted Prosser about a new listing in their POS systems for an unreleased AirPods model. The "AirPods Studio" will come in two variants: luxury and sport. Apple leaked the name of the iPhone SE on its own website with product listings that had been up since March 11, but not discovered until April 2. On March 23 Jon Prosser stated that the 2020 iPhone could see delays due to a slow ramp-up of the supply chain. Other Apple-focused publications are taking notice of Prosser’s uncanny ability to produce scoops as well. However, AppleTrack is comparing the accuracy of Prosser’s 15 rumors to Gurman’s 279. So he sacrificed image quality for anonymity, and “had him FaceTime another person. The iPhone 12 launched with four models in October 2020, and Jon Prosser was one of the most-watched leakers for this release cycle. Images he shared ended up belonging to a third-party clone and it appears that AirPower has officially been abandoned as MagSafe launches. No Apple Pencil support either. So that source will no longer trust them or will work with them, and now works with me.”, Apple’s roadmap provides fertile ground for Prosser and his sources.