The latest coronavirus case numbers in Elon, Alamance County and the state of North Carolina. If peopel come together and learn about this order and what it can cause and how it can be treated, it can help out so many people with the disorder.". Feeling lost and unsure of his placement in life led him to believe that his OCD had, “stripped” him of his passion for activities that he used to love, Tessitore said. "I encourage you to spread the word that it is much more than that, and to spread the word to NEVER GIVE UP the fight against OCD and mental illness and try to end the stigma.". The podcast is sponsored by NOCD. Be like Pastor Bob. Tessitore's son, John, is the punter for Boston College. In this episode I talk with Ian about his OCD story, homosexual and relationship themed OCD, his childhood experiences, feeling suicidal, playing professional basketball while experiencing OCD, superstitious thinking, getting therapy, opening up and talking about his pain with a therapist, Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), words of wisdom for athletes with OCD, feeling connected with others with OCD, mindfulness, his book The bounce and the echo, words of hope and much much more. 11/2/16 3:54pm. John Tessitore spoke to students Tuesday night about OCD and other mental health disorders. Click here to view and share the event on Facebook and click on the YouTube video to watch it or share the link with friends. About 18-months ago John Tessitore's friend—John Kelly, whom he admired for his compassion and devotion to helping others—committed suicide after battling obsessive-compulsive disorder. Tessitore said he hopes one day OCD will be cured and by fighting to make a difference, he will help make the lives of mental health patients more bearable. Justin Hughes – Faith, spirituality and religion in OCD therapy (#250),,,, Dr Steven Phillipson – Things that complicate the success of ERP (#247),,, Pete Weiss – Contemporary psychoanalysis and CBT – is integration possible? Kailey Tracy Photo by Emily Smith, contributor. Steven is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for OCD. Kelly was known for his infectious laugh and outgoing nature, as well as working to help others—including others with OCD and with the nonprofit organizations like the Afya Foundation and Invisible Children. In this episode I chat with Katy about her OCD story, how seeing a school shooting on TV triggered her harm worries, googling symptoms and finding relief in what she found, going to get professional help, relationship worries that focused on her marriage, finding an OCD specialist and how that helped her, learning to face the things she was avoiding for years, working on a fear of getting pregnant, the process of recovery, how her husband helps her, working hard at self compassion, words of hope and much much more. October 31, 2020. Hope it helps. In episode 248 I chat with Katy Marciniak who has kindly agreed to share her story with us. However, as time went on our small community of Dobbs Ferry rallied.". By Hope it helps. Dobbs Ferry Resident Takes Virtual Stand on OCD - Rivertowns, NY - John Tessitore is asking people to remember his friend John Kelly, who suffered from the illness, during National OCD Awareness Week. | Only single-use containers are being used on campus this semester, as well as in the dining halls, as an effort to minimize the risk of transmitting COVID-19. Hope it helps. Listen to Joe Tessitore on the call while his son John – the BC holder – draws Clemson offsides on a fake field goal attempt, leading to a TD on the next play. Tessitore is asking the community to rally once more in Kelly's memory for "JCK Legends Weekend" from Oct. 12 to the 14 to spread the word about this his best friend and raise awareness about OCD. "We want to get the word out to as many people as possible and inspire peopel with OCD to keep fighting the battle. "When he passed, many people were in shock and didn't really know how to react, and didn't realize that OCD could actually do this to someone. "Many people think that OCD is just about people touching things, and walking in and out of doors," said Tessitore, on Facebook. Hope it helps. In this episode we discuss why as a CBT therapist of many years he decided to train in contemporary psychoanalysis, Pete explains his progression of understanding, he uses examples to explain his thinking, how differing levels of trauma may have an input on some peoples OCD, the idea “committee of the mind”, Pete’s perspective on Sigmund Freud’s view of OCD, nature and nurture as influences on OCD, how running his OCD camp influenced him to approach OCD relationally, shame in OCD, connecting with others as a way to process shame, empathy in OCD treatment, the idea around a core fear of death and loneliness, and much much more. To find out more about NOCD, their therapy plans and if they currently take your insurance head over to Real Stories That Educate & Inspire Those With OCD. Justin is a licensed professional counsellor in Dallas, Texas who specializes in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Elon cans composting due to pandemic precautions, Tracking coronavirus at Elon University, in Alamance County and North Carolina, March organizer demands law enforcement to be held accountable, police stand by actions, Elon students, others released from custody after being pepper sprayed during march, Multiple marchers arrested, pepper sprayed in Graham at march for voting rights and justice, Elon University announces plans for Winter Term and spring semester. (#245),,, Story: Ian Johnson – Basketball & OCD (#243),, Dr Amy Mariaskin – 4-8 year olds with OCD (#242),, Ian kindly shares his OCD story with us. Tessitore, a childhood friend of Kelly's, is asking people to "Like" his Facebook event, watch his documentary on YouTube and share the links with others to bring awareness about the affects of OCD. Ivy is a licensed psychologist and licensed specialist in school psychology specializing in treating anxiety, depressive, and OCD-related disorders. In this episode I chat with Ivy about why she got into working with people with OCD, living by ones values, the therapeutic relationship, Exposure and Response Prevention therapy (ERP), the importance of doing therapy homework, living with uncertainty, motivation in therapy, words of hope and much much more. According to Tessitore, he is fighting to make a difference for all people who face mental health disorders in order to hopefully find a cure. Pete is a therapist who specialises in the treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder, as well as other mental health disorders. There is currently no cure for OCD, so Tessitore discussed ways of helping people who face mental health disorders seek help and find treatment. In episode 244 I chat with Meg and Matt who have kindly agreed to share their story from the point of view of husband and wife. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Join our newsletter list to receive weekly emails about the latest podcast episode, OCD news from around the community, competitions, events and much more. Tessitore, who is started his new job as a production assistant at ESPN in two weeks, won three prestigious awards at the Cinefest Film Festival in Fairfield Connecticut in May for his film. Pete is a graduate of the Behavior Therapy Training Institute (BTTI), and is currently a doctoral candidate at the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis in Los Angeles, where he is working on integrating behavior therapy and contemporary psychoanalytic theory. This documentary presented Kelly as a enthusiastic individual whose internal fears about upsetting others led him to live in a state of depression as he continued to grow older. Tessitore's 22-minute documentary—which he directed, narrated and edited—called "Heroes Get Remembered, But Legends Never Die" tells the story of Kelly's life through his journal entries and interviews with his family and friends and is aimed at ending the stigmas associated with mental disorders. In episode 250 I chat with Justin Hughes. Tessitore, 22, wants to make sure that his friend is remembered during National OCD Awareness Week from Oct. 8-14 and bring awareness to the condition, ending its associated stigmas. Amy is a licensed clinical psychologist and director at The Nashville OCD & Anxiety Treatment Center. The Elon University student group Active Minds held a discussion to help spread awareness of the growing concerns that surround mental health disorders. In this episode we discuss Meg’s OCD story, losing a friend to suicide, contamination and harm worries, having the support of her dog, also getting worries around her dog, finding out it was OCD, going for inpatient treatment, talking with others with OCD, medication, how she never believed she could get to where she has got to, Matt’s story, how Matt supports Meg, how Meg focused on therapy while also being a new parent, relationship boundaries around OCD, words of advice for partners, words of hope and much much more. Spinnato at Choate Rosemary John Tessitore - Signing Day - Boston College Athletics Skip To Main Content In this episode I chat with Justin about his therapy story, how faith/spirituality and therapy can work together, when OCD shakes someone’s faith, Christian scriptures around fear, worry and uncertainty, working with shame from the taboo nature of intrusive thoughts, living with uncertainty, words of hope, and much much more.