These dorms are really close to Carrier and the stadium. Not to mention the professors truly want to see their students succeed to matter what they are involved in or even if it is just a gen ed class. This list will rank the areas in which the dorms are located from best to worst (Grace Street and Tree Houses ranked separately). They finally put in a small unit in the basement after someone had a seizure down there) hasn't been renovated in well over 50 years, black mold in the building forced people to move out, rooms are about 2/3 the size of any other dorms, etc. Hope this helps, I wrote down as much of the stuff I could remember from my year there. Good people tho. Average cost after financial aid for students receiving grant or scholarship aid, as reported by the college. Located of the West side of Newman Lake, the Tree Houses include Maple, Oak, and Willow, along with Greek Row. Only downside in my eyes would be that it's very distant to East Campus so going to your science classes can be a bit of a journey. For me, there was a clear winner for this one, and it is Hillside Hall. But the location is probably 2nd worst overall compared to the rest. Total number of bachelor's degree programs offered online or through distance education. Don’t like to walk? Eagle has a bad reputation of being a heavily party-oriented dorm, and often has fire alarms going off in the middle of the night. Hey guys! People do love living in Lakeside, and they sometimes choose to go back to live for another year. You're also not too far from bluestone campus, but really far from skyline. Two suites share a bathroom in these halls. The apartments were built in 2015, so they have barely been lived in. Everything is easily accessed, clearly stated, and organized. This was also a fairly easy decision that Hoffman Hall be the stand-out for this area. I have to write an article ranking all the dorms on campus, so please feel free to share stories, how you would rank them, pros and cons, and whatever else you can think of! These halls all have AC and are close to the Quad, which will be beneficial if most of your classes are there. I have had the best experience thus far. I would rank it just behind skyline and bluestone. Close to quad and showker. The dorms/locations will be ranked on the following criteria: proximity to food, location on campus, distance from amenities, AC access, and building layout. 1.) What one word or phrase best describes your school? Favorite movies and tv shows online free. This college has been claimed by the college or a college representative. Village dorms are arranged in a suite style which, in my opinion, is one of the easiest ways to make new friends as a freshman. This area took the cake in the food, location, and building layout categories. Getting enrolled and set up wasn't a long process at all. Greek life is so much fun, there's a variety of clubs and sports to choose from. I will be a freshman at James Madison University starting the fall of 2020. Living in the suite gives you four other roommates that you can interact with. Potomac and Chesapeake are both freshman dorms while Shenandoah is an upperclassmen and freshman dorm (these freshmen are usually in the Honors College). There are some great dorms at JMU, even for freshman. Get notified about exclusive offers every week! The community is SO accepting and diverse. You’re all set if most of your classes are on East Campus, but if they aren’t, it is a daunting walk to Main Campus from these dorms. Often getting the name of “Hotel Hoffman” (and no, I am not lying about that), this building was renovated in 2008 and offers big windows and a beautiful interior. When I'm not there I miss it and feel homesick. But of course shit breaks down more often there. These are really great options for upperclassmen. The dinning options … Go to the gym often? If you have a bike or car, it's not that much trouble really, it's a 10 minute ride over. So underrated. This may not be a fair assessment, though, and might simply be the sentiment of those who have seen—and resent—KD’s rise in rankings. Total number of certificate degree programs offered online or through distance education. The quickest food options, though, are TDU, P.C. All of these halls also offer a hall style environment. Got that cool A/C setup so you aren't sweating bullets during August and September. Some sororities may show a video or do something new for this round to still make it fun. They've got A/C though which is nice and out of all the areas they're known to be the most hype. Greek life is so much fun, there's a variety of clubs and sports to choose from. Each area will also include a “stand-out” dorm which will be the best overall in the given area. Hillside is the hall that is closest to all the food and amenities, and it is directly on Hillside field (which is really nice for relaxing on sunny days). There is also a Subway available to grab a bit to eat. They look great, have A/C, and E-hall is a few steps away from each of them. No AC anywhere (up until halfway through this year anyways. Unless you are a COB major, your classes will be a good distance. Since Gibbons Hall has been torn down, food is a bit of a stretch from these dorms. This was tough since all the Village dorms are nicely located on campus, but Hanson probably has the biggest advantages. The professors are overall very nice and understanding. While they are hall style, they are said to be very cozy since there are only seven rooms per floor. For obvious reasons my family and I haven't been able to visit but it still feels like we've went due to the virtual tours they've made available to the freshman students!