February 20 [14], Xue Yang occasionally accompanied Jin Guangyao on his efforts to bring his father home from the brothels he visited, and he was thus present when Jin Guangyao overheard Jin Guangshan describe why he had never redeemed Meng Shi: that a literate woman was too much trouble. [14], One such person was He Su, the young leader of the Tingshan He Sect and an outspoken political rival of Jin Guangshan's. [13], As Jin Guangshan sought to advance the Lanling Jin Sect's power through demonic cultivation, Jin Guangyao recommended the delinquent Xue Yang as a potential cultivator shortly after the end of the Sunshot Campaign. [24], Mo Xuanyu grew close to his half-brother, and eventually developed romantic feelings for him. Xue Yang tied Jin Guangshan to the bed as Jin Guangyao watched from behind a curtain, ordering the prostitutes not to stop even if Jin Guangshan died. Chapter 47

The crew of the USS Yunmeng are distracted anyway. Although tradition held that he should denigrate the accomplishments of his late brother, he allowed Jin Zixuan's murals to exist alongside his. Once Lan Xichen closed his eyes in acceptance, Jin Guangyao realized that his brother still cared for him, and pushed him to safety.

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Height He brought a pearl that his father had given his mother as a token, and requested it be shown to Jin Guangshan.

He already had a peculiar view on morality YES and Nie Mingjue saw him do some twisted things to accomplish their victory BUT I can't totally blame him.

[5], Bicao gave Qin Su a letter the night before the discussion conference, informing her of her true relationship with Jin Guangyao. Deceased

Power is being drained all over the USS Yunmeng. [33], Many terrible rumors spread about Jin Guangyao after his death, in a manner similar to the rumors once spread about Wei Wuxian. because JGY had definitely figured out what was going on with “Mo Xuanyu” when he suddenly rocked up at Koi Tower on Hanguang-jun’s arm (he’s spent twenty years gossiping with Xichen about Wangji’s love life he knows okay, he KNOWS), but in canon there’s so little time for him to process the revelation of Huaisang’s “betrayal”, so I don’t know if it ever entirely clicked for him exactly how far Huaisang went. Kim Seokjin ist unter dem Künstlernamen Jin bekannt. He chased him into a forest, hacking wildly with Baxia, until Lan Xichen arrived and explained that Meng Yao had been the letter-writer, and had in fact summoned him immediately upon news of Nie Mingjue's capture. [6], Wen Ruohan easily defeated the already wounded Nie Mingjue. He could wait for death, or confess and beg for mercy, neither of which he considered options.

孟 mèng – eldest amongst brothers瑶 yáo – jade, precious stone, 金 jīn – gold光 guāng – bright瑶 yáo – jade, precious stone, 敛 liǎn – to hold back, hide芳 fāng – fragrance尊 zūn – an honorific. 147 notes.


Although Jin Guangshan objected to Xiao Xingchen's demands for severe punishment, he eventually caved after Nie Mingjue's sharp rebuke. He continued to beg her to tell him who wrote the letter, and she continued to refuse.

[36], After being mortally wounded, Jin Guangyao asked Lan Xichen to stay and die with him.

Es wäre ein Dilemma, wenn diese besondere Konstellation auseinandergerissen würde.

[1] Because of his memory and intelligence, his sworn brother Nie Mingjue considered him a rare genius. He proposed the construction of lookout towers to watch over common people,[7] and he allowed his deceased brother's murals to exist alongside his in equal glory, despite the precedent that he should make Jin Zixuan seem less impressive. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world.

Furthermore, he hired thugs to kidnap many juniors, including Jin Ling, Jin Chan, Lan Sizhui, Lan Jingyi, and Ouyang Zizhen, and place them in the Demon-Slaughtering Cave as bait. [8], He was interrupted by the arrival of Nie Mingjue's Fierce Corpse.

Bei coolen Umfragen mitmachen und gewinnen? Though Nie Mingjue banished Meng Yao, he spared his life because Meng Yao had also saved his life during the attack. To us privileged people who didn't grow up abused and insulted in a brothel, treated brutally and considered by everyone less worth than the worst scum, it is hard to understand how strong and sincere MY's gratitude towards LXC was.

“bro i think i might want to do more than just kiss the homies gn”, “bruh nah it ain’t gay we had our socks on”, Lan Wangji longingly lying awake wondering what Wei Wuxian is doing- cut to wwx chugging expired milk, Do I just want wwx to say poggers? Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation - Founder of Diabolism Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Juridicum Raum 717 . Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji eventually sealed Nie Mingjue in Meng Shi's coffin, and, thinking the night was over, Lan Xichen used a Silence Spell before treating Jin Guangyao's many wounds. Find Jin Guangyao gifts and merchandise printed on quality products that are produced one at a time in socially responsible ways. [19], Jin Guangyao received a letter telling him that all his deeds would be exposed in seven days.

[14], About one year after the death of Wei Wuxian,[15] Jin Guangyao sought to marry Qin Su, who had pursued him since he saved her life during the Sunshot Campaign.

so’s your dumb little brother, your disgraced pal who your boyfriend hates, your nephew, his uncle, his other uncle, and your boyfriend’s brother. [6], Nie Mingjue asked him if he thought he was different than those who died, and Jin Guangyao replied yes with a look of "faint insanity" on his face. Jin nicht mehr bei BTS? Live-Action Actor

Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation - Founder of Diabolism Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community.

[20], Afterwards, all of the prostitutes were killed except Sisi, as Jin Guangyao remembered the kindness she had shown his mother. Laut den Presse-Kollegen der KOREAN TIMES haben Verantwortliche aus der Südkoreanischen Hauptstadt Seoul zuletzt eine Arbeitsgruppe eingerichtet, die neu darüber entscheiden sollte, ob Musiker den 21-monatigen Wehrdienst wirklich antreten müssen.

Did he manipulate him in many occasions? [32], The fierce corpses of Jin Guangyao and Nie Mingjue were sealed in their coffin for a hundred years, meaning that they could not enter the soul cycle for at least that long.

Episode 4

[5], Although his father had dismissed the idea,[6] Jin Guangyao proposed the lookout towers as a means to save the lives of common people who did not live near cultivation sects. In revenge, he murdered Jin Rusong, and Jin Guangyao tore down his sect in revenge.

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[6], Jin Guangyao later claimed that Jin Guangshan had requested that he assassinate of Wen Ruohan, though whether it was a true request or merely something he did to please his father is unknown. [6], On the surface, Jin Guangyao showed a caring and humble demeanor. [4], His blood destroyed the seal, and as Lan Xichen grabbed him, Nie Mingjue's fierce corpse lunged for the both of them.

[12], Hoping to benefit from political chaos that would result, Jin Guangyao informed Jin Zixuan of their cousin's plan, placing his half-brother in a tense situation between his cousin and his wife's sworn brother.

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plus several random hangers on to serve as a peanut gallery, did your wife just stab herself with an Evil Knife because of incest? Also, JGY'a actor (who I believe uNDERSTANDS HIS CHARACTER MORE THAN EVERYONE ELSE IN THIS WORLD let alone the author SO I BELIEVE THAT SMALL SUNSHINE) confirmed in more than one interview how JGY truly cared for LXC and respected him in all way possible, claiming that, those are his exact words, "JGY would have NEVER EVER EVER EVER hurt LXC".

Y’all we already know he’s petty it ain’t a stretch to assume, that internally, he’s like “Sizhui out off the friends you could have made why these two?? [Image description: a screenshot of Jin Zixun with Su She behind him, saying “Why are you everywhere?” End image description], Jin Guangyao with wet hair for tonight…. Tho i think he fits jin guangyao more, jin guangyao’s actor looks so intimidating when guangyao is supposed to be ‘friendly’ while zixuan is a stubborn fool and a peacock, tho yucheng does kind of look like a peacock樂 saphies-world .

Clan As for his son, Jin Guangshan said, "forget it."

cool cool cool your younger brother is there, and your younger brother’s crush/soulmate, and your other younger brother, and your ex-fiance’s mom, half-brother, half-brother’s boyfriend, and cousin are also there. Courtesy Name

[5], Although Qin Cangye was hesitant because of Jin Guangyao's origins, eventually, both Qin Cangye and Jin Guangshan approved the match.

[9], Not long after, Wei Wuxian interrupted a private banquet held by the Lanling Jin Sect to speak with Jin Zixun. [2], One night, Nie Mingjue overheard a conversation between the visiting Lan Xichen and Meng Yao, in which Lan Xichen asked whether Meng Yao still wished to earn his father's approval. Although he was horrified to discover his true relationship with Qin Su, he proceeded to marry her and father Jin Rusong after learning this fact.

Lan Wangji’s inner dialogue when he goes on nighthunts with the pack of juniors. Eventually, he promoted Meng Yao to be his right-hand man, and was greatly pleased by Meng Yao's capabilities and conduct. He is twisted, he is fucked up, he did horrible HORRIBLE stuff and I'm not defending that little bastard, I'm not justifying his actions and I never will.

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Moreover, if he had seen someone more than twice, he could remember all of their likes and dislikes, and thereby cater to their needs.

Animation [30], Su She arrived with Nie Huaisang as another valuable hostage, but he was quickly followed by Jiang Cheng.

[4], Jin Guangyao's last words were "Fuck you, Nie Mingjue! Novel

High quality Jin Guangyao gifts and merchandise.

Unfollow. [23], Unfortunately, an unidentified sect leader went into a murderous rage after losing an arguments over the lookout towers.

I believe he would make the most fantastic ruler/emperor in a different historical context.
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[21] He kept her locked away for approximately eleven years, when Nie Huaisang rescued her as part of his plan to expose Jin Guangyao. Bisher gelten nämlich unterschiedliche Regeln für bestimmte Berufsgruppen.

However, the corpses were actually caused by Jin Guangyao's use of the Yin Tiger Tally, not Wei Wuxian.

https://www.bravo.de/bts-keine-hoffnung-fuer-jin-382740.html Doch neueres Überdenken der bisherigen Regeln brachte keine guten Nachrichten für Jin  Die Regeln für Musiker sollen nicht geändert werden.

LXC showed him respect when no one in the world (except for his mother) did. [37] Meng Yao used the attack to murder a general who bullied him, though he claimed the man had also freed Xue Yang and framed him. endstream endobj 79 0 obj <>/Metadata 3 0 R/Outlines 7 0 R/PageLayout/OneColumn/Pages 76 0 R/StructTreeRoot 16 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 80 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 81 0 obj <>stream

[1], Jin Guangyao led a group of disciples from the Lanling Jin Sect to recover his mother's coffin before parting.