See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Jim’s connections and … The late Jim Warren was a computer engineer, a long-distance runner, and a science fiction reader. She wrote to the University of Houston Law Center and got a job teaching there. She was in charge of all the child care.’’. She had traded speech pathology and preschool teaching for law school, graduating at 27 years old and eight months pregnant again. I get it. He flew back and forth almost every weekend, coaching soccer and attending parent-teacher conferences. Asked how they made it work, Warren said simply, “He did it all. The family moved in June. But during an interview with his wife, Mann was assertive and wry, repeating his favorite bit of marriage advice: It’s always preferable to be a second husband, or “H2,’’ as he dubbed it.        Boston Helps. For months, talk of Warren’s family has had a bitter, biting edge to it, following revelations that she had claimed a Native American heritage in employment forms and law teaching directories. . Coronavirus Help. But family did help Warren get where she is. View Jim Warren’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.        Testing locations See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Jim… Returning to law school could be overwhelming, recalled Patricia Nachtigal, who, like Warren, had taken a few years off before attending the Rutgers School of Law-Newark, where they became friends. “I saw this woman talking to someone, and I was just captivated,’’ Mann recalled. Header image: Bay Bridge (#102224) by mark sebastian; Volunteer image: Vintage Microphone by Ryan McGuire; Get Social image: \/ by Thomas Leuthard; Members Only image: Master’d by Robert S. Donovan; Events image: SPECIAL SET – 16x hi-res Neourban Hipster Office: by markus spiske; Membership image: City Zoom by Ryan McGuire; Blogs image: by Jeff Sheldon; Sponsors/Partners image: Hurry by Greg Westfall; Background image: grey by gagilas. Warren.’’. “He’s decidedly unexuberant,’’ Johnson said. “I can’t imagine anybody putting up with me over long periods,’’ Warren reflected recently. Jim Warren doesn’t have any public activity. Tyagi, 41, runs a placement firm for high-level consultants and managers and is chairwoman of the board of Demos, a liberal think tank affiliated with The American Prospect magazine.        Resources “It’s why I can never be cranky about Jim [her first husband]. And then there was the help from Aunt Bee, Bess Amelia Reed Veneck. She did not file for divorce until the fall. Both children live in California. Fortune, she says, has been kind to her. He was, Warren hastens to note, “not a bad guy.’’ But it was the 1970s, and she was the mom. SERVICES Meeting the region’s needs for engineering, planning, landscape architecture, transportation, and surveying. These days, the baby in Warren’s house is Otis, the mellow golden retriever she walks around Fresh Pond with Mann when not on the campaign trail. Then Aunt Bee told her, “ ‘Well, Sweetie, I can’t get there tomorrow. Mann and Warren married within six months of her divorce. The Warren truss is one of the most widely used and known bridge styles worldwide. The first suspension bridge to utilize a Warren truss in its design was the Manhattan Bridge in New York City. “I didn’t even know if she had a family,’’ Rita Mercier, a former Lowell mayor, said from the stage at a Brown rally last weekend, “because I didn’t know where they were.’’. Her colorful anecdotes, though, may take some liberties. But she’s got the exuberance.’’, On the campaign trail, Mann seemed affable but awkward, hesitating while waiting to mention whose husband he was. James Warren (1806–1908) was a British engineer who, around 1848 to 1907 (along with Willoughby Monzoni), patented the Warren-style truss bridge and girder design. . Unlike her opponent, US Senator Scott Brown, who has increasingly relied on his camera-ready wife and daughters to vouch for his appeal to women, Warren’s family appears less often.