Biographic Information Raised rectangles on each side of the pack are painted slate blue. Shoulder straps fit into the top of the back and chest. The front edges of the kama line up with the outside edges of the front two panels of the belt. Rex attempted to reason with Jesse, stating that she was no longer a Jedi, but Jesse reiterated that Rex himself had already ordered for Tano's elimination earlier. He led one last assault on the two targets, but he was pushed by Tano with the Force. The 501st Legion is a worldwide Star Wars costuming organization comprised of and operated by Star Wars fans. Jesse was present at the planning base of the attack on the Separatists assembly complex where General Windu suggested moving their forces to the assembly complex. The base color of the pauldron is satin black. The shoulders slightly curve back at the bottom. Clone Commander Jesse is a hard-fighting patriot who proudly wears the cog-shaped symbol of the Galactic Republic on his helmet, and has a large tattoo that covers his face. However, the clones were instructed by Rex to trust their leadership. • All numerical measurements given in CTD CRLs are approximate. When Republic forces converged on Grievous, Jesse and his squad tried to shoot down a shuttle that was trying to pick up Grievous, but they failed to stop Grievous from escaping. His facial features include having a clean-shaven head and a Republic insignia tattooed to his forehead with medium facial stubble.

Jesse led the defense of the main hangar, through which Tano and Rex were attempting to escape by boarding a shuttle. He was described as a proud soldier of the Republic, which led to the addition of the Galactic Republic emblem on his face and helmet. Jesse held his ground against the Umbaran Militia's mobile heavy cannons while the clones took more heavy losses until Fives and Hardcase formed their own plan and were able to destroy them with commandeered Zenuas 33 Umbaran starfighters.[8]. Jesse, along with several other clones, were on their way to reinforce the entry point on C-deck in the undercity of Sundari before Maul's forces attempted a counterattack against them. The LEGO Group is not liable for any loss, injury or Items below are optional costume accessories. They decided to put Pong Krell under arrest Rex freed Jesse and Fives from the detention cell and they confronted Pong Krell.

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[1] As a result of his programming, Jesse lost all parts of his personality that allowed him to distinguish himself from the others. Jesse apologized to Tano and Rex, admitting that he told Maul everything he knew about her. After awhile the clones got suspicious about pong krell and after he didn't let them use the starfighters to attack the enemy command ship. If the seal is not incorporated as part of the under suit, a balaclava or other similar covering is acceptable.