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Bratz were discontinued again in 2016 after a poorly executed re-branding and low sales. Bratz Petz debuted in 2004 and were discontinued in 2006. Always on the cutting edge of cool, Jade is the ultimate fashionista! The Court Of Appeals rejected the District Court's original ruling for Mattel, where MGA Entertainment was ordered to forfeit the entire Bratz brand—including all registered copyrights and trademarks of the Bratz name—to Mattel. She has appeared more rarely in recent collections, and often when Sasha is not part of that specific collection. The Bratz logo was also reverted to the original and a new slogan was adopted. In Bratz: The Movie, Yasmin & Jade are considered best friends out of all the Bratz. [citation needed] The show, titled Bratz Makin' The Band, is an online talent competition reality show, in which Bratz fans will form bands and compete via the Bratz YouTube channel. She is a true trendsetter, always chases the next big a… "[28], Mattel Inc. and MGA Entertainment Inc. returned to court on January 18, 2011 to renew their battle over who owns Bratz, which this time includes accusations from both companies that the other side stole trade secrets. Episode 2: Skate or Chick – Cloe and Yasmin decide to build a chicken coop in the garden, but Jade has also planned to build a half-pipe in the garden. The dolls feature the original slogan and another re-working of the original logo. Jade also comes with a cute cat figurine and star-shaped hairbrush that increase the options for make-believe play. Episode 3: Cupcake Crash – Sasha helps Cloe get over her addiction with a new video game app. Her power is the power of prophecy. Later on in Season 3. Bratz: The Movie from 2007 is the only live-action Bratz feature film. Her favorite accessories are bracelets and earrings. Guaranteed by Wed, Apr 29. Episode 1: Selfie – The Bratz pack design a photobooth to take better selfies. On May 21, 2018, the 17th anniversary of the Bratz, Hayden Williams announced that his collaboration with the brand would be released later in the year. Bratz Babyz debuted in 2004 with infant accessories such as bottles and blankets. Smaller than regular Bratz Babyz, they include their own newborn pets. Jade, like Sasha, plays a more secondary role. [1] The competition was high with Barbies. Raya is one of Jade's best friends, they are very close together. Me? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In Bratz: Genie Magic, she took a romantic interest for a movie star, Matt Rock, but dumped him after watching his movie premiere, which involved him waxing his legs. Episode 6: If the Shoefie Fits – Raya starts a new trend when she goes to class wearing two different shoes. The jury also ruled that MGA and its Chief Executive Officer Isaac Larian were liable for converting Mattel property for their own use and intentionally interfering with the contractual duties owed by Bryant to Mattel. In 2013, Bratz got a new logo and a new slogan, and the dolls all got new bodies with articulated arms, with a height to match their competitor Monster High while keeping their unique faces, and sporting brand new fashions. Bossy? [27] In 2011, MGA prevailed over Belair. [dubious – discuss][7]. [1], Four original 10-inch dolls were released in 2001—Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, and Sasha. The plot involves the four Bratz girls starting high school. The report has been criticized for an apparent lack of supporting evidence and data. They just think they're pretty. All of them were distributed by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and later through Lionsgate. Based on feedback from many former Bratz fans, they rejected the new Bratz dolls and preferred the Bratz dolls released prior to the relaunch in Fall 2015 (and to some extent, prior to the relaunch in Fall 2010). Type: Doll. The dolls were packaged with a Bratz girl in the right half of the box (Cloe, Yasmin, Jade, Meygan, or Nevra) and matched with a mystery Boyz doll behind the door on the left. Watch. She is best friends with Cloe, Sasha and Yasmin and is in the Bratz Pack with Cloe, Sasha and Yasmin . [39] The web series was seen on TV on Kabillion. She enjoys shopping at trendy boutiques and thrift shops and always manages to put together very cool outfits. The Court of Appeals also ordered MGA and Mattel to resolve their dispute out of court. In early 2010, Bratz took a brief hiatus after Mattel's first lawsuit and returned later that year to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the franchise. In 2015, Jade became the leader of the Bratz pack, followed by Yasmin & Cloe. The dolls were 6" tall and, thus, shorter than the regular Bratz. Bratz Magic School Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. [1] In 2006, a toy-industry analyst indicated Bratz had captured about forty percent of the fashion-doll market, compared with Barbie's sixty percent. MGAE confirmed there would be 10 episodes for the first season, which would turn out to be the only season. A window showing the doll's feet would provide a clue to which Boyz doll it was, especially important in the quest for the rare Bryce doll, available in only one of every 24 boxes. This decision was made due to the brand's decreased popularity after their previous hiatus in 2010, which resulted from the lawsuit against Mattel. Jade Lihua Henderson nicknamed Kool Kat is a character. They featured almond-shaped eyes adorned with eye shadow and lush, glossy lips. [20] On July 17, 2008, a federal jury ruled that Bryant had created the Bratz while he was working for Mattel, despite MGA's claim that Bryant had not been employed by Mattel at the time and Bryant's assertion that he had designed the Bratz between two separate periods of employment at Mattel. All 10 episodes were compiled into a 25-minute video titled Bratz: Friends Forever on Netflix. Meygan & Jade have been friends since they were young, they have a strong friendship. Larian said that he never heard about the news or of "the organization who is behind this negative and false campaign immediately prior to the last holiday shopping weekend."[11]. In 2004, sales figures showed that Bratz dolls outsold Barbie dolls in the United Kingdom, although Mattel maintained that in terms of the number of dolls, clothes, and accessories sold, Barbie remained the leading brand. [4] MGA Entertainment made the decision to completely overhaul the Bratz brand throughout 2014, in an effort to return the brand to its roots. The bodies were changed to be 10" tall again, but with a new body and head mold. Episode 9: Snow In Love – Yasmin and the Bratz pack help cheer up Raya after coming back from a fun ski trip. From the dolls' stylized proportions to fashion-forward clothing, the brand has always followed pop culture trends closely. On May 21, 2017, the 16th anniversary of Bratz, Larian took to Twitter once more to announce that the Bratz would be returning Fall of 2018.[5]. On Black Friday, 2018, the new set of Bratz collector dolls designed by Hayden Williams were officially released, sold exclusively through Amazon. [22] Subsequently, on December 10, 2009, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit granted MGA an immediate stay of the injunction, thereby halting the impending recall of all Bratz products, ensuring that retailers would be allowed to continue to sell MGA-produced Bratz product through at least the Court's final ruling on the matter.