These names are so cute and cool to name your little baby boy. If you choose to name your son this, be sure he will have a hip and cool name with a bit of traditional touch! Boys. These are the most popular boys' names in Italy for 2015. Abramo; Alessandro; Alessio; Andrea; Antonio; Brando; Christian; Daniel; Davide; Diego; Domenico; Edoardo; Elia; Emanuele; Enea; … This name comes from Hebrew, and it means orchard or a garden, though not so popular yet, it can make a great name for your son. James means supplant, and Oliver refers to the olive tree. Instead, give him a short and cool name with a beautiful meaning attached to it! Stefano means ‘crown’ or ‘he who wears a crown’. Whilst Gino is of Italian origin; it does also have ancient Greek roots. Bosco is the name of an Italian saint and thus a great way to tribute him. Let your baby boy be strong and a master of arts by giving him this classic, Italian name. A baby boy given this name will grow safe in the knowledge that he is priceless to his parents and will be loved and cared for more than any precious gem. It is the name of the Italian origin which means strong and sturdy. The meaning of Tasso which is a name of the Italian origin is a ‘cup.’. The usage of this name has increased again in the past decade. What can be a better name to the gift of God than calling him beautiful? Your use of this site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. It is a beautiful name that you could give your baby boy if you want something traditional as well as meaningful. If you are looking for a good Italian boy’s name, go for this one. We must say we dig the stylish tone it carries with itself. Romeo is an Italian boys name meaning “pilgrim to Rome, Roman.” This name was put on the map by William Shakespeare and one of his most famous plays of all time, the star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet. The name means ‘one who possesses a lot of money’. A baby boy with this name would naturally be a generous gift and hopefully always be a kind-hearted soul who helps people. Italian baby names sound heroic and dashing and have a meaning attached to the same. In the Old Testament, he was Adam and Eve’s, second son. The name means Warring or God of Mars. Imagine naming your son Drago? Luigi – which means Famous Warrior 7. Italian Boy Names. If you think your boy will grow up to be that, then why not choose this name for him? It is the Italian variant of the word ‘Lazarus’ and is a biblical name. It is also the Latin form of the word Luke. Yet another popular name among Italians, Alessandro means ‘defender of mankind’. It is a holy name, and it means ‘God is gracious’. It is a Renzo in Italy means Third link or third son. It has gained huge popularity over the years. Dario – which means Wealthy 2. However, the modern version of Romeo and Juliet featuring Leonardo DiCaprio came out in the US made it a famous name and yet again the famous football star David Beckham, and Victoria Beckham named their second son as Romeo. It will be a perfect name for your baby boy who will grow up to be a strong man. A unique name which means ‘someone who is a bright warrior’. The name actually means enduring. These twin brothers are all set to take over the world. Often we stumble upon cool names but doing a bit of research about the same doesn’t hurt either. It means ‘God is gracious’ and is a reasonably chic name to give to your child. It is a prevalent Italian name, and it also means ‘ruler’. Domenico means ‘belongs to God’. Please read our Disclaimer. Dario. A very popular name in Italy, Matteo means gift of God, and this may explain its popularity. It is an unusual name with French origins and is used as a first or a last name. It is everything you want your son to become as he grows up. It means the second son and is an ideal name for your second child. Arnold is one of the most popular Italian boy names. 2. This name of the Italian origin is associated with a very famous city. Though a little difficult to pronounce the name Onofre with a German and Italian origin is very famous amongst the parents because of the beautiful meaning that it carries and it means defender of the peace. This can be an Italian first name or surname. boy Of the Lord. That is what this name means and would be a perfect fit for your little boy. Not as common as it once was, the meaning from Italian origin actually means rest. A popular name all around the world, Georgio means ‘agriculturist’. It means ‘angel or messenger of God’. Although it may sound the same as ‘Luca’. Go for Luigi. It is a unique name, and it means nobility. It can also mean ‘any weapon used during wars’. Casmiro means ‘famous’, and that sure is something everyone dreams of being! So, if your son is a water baby, then without a doubt you should give him this beautiful name. Although losing popularity, this name is often used by Americans as a short form like ‘Celeste’. The name means light. Belvedere is a famous boy’s name of the Italian origin that means ‘beautiful to see’. So if you are all willing to raise a fearless offspring, this Italian name is ideal. accepts no liability for any errors, omissions or misrepresentations. The name means ‘follower of Christ’. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. Aldo means ‘old’ or ‘wise’ and even ‘noble’. What is braver than a wolf or snow leopard? Fiero means ‘proud’ and is undoubtedly cool to say! It is also a holistic name meaning ‘God is among us’. It is the name of Greek origin. So with any luck, name your baby boy Rocco, and he’ll hopefully be a calm child and sleep through the night. So, if you are an expecting parent and want your kid to be wealthy and successful, this is the name you should go for! In Italian, Tito means ‘of the giant’, and we are sure your son would grow up to love this short and cute name! An adorable cherub with this name would definitely be a precious gift and possibly a calm and sensible child. It is also a name in the Holy Book. Gino sounds classically Italian, and with this name, your bouncing bundle will hopefully have a long and prosperous life. Yet another classic but strong Italian baby boy name. The language of love and romance is Italian, Italian boy names have a hypnotic quality to them, and they also have Latin roots. Almost every other Italian is named Sergio, which means ‘a servant’. It means ‘conquering’. It means ‘longing’, but we suggest you choose this name just for how hip it sounds! It is an abbreviated form of the name Federico from the Italian origin. The name means ‘one who has the power of Sun’. A steadfast name which may help build a strong mind and character, a determined child unlikely to give up easily. Shortened to Leo, it means lion. Traditionally, a fitting name for a man of the house. Until recent times, Italian names were derivatives of a saint's name or had a connection with religion. A widely popular name as it has several variations used by parents around the world. It is one of the best Italian boy names. This can be a very popular name for all the fashionistas. A commonly used name, Gabriel means ‘God is my strength’. A popular Italian male name. Adalberto Aristocratic and bright. It is a Latin name representing ‘Lion’. The name means ‘a man of luck’ and is a hugely popular one among all Italians! What sounds more Italian than the name Callisto? Call your baby boy Luciano and watch him shine, and light up the room as he enters. + Add to my list Related names. Want something unique yet beautiful as a name for your baby boy? Vito means ‘life’. Ale Defender of man. In Hebrew, Ethan means strong or firm. Eustachio too is a popular Italian boy name and is used to respect a very famous saint. The name Michelangelo means God’s messenger. Kajetanis a name with Italian origin which means rejoice. A short name but still a common Italian name, Sal means ‘one who is a saviour’. The name is perfect for a little boy to grow into a strong-minded and physically fit young man, one who takes charge and is a decision-maker. The name means ‘bright fighter’ and is a strong one for Italian boys. boy Supplanter. Bravo is a boy’s name of the Italian origin which means excellent or courageous. With a name like this, he is sure to conquer many hearts and be victorious in his endeavours. In Hebrew, two name elements refer to God. It is an Italian origin name which is extremely popular. Both these names Elijah and Joel contain these name elements but in a different order. A little boy given this name could grow up to be of strong mind and intellect and run his own company if not higher up. This name is related to the Italian boy’s name Nuncio. Suggest Name. The name has its roots in the Adriatic Sea. It means the one who is from Italy. Another cute and funky name, Tore means’ saviour’. Lapo is the word with Italian origin which means Yahweh may protect. Tempo means Time in Italy. Our Information is Highly confident and suggested Lifestyle Resources on the Internet. The meaning is really beautiful to make it very famous amongst the parents for their little boy. This name is kept by many as respect for the renowned fighter by the same name. This modern Italian baby boy name is another variant of the popular Hebrew name Carmello, and it means an orchard or a Garden. Both Vincent and Victor are popular Italian names of the Latin origin; the former one means to conquer while the latter one means winner or conqueror. Angelo will surely be a perfect name for your little bundle of joy. © 2010-2020 It is a Spanish variation of the name ‘Joseph’. A common yet widely wanted name, Felix means ‘a man blessed with luck, fortune and success.’. Although it sounds French, it is an exquisite Italian name. Even if your child misbehaves, it would be difficult to reprimand him with a name like this. ‘A man of wisdom and understanding’, Favio sounds like the perfect name for your perfect boy. The name itself suggests its meaning. In Hawaiian, it also means ‘Passionate lover’. Looking for a proper Italian name? Nicolo means Victory or conqueror of the people. This name is ‘Marcel’ or ‘Marcelo’. Diego. Ivano: It … All rights reserved. Rochus is the Italian and the German variant of the name Rocco. It is an uncommon name but a religious one; it means ‘God is salvation’. Your son is sure to bring warmth in your life and take away all the darkness. It is by far the most beautiful meaning name you can choose for your son. It means well-born or noble. It means ‘Holder of Heel’ and is a holy name. Aldus is a very popular name for the first son or the elder son. A royal name for your royal baby boy! Aldus is a very popular name for the first son or the elder son. Emidio is a beautiful name which means ‘Friend of God.’. It also means supplanter or held by the heel. An Italian name which means a little saint. I hope you find this list exhaustive enough to help you choose the best apt name for your child. On the other Jonah means dove and also comes from the Hebrew origin. Happy parenting, folks. Many Italian baby boy names are chosen with patron Saints in mind, maybe because they want their child to be blessed. Once again, this is also a prevalent Italian and Spanish name. The name’s popularity is got from the ace Italian designer Giorgio Armani. Elio has become a popular name ever since Call Me By Your Name released. 25 Latest And New Biba Kurtis Collection For Women, Top 20 Latest A Line Dress Designs for Women in Fashion, 20 Best Styles of Women’s Lace Tops Collection in 2020. Aldus: Hebrew,Italian,Latvian,Portuguese,Romanian,Spanish. Chance is the French variant of the name Chauncey which in Latin refers to ‘chancellor’ while Chase in French means ‘To hunt.’ A perfect combination for twin brothers. Caleb is the Italian boy’s name that means faithful while Joshua in Hebrew means ‘Lord is salvation.’ According to the Old Testament, people named Caleb and Joshua were the only people over the age of 20 to enter the Promised Land.