If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Moreover, closed captioning was unavailable, therefore, I was unable to view this program. Created by renowned author Ruth Rendell, the first six series focused entirely on Rendell's main literary character Chief Inspector Reg Wexford, played by George Baker. I really like Inspector Wexford and his partner. When Piers and Rosario turn up out of the blue, Petra begins to question them over their whereabouts. We'll base this on various factors for example "If you like Jack Reacher..." or "If you like short stories in the horror genre". Deborah Poplett as Sheila Wexford (Series 1—6, 9, 11), Charon Bourke as Sylvia Wexford (Series 2—6, 9, 11—12), Isobel Middleton as DS Karen Malahyde (Series 2—6, 9, 11—12), This page was last edited on 10 October 2020, at 13:47. And they were about to vanish forever when the new highway cut through them. Quality of sound track terrible! In this book, one of the most famous sleuths of the 20th century, named Inspector Wexford, was introduced. . The corpse, as Chief Inspector Wexford is informed later, has lain buried for ten years or so, wrapped in a purple cotton sheet. A twelve year old boy is dazzled when is older cousin comes to stay, but is suspicious when her aunt unexpectedly dies and leaves her a large sum of money in her will. He has a good relationship with Sheila (his favourite) but a difficult relationship with Sylvia (who feels slighted though he has never actually intended to slight her). In one of her interviews given in the year 2013, author Ruth Rendell has stated that Wexford is actually a Liberal Democrat. In these Inspector Wexford Specials, the kindly, compassionate detective investigates the disappearance of his doctor's daughter and an environmental protest that goes horribly wrong. The links beside each book title will take you to Amazon, who I feel are the best online retailer for books where you can read more about the book, or purchase it. Wexford investigates the disappearance of a wealthy, bohemian socialite. He made his first appearance in the author's 1964 debut From Doon With Death, and has since been the protagonist of 23 more novels (plus some short stories). As someone who read the entire Bosch Universe this year, I’m really excited about this one. Based on international best selling author Ruth Rendell's riveting novels, 'The Inspector Wexford Collection' is full of drama, deceit and intrigue. Wexford is forced to re-open his first murder case. He desperately wishes to prove Inspector Wexford wrong and tries to probe into the lives of all the witnesses that were questioned in relation to the murder case years ago. They need it more than me. When a third body is found, the case takes a disturbing and unexpected turn. The woods outside of Kingsmarkham were lovely, dark, and deep. The deeper Wexford digs, the darker the realities become, and what he finds leaves him feeling lost in a world absent of morals. An extra 29 episodes of the series were made that did not feature Inspector Wexford. Unaware that Bob and Magdalene are the adulterers who murdered their spouses and faked the suicide pact, Susan offers her neighbour comfort, which he pretends to accept in order to find out how much she knows. Please try again later. This one in particular sounds amazing with Mickey having to defend his own innocence – from behind bars! Chief Inspector Reginald "Reg" Wexford is a recurring character in a series of detective novels by English crime writer Ruth Rendell. These elements helped the book to become one of the best psychological suspense books. Wexford finds he is dealing with a very nasty case when nature-loving Elizabeth Nightingale is murdered on one of her nightly walks through the woods around Myfleet Manor. . Reviewed in the United States on November 23, 2015. Wexford investigates a suicide and the death of an elderly woman. Episodes 4-5, "The Strawberry Tree", are not included in this set and has never been commercially released. Subsequently, the remaining six series were released on DVD on 9 April 2007, as The Best Of Ruth Rendell Mysteries, via Network. In the Ruth Rendell novels, Reg Wexford lives and works in the Mid-Sussex market town of Kingsmarkham. A celebrated flautist drowns in the grounds of his country estate. The story of the book is filled with psychological suspense with dazzling sequences. Connelly always bring the goods and Law of Innocence is our November 2020 Book of the Month! To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. INSPECTOR WEXFORD Mysteries: Main Character: Inspector Wexford, Chief Inspector, England. Six months following the chilling murder of Sergeant Martin and his colleagues are still no closer to catching his killer. Prim businesswoman Della Galway has a compulsive penchant for double-locking doors - but her new roommate is careless about security. I know I've recently been spoiled by 'Endeavour', 'Foyle's War', 'Vera', 'Wallander', etc, so I wasn't expecting much in production quality from these Wexford shows, given that they were produced in the '90s when TV still 'looked' and 'sounded' like TV (as opposed to today, when TV shows have the same production quality as big budget movies). I am often asked by readers of the site if I accept donations as a “thank you” for the work I put into the site. Repeat airings of these series change the programme's title to The Inspector Wexford My… The consensus is accidental death — but Inspector Wexford knows the stench of murder most foul when he smells it. As always, award-winning writer Ruth Rendell weaves incisive social observation into her compelling plots, showing why critics and fans regard her as the reigning queen of the British literary mystery. . Subsequent series shifted focus onto other characters previously featured in short stories by Rendell. but the Inspector Wexler is great. The Inspector Wexford series is a series of highly successful detective and crime fiction novels written by the well known English crime writer named Ruth Rendell. Reviewed in the United States on June 8, 2014. . . Wexford investigates the disappearance of John Lawrence, a five-year-old boy. Wexford investigates a complex case involving the disappearance of a Nigerian doctor's daughter, which is only made more complicated when the last person to see her alive is found murdered. Burden suspects that an ex-con with a grudge against Mr. Knighton may be responsible, but draws blanks. A recent college graduate believes he loves the wife of his father's former friend, but young Nicholas does not know that she's having an affair with his father. Audiobooks Read By Your Favorite Celebrities, Hoda Kotb Offers Inspiration, Wisdom, and Hope, Ina Garten's Latest Cozy and Delicious Recipes, Discover the Prologue to Jodi Picoult's Poignant New Novel. When a world-famous flautist is murdered, Wexford wonders if his recently returned daughter had anything to do with it. A sortable list in … The Inspector Wexford television series was produced by the Meridian Broadcasting and TVS, in association with the Blue Heaven productions for the ITV. By clicking submit, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to Penguin Random House’s, Editor's Picks: Science Fiction & Fantasy. Further revelations about Nesta's private life begin to emerge, leading Alice to believe she has been murdered. A bright young teenage girl is 'farmed out' to relatives in the rural West Country during the Battle of Britain, and makes many astute observations about life there. At Christmas, Wexford and Burden are called to the. The trail eventually leads Wexford and DI Mike Burden to two murders, and the investigators grapple with an emotionally charged case complicated by racial and class misunderstandings. Again, the remaining six series were released on DVD in the United States on 24 June 2008. The sound quality if horrible. The first six series were released on VHS, but have never been released on DVD due to an issue with Television South's licensing rights, which affects most of their back catalogue of programming. Rodney Williams disappears and then his body found in the woods. I am a fan of Ruth Rendell's books and I love the British TV adaptations of the stories. “Ruth Rendell is the best mystery writer in the English-speaking world.”—Time. . Wexford is convinced that the death is linked to something that happened in China and interrogates the holidaying party. Margaret Parsons, a fairly ordinary housewife who, with her water board official husband Ron, has recently moved to Kingsmarkham, is found murdered in a field. When a second body is found, the police's suspicion of Steven continues to grow, despite his psychological issues. . From Doon with Death ‘64; Sins of the Father ’67 aka A New Lease of Death; Wolf to the Slaughter ‘67; The Best Man to Die ‘69; A Guilty Thing Surprised ‘70 After a truffle-hunting dog unearths a human hand instead of a precious fungus, Chief Inspector Wexford and his team proceed to interrogate everyone who lives nearby to see if they can turn up a match for the errant appendage among the eighty-five people who have disappeared over the past decade in this part of England. Simisola. Richard Brazier has a mental block about his abduction as an eight year old and is haunted by what may or may not have happened. And Wexford’s doctor has prescribed no alcohol, no rich food and, above all, no police work. Wexford investigates and finds more than one mystery. Two identical women, one virginal and touch-me-not and the other sexy and seductive, vie for the affections of a young stockbroker. Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2015. After four attractive women are found strangled in and around the local river, the free-spirited wife of a London doctor is killed while on an extramarital assignation. Repeat airings of these series changed the programme's title to The Inspector Wexford Mysteries. The first six series were released on VHS on 21 January 2000 via IMC Vision. Wexford is an intelligent, sensitive man. After he goes missing, mad, taunting letters begin to arrive, involving another child who vanished, Stella Rivers. She took a peaceful walk in the woods—and found death waiting. With no useful witnesses and a victim known only for her mundane life, Wexford has just one clue: a lipstick found at the scene…. Great viewing and you will recognize a lot of actors in their younger days. In this television series, the lead role of Inspector Wexford … It was released by the Arrow publication in the year 1976. When a young girl’s body is found in a London cemetery and the local police, under the command of Wexford’s nephew, are baffled, Wexford decides to brave his doctor’s wrath and the condescension of the London police by doing a little investigating of his own. Wexford knows who killed Angela Hathall but will he find the proof he needs before the murderer escapes justice? However, four episodes were omitted ("Heartstones", "The Strawberry Tree", "Thornapple" and "Talking to Strange Men"), none of which have ever been commercially released.