A short time later, now with his missing horn replaced with a new one made for him by Tailgate as a gift, Cyclonus explained the whole situation to Ultra Magnus, including his theory that Vector Sigma had supercharged his spark when it restored him back on Cybertron. Unable to add item to List. Check. Like all Henkei toys, he features vac-metalized plastic, specifically his purple wings and much of the Nightstick Targetmaster weapon. Rhythms of Darkness! Continuity: Skids, Brainstorm, and Rodimus helped carry them towards Brainstorm's lab to heal them. Others have stolen the blades for their own use, but only Cyclonus has proven able to link his spark to them. Arriving on Corata-Vaz, he armed the Nega-Core but balked at activating Thunderwing, due to the destruction he caused Cybertron. Cybertronian fighter He was interrupted by Galvatron, who was now infused with the Darkness. Twenty Plus One After Megatron and a alternate Rewind shut down the quantum engines, Cyclonus reappeared in the Rodpod.

However, the idea was apparently abandoned right after this scene—the second Cyclonus immediately disappears for the remainder of the film and is abruptly replaced with a third Sweep, where only two had existed before. I have his arms and in one hand his gun gripped tightly as if he had been fighting to the end. Weaknesses: When Cyclonus energizes the Great Sword, it siphons away some of his life force. As everyone went their separate ways, Cyclonus gave Rodimus a "thank you" peck for the second chance the Autobot had afforded him before he flew off with Tailgate. Cyclonus and Scourge were hurled into the past of Cybertron by the portal, where they came under the command of Scorponok. Orion ordered him to guard the door while they freed Kup, and granted his permission to shoot on sight. Wanted: Galvatron — Dead or Alive Later, Shockwave hired Death’s Head to kill Rodimus Prime, but Cyclonus and Scourge interfered with the job as they sought to kill Rodimus first, in order to reclaim their lost standing amongst the Decepticons. You Are Here, Salvation soon arrived in the form of allies bearing weapons and a ship. His face rocks with evil fu-man-chu greatness. Spotlight: Sideswipe, After recovering, Cyclonus made his way back to Gorlam Prime, where he and other minions of Nemesis Prime began to slowly die after the Autobots disconnected them from the Dead Universe. The tech spec from the box art of the original Cyclonus toy describes him as a compassionless Decepticon air warrior and saboteur. You Are Here As he stalked out of the cabin, he found himself caught in the prank war between Swerve and Anode and attempted to murder the latter with his Great Sword only to wind up raking Rewind by accident. I can't get over how great his robot form is though. Cyclonus and his group killed many of those on board and brought the space station into Cybertron's orbit. Cyclonus could easily rule the Decepticons himself if he so desired, either as a power behind the throne or directly overthrowing his psychotic master. Having met with failure again, Cyclonus and Scourge decided to cut their losses and team up with Shockwave's present-day Earth-based Decepticon forces. Although Scourge played a larger role in events, Cyclonus's appearance was brief—he was simply shown smashing his way out of his pod after Unicron consumed the planet Lithone in the wake of his reactivation. Their ship crashed in Las Vegas on Earth, where they were attacked by Prime's Autobots, who didn't trust their intentions. Check. Weapons: You, Me, and Other Revelations, During the subsequent First Cybertronian Civil War sparked by the collapse of the Thirteen, Heavy Cyclonus rose to be the favorite bodyguard of the barbarian warrior Galvatron, No Exit and this esteemed position earned him a role in Nova Prime's inner cadre. Using the Darkness, Galvatron repaired Cyclonus' spark and although he was unsure of their mission, Cyclonus told Scourge that as Seekers, their new mission is to follow Galvatron. The being invited them all aboard his Worldsweeper where the group bore witness to the five Cybertrons being used to drill a hole between universes. However, Galvatron was too powerful for Cyclonus to damage and he tossed him aside with ease. A World Misplaced Nevertheless, he responded to a call for help from Whirl and Swerve when they discovered Whirl's nemesis, Killmaster, among the slower-to-rise Disappeared. However, Cyclonus had deeper problems to worry about. In 2007, Cyclonus participated in the massive Decepticon attack on Autobot City which culminated in the theft of the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber. If you don't have it, the tank version of Galvatron is available (sigh... A little pricey, too). The Wreckers were summoned to a far-off planet, and so the team fought their way through scores of Vehicons to secure a shuttle. Interestingly, when Cyclonus' wrist is folded inward, Nightstick will fit into it, reflecting the "Target On!"

The Dead Are Not Enough, The team fought through a horde of Sweeps as Cyclonus began to grow weaker from the effects of the Dead Universe. A third camp feels that it does not matter who became Cyclonus, holding that both candidates were dead at the time, and, ultimately, arguments on the matter seem irrelevant, as Cyclonus never displays any inklings of a past life forgetting the fact that neither do Scourge and Galvatron (though in Galvatron's case, he intends to drop occasional hints about his former identity), whatever life that might have been. This page was last modified on 2 September 2020, at 06:23. Does this ever happen to Wreck-Gar? Now in his lab, Brainstorm whipped up a cure and saved Cyclonus and the others. Cyclonus and Whirl teamed up to turn Killmaster's own wand against him. The Decepticons’ plan was subsequently thwarted by Spike and the Nebulans, and they were sent spiraling off through space aboard Scorponok by a tendril of plasma energy.
Unfortunately, something went wrong, and Cyclonus was flung off the ship as it arrived in a different part of the galaxy.

the Marvel Comics version of the character, More information on Targetmaster Cyclonus at TFU.info, More information on BotCon Cyclonus at TFU.info, More information on Universe (and Henkei) Cyclonus at TFU.info, More information on Challenge at Cybertron Cyclonus at TFU.info, More information on "Battle in Space" Cyclonus at TFU.info. Not that he'd care, I guess. Later, Cyclonus attended a gathering of the crew and listened to Rodimus address their current situation. But all was not right with Cyclonus, as he proceeded to vomit black energon, while assuring the rest of the team that he was fine. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. How does my cartoon self make being a tool look so much cooler? The Becoming Turns out, the singing they heard was a drinking song being sung in Swerve's and the singing was being heard through Nova Prime's corpse. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. The calm serial killer look he has and that red light pipe work in his eyes is breath taking.

Upon spotting Cloudburst's ship, Cyclonus called "dibs" and Galvatron happily let Cyclonus attack the vessel. Cyclonus made it back to the Dead Universe on time and was later patrolling the Benzuli Expanse with Galvatron to look for those who would disturb the Expansion. His badly-damaged form was dragged to the Lost Light medibay by Tailgate alone. But, clearly, one warrior does not an armada make – the line is, in fact, a carry over from the original script, in which Cyclonus was intended to have multiple simulacra, in the same way that Scourge had the Sweeps. So he can now do that weird flexing pose he seems so fond of in the cartoons. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Designed to survive the Dead Universe, they were more than a match for Cyclonus and he was defeated. Under Unicron's control, Cyclonus and Scourge killed Shockwave and became Decepticon leaders, reigniting the stalemated Cybertronian war to a furious degree to cover Unicron's actions. Cyclonus was subsequently invited by Rodimus to join an away team to investigate Luna 1, and agreed to go on the condition he could bring Tailgate with him.

Exactly the same mold as the Universe Cyclonus and Nightstick, only Cyclonus is executed in lighter shades of grey and a much lighter lavender hue, while Nightstick's very dark purple has been replaced by true black, and his face is done in red with orange eyes. Damn fine custom, can tell a lot of work want into this! This caused Cyclonus to give the word for Hardhead to smash through the crack in the cube that Orion had made but after breaking through, the cube resealed itself. Megatron apologised for lashing out at him and Tailgate, which Cyclonus accepted, but he expressed discontent when he learned Rodimus had Chromedome perform mnemosurgery on the comatose Tailgate to find out that Getaway was the one who had set him up.

Cyclonus, a very evil and gloat-happy chap, served under Galvatron on Earth Galvatron's Air Attack and rose to leadership of the Decepticons at a time when the war was entrenched on Nebulos. I really love the character Cyclonus. When Starscream asked Cyclonus what he thought, he confirmed that the readings are identical to the ones he saw when Ark-1 was pulled into the Dead Universe six million years ago. The two enjoyed many interstellar voyages before they settled in Tetrahex in time for Ratchet's funeral. Also, like the other Henkei toys, he comes with a collector's card and comic book. Patched into the sentient network of the planet, rather than be cured, Galvatron infected the world itself with his madness and freed himself, decimating the planet and decided to turn his attention back to fighting the Autobots, rather than dwell on Cyclonus' deception.

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Cyclonus tried to counsel Tailgate on what it meant to take a life, like he did so many times while fighting Deathsaurus's troopers. After Rodimus challenged Nightbeat with a puzzle, re-establishing Nightbeat's true self, he let Cyclonus and the others out to go rescue Kup. The Killing Jar, Some time later, outnumbered and fleeing from the Aerialbots, Cyclonus and Scourge took refuge inside a vortex, which transported them to the pacifistic, energy-rich planet of Paradron, which had been settled by Cybertronian refugees. Many argue that the inconsistencies in the number of Sweeps and "Armada" appearing in subsequent scenes of the film create reasonable doubt that the visual representation alone can be considered a reliable basis for argument. Rodimus agreed to grant him a chance to prove himself. Lavender?